Panda Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Panda Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

If you are looking for a tattoo of an animal that is rarer and more unique than others then a Panda bear tattoo might be the one for you. Whilst this is not commonly considered a mainstream tattoo it is starting to become more popular and actually holds a lot of meaning and has some interesting symbolism attached to it.

Aside from this, Panda bears are simply fun, loving creatures that also look awesome, so there are more than enough reasons to get one as a tattoo. The rest of this article will look at the history of Panda tattoos, their meanings, and symbolism as well as typical placement and tattoo characteristics for you to consider before getting your tattoo.


History of the Panda Bear.

The Panda bear is a giant creature that is native to China and is quite distinguishable. They can be recognized by their prominent black and white coloring, their large size, their black ears, and adorable black rings around the eyes. Pandas are in fact carnivorous which comes as a shock to some as they almost exclusively rely on bamboo for food, however, they are not completely vegetarian.

Whilst Pandas can be scary and sometimes aggressive, this is rare, and they are predominantly docile animals. In fact, they spend approximately 14 hours a day just eating! Perhaps this is something you can also relate to. On top of this, they are extremely strong climbers and climb trees in order to escape danger, as they are not aggressive, they are far too fun-loving to fight all the time.


Pandas spend the majority of their time on the forest floor simply walking around and eating bamboo, they live a very laid-back life. However, they can be very active. We already know they are fantastic climbers, but in addition to this, surprisingly they are fantastic swimmers. Because of this ability, they tend not to build dens like other bears, instead opting for solitary mountain slopes of warmer valleys.

As you can see, Panda bears have a lot of attributes that make them very likeable and some that you may be able to see in yourself. Hopefully, if this is the case, you may decide to get a Panda bear tattoo. However, before you do, continue with the rest of this article to see some more meanings and symbolic representations of Panda bear tattoos.

What Do Panda Tattoos Symbolize?

Whilst the Panda looks like a big cuddly teddy bear, its symbolism does not necessarily match this attribute. The panda has a great strength which comes from the fact they keep all four paws planted firmly on the ground. This energy is a symbol of personal territory and teaches us the importance of this. Everyone needs a safe haven to retreat to, that they have complete control over.

In Eastern culture, the Panda bear is regarded as a symbol of good luck and peace. If a Panda appears, you should find your whole outlook on life will change for the better, that’s a pretty good reason to get a Panda tattoo. The spirit of the Panda is associated with the Heart Chakra which means it will help you to express your love to others, and also yourself.


In nature, the Panda is known to use its instincts and natural awareness to ensure it remains in tune with its surroundings.

The Panda does not like disorder and disarray and because of this, the Panda is often used to symbolize a calm center. If people tend to enter your space and cause disruptions, the Panda symbol reminds you to rid yourself of negative vibrations in your environment.

The Panda bear is also a symbol for the passivists. They are known for attempting to avoid fights if they can. Instead, they tend to rely on inner wisdom and problem-solving skills to get themselves out of tricky situations. If this fails the Panda will resort to climbing up high trees until the conflict clears instead of opting for a fight.


What Do Panda Tattoos Mean?

Panda tattoos have multiple different meanings surrounding them and they are very positive. But remember, after all, it is your tattoo and it can mean anything that you want it to. However, there are some more typical and conventional meanings for you to draw from. Below is a table showing some of the most common meanings of Panda tattoos.







Good Fortune








Soul, Body, Mind




As you can see from the table, the Panda tattoo is one of the few tattoos to represent both masculinity fam femininity.

This is because, as you can also see, the Panda is used to represent balance, as well as being commonly associated with the Ying-Yang symbol. This is because of the Panda’s black and white colors which are thought to represent true balance in many cultures.

Furthermore, if you are looking to add a little inspiration to your life then look no further than the Panda. They are known to represent a positive outlook on life. If you are trying to achieve a specific life goal, a Panda tattoo can represent an ‘I can do it’ type of attitude.

As it says in the table, it can symbolize mind, body, and soul, and focus on these three things to help you achieve your goals.


Where Do Panda Tattoos Usually Go?

As with any tattoo, you are putting it on your body permanently, and so, it goes without saying that ultimately the placement is up to you. However, there are some factors that you may want to consider before getting a Panda tattoo.

The Panda is, well, quite literally giant, so you are going to need to keep that in mind when it comes to placement. Not only is it large but it’s also quite rounded in shape. Therefore, there are certain spaces on the body where this type of tattoo is more suited.

This could be right at the top of the arm, the shoulder, the top of your back, stomach, and also legs.

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