75+ Pangolin Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

75+ Pangolin Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

An animal totem tattoo is a beautiful symbolic piece of art that has plenty of meaning. Many animal tattoos have gained popularity over the years, but the pangolin is now reaching the list.

The pangolin tattoos hold significance and importance. And I’m sure if you’ve been looking for animal tattoos you will have seen the designs around Pinterest.

The make-up of a Pangolin is particularly beautiful for tattooing because of the layers and scales and lines. They can be beautifully shaded or colored and they can definitely add an element of beauty and intrigue.

The pangolin has a long tail and a long tongue, almost as long as its body, for seeking out food easily whilst still being able to protect itself. 

The history of the Pangolin 

The pangolin’s in modern-day are sadly threatened with extinction. There was a time, however, when the pangolin was respected in Africa, having an important symbolic function for many communities.


This animal can indeed teach us many things, within the spheres of anthropology, cosmogony or ecology. As a tattoo, it most definitely is synonymous with strength, power, and wisdom. 

Modern-day trials and tribulations

The pangolin has also been subject to difficult times. In the modern-day, its skin is used as material to provide and serve people in the sectors of luxury, fashion, conventional medicine, and certain refined gastronomy.

They are a protected species, which makes the pangolin tattoo a very special one. It encapsulates the idea of freedom, protection, and also of status.

Harmless and discreet, it is threatened with silent extinction. Independence is also at the Pangolin’s core. If you wish to create a tattoo of this beautiful and unique creature, then there are plenty of reasons to do so. 


It is also known that a pangolin tattoo may indeed represent a sense of pride and moralistic views. The Lele of Congo says that the pangolin is the only animal that shows shame!

Also, in the face of danger, the pangolin curls upon itself. The pangolin has a conscience, a way to protect itself and is proud to do so. 

African tribes 

The messenger is the one who, in Kongo thought, represents man in the animal kingdom. For the same reason, the pangolin would have thrown man as a pawn and restored freedom to nature.

This is worthy of a founding myth, and it might as well serve that function.

Because if everyone is given a break, for man this is the right opportunity, from the depths of the cloister in which he finds himself, to question the meaning of things and project a new contract of relationship with the world.


The pangolin is a sacred creature in many African tribes. 

Wisdom of the pangolin 

There are many tales to tell in African folklore about the pangolin. The responsibility that the pangolin obtains is a token of how we can create a peaceful way in the future.

It is a liberating responsibility.  The pangolin has much wisdom, in the way it carries itself and protects itself too.

It is a wise creature and can offer a beautiful reminder to anyone who wishes to be wiser, or believes their wisdom has helped them through some of their most difficult times. 

As a symbol for you

When we get tattoos, we often have a meaning or symbol attached in some sense. A pangolin tattoo may represent your ability to adapt and be independent; to branch out in life on your own.

It may represent your feelings of wanting to be free, to be in a place where nobody bothers you and to grant yourself a sense of protection.


We can create beautiful Pangolin tattoos that are both shaded or monochromatic outlines. We can add colour where you feel you desire it.

Because of the elongated shape of the Pangolin, they work on many areas of the body. Whether that is on the arm, the leg or the back.

They are wonderfully streamlined and of course, you can add color to the surroundings. For example, your Pangolin could be hiding within the depths of nature!

We want to work with you to create a story around your tattoo that feels right. 

Nature and the outdoors

The Pangolin’s symbol is also representative of a forest domain or a spirit domain. Someone who loves nature, is at home with the forest or feels that it is their spiritual home.

This is another brilliant reason to look at a pangolin tattoo! The pangolin is known as a “taxonomic monster” because it is the only mammal covered in scales, with a tongue longer than the body.

It is a rare creature that holds massive significance. Therefore, a Pangolin may certainly be a beautiful tattoo for those who have felt different or always chosen a different path in life.


Because of their uniqueness, a tattoo can remind you of this forever.

The universe

The pangolin is also synonymous with the universe. It combines the properties of aquatic, celestial, and terrestrial creatures, and clearly indicates the undivided ideal according to African tribes.

Therefore, it is a wholesome creature. If you know you are wholesome, strong and moral, then we’d be happy to discuss a tattoo design with you! 

What design to choose? 

Pangolin tattoos are full of detail. Tattoos are always able to capture more detail when they are larger. You can create any design that you wish, even if you want your tattoo to join and merge with another, it is possible! You can create magical art that represents a story. 

For more information about how we can make your dream come true today, please get in touch with us at https://noteworthytattoo.com/


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