Palm Tree Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Palm Tree Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Palm tree tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise of the “sticker tattoo” trend, which is when people collect small, seemingly random simple tattoos over their body.

For a lot of people there is a lot of thought that goes into getting a tattoo. Typically it is only the tattoo veterans that are much more liberal with their tattoos as they are used to the pain, the general experience and are not too fussed about having an extra little patch of skin covered in a design. 

For this reason, most people will typically start out with a smaller and more simple first tattoo, rather than going in for a large elaborate piece straight away. However, in recent years this has led to people collecting tattoos, leading to the rise of the trend known as the “sticker tattoo” trend.

This is when someone has a collection of simple, sometimes cartoon-style pieces randomly placed over their body, as if covered in stickers.

Here we will talk about the history of the palm tree tattoo and the meanings behind it.

What is the History of Palm Tree Tattoos?

The palm tree tattoo is one of these sticker tattoos that has been gaining popularity and for good reason. It is instantly recognisable, has clean simple lines and can hold a vast number of meanings depending on the person’s association with it.

However, the palm tree tattoo has long been popular although the style in which it has been tattooed has varied greatly. For example, at the turn of the millennium there was a popular trend for dolphin tattoos, which was very easily paired with, you guessed it, the palm tree. These tattoos were often very colorful. 

This then quickly fell out of fashion and gave way to the simple black silhouette palm tree tattoo. This was a much simpler design and was entirely colored in black ink. These tattoos were either a single tree or a small collection of trees, either for aesthetic reasons or to represent a certain place or people.

However, the palm tree itself does have a wide number of meanings and so as religious people become more liberal their faith is beginning to be expressed through body art and other means. This is also one reason why the palm tree tattoo may be growing in popularity.

What Do Palm Tree Tattoos Symbolize?

There are a wide number of things that this tattoo can symbolize. For example, at first glance, you may simply assume that the palm tree symbolizes a sunny location, a holiday destination. This may well be the case. In some instances, a palm tree may remind the person of a favorite holiday or memory. Somewhere that they spent time with a family member or loved one.

Palm tree tattoos can also symbolize relaxation and the need to not let yourself get so caught up in everything. They can be a great way to remind yourself to take a step back from everything and allow yourself to have time to unwind and enjoy something other than work.

This tattoo can also symbolize durability. Tree tattoos in general are a symbol of stability and the ability to withstand almost anything that comes its way and to carry on growing despite all hardships.

What Do Palm Tree Tattoos Mean?

Palm tree tattoos can also have religious meanings behind them, which are one of the less obvious meanings associated with the tattoo and one that not many people tend to think of when they first see the design. 

For example, in Christianity, the palm leaves hold religious symbolism as they represent rebirth and prevailing from death. This comes from the Bible story that says that Jesus’ followers laid down palm leaves for him to walk across as he was being led to be executed by the Romans. 

Therefore, a palm tree tattoo, if you are religious can mean that you are showing your faith in the rebirth of Christ. 

If you are a nature lover, then this type of tattoo can also mean that you are expressing your love for the Earth and everything on it. It can be a very simple way to sum up your adoration for all of nature and all of the plants and animals that inhabit the planet.

Where Do Palm Tree Tattoos Usually Go?

The placement of the palm tree tattoo usually depends on the time period that the tattoo was inked as well as the size of the design. For example, if the tattoo was done in the early 2000s then it is very likely that the design was inked on the back of the shoulder or on the hip, as these were very common placements at the time.

However, more recently, the ankle and the wrist have been more popular choices for the palm tree tattoo, especially if the design is smaller and more simple, such as the singular black silhouette design.

Characteristics and Styles of Palm Tree Tattoos

If you are looking for a more modern version of the palm tree tattoo then look no further than a single palm tree design in a black silhouette. This simple design is clean and obvious but packs a punch. You can choose the size of the design to fit with your own personal aesthetic.

If you want to have something more complex then you can include more than one palm tree of various sizes. This will create a mini skyline and can even wrap around your wrist or ankle to make the tattoo more interesting.

If you want to take part in the sticker tattoo look then opt for a bold outline drawing of a palm tree. You can choose to color the design in or leave it blank. The most important thing is that the lines are thick enough for the outline to be recognizable from a distance without being too overbearing.

A cartoon-style palm tree is also a great choice but will need to be done by the right artist so that it looks exactly like a sticker and not a child’s drawing!

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