Pablo Escobar Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Pablo Escobar Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist. He was also the founder of the Medellin Cartel.

Pablo Escobar goes down in history as the wealthiest criminal with an estimate of US$30 billion. Unfortunately, today Pablo is no more. He passed on on 2 December 1993, at the age of 44.

The Symbolism of Pablo Escobar Tattoos


Many people who get Pablo Escobar tattoos use them to show respect for him. Even though he was considered a criminal, Pablo Escobar has earned a lot of respect from various people in the world for his good deeds.

Some of the good deeds include: 

  • Building hospitals, 
  • Building stadiums and 
  • Housing for the poor

Love and Adoration

A Pablo Escobar tattoo is an excellent way of showing love to the legend. Many Colombians see Pablo as a hero because of how helpful he was towards the less fortunate.


Another meaning behind the Pablo Escobar tattoo is remorse. After Pablo Escobar was shot on a rooftop 20 years ago, the people of Colombia had been left sad by the news.

The tattoo symbolizes you still remember the hero, and it makes you remorseful he passed on.


Escobar was a very powerful criminal. He is considered the most powerful drug trafficker to have existed. Interesting, right? As a symbol of power, many embed this tattoo on their skin.


Emilio was a very wealthy man. He made his earnings from smuggling cocaine in the USA.

As you may have known, cocaine is a very pricey drug for many consumers. Surprisingly, Pablo Escobar made it on the Forbes list of global billionaires for seven years.


Many people would think all criminals are evil and malicious. People are more willing to put criminals who hurt them in misery for good rather than helping them reform.

But, Pablo was different; he was a brave man who helped the poor instead of exploiting them for their wealth. To this day, most Colombians consider him their hero.



A Pablo Escobar tattoo is an excellent way of showing loyalty to your friends or yourself. Emilio was loyal to the poor people of Columbia; he didn’t betray them to join the Government and oppress them.


Emilio was a leader of a great gang of cocaine smugglers. He was, more so, a representative symbol of Colombians in front of the Government.

When the Government would fail to do its roles, he would step up and fight for the people. If you are a leader, a Pablo Escobar tattoo would fit perfectly for your skin.

Thug Life

Everybody chooses a different path in life. Some people decide to reform and do good, while others end up sticking to mischief.

A lot of gang members use this tattoo to symbolize their lifestyle. Pablo was a criminal too, so it makes sense to want to get a tattoo of him.



Getting a tattoo takes courage, especially a Pablo Escobar one. Many pieces of research and information show that Pablo was never afraid to speak up in front of the Government on behalf of Colombians.


There are so many design ideas for Pablo Escobar tattoos. But, first, you need to know where you want to place it. Most people prefer the arms and the legs.

To know a great place to have your tattoo, you should be aware of the pain tolerance levels of your various body parts.

Have your tattoo artist go through a pain chart for better decision-making.


Arm sleeve

You can have your tattoo along your arm sleeve. For example, you can write down the names of Pablo Escobar or have his picture drawn on it.

The arm sleeve has a lot of surfaces; you should take advantage of it.



Another fantastic tattoo position is the legs. The upper part of your leg can absorb pain faster than the lower part. Again, you have plenty of space to go crazy with this placement idea.

Pablo’s face

If you’re brave enough, you can have Pablo’s whole face drawn on your body. You may choose to add different shades and facial expressions to make it much better.

Another idea on Pablo’s face is to have half of it shaded and the rest unshaded to show his different personalities. For example, some people prefer having half his face, usually smiling, and half a gangster smirk.



It would also be a great idea to have the significant dates of his life as a tattoo. For example, you can add his birth date or even his death date.

Ensure these are on the internet; it would be a great misfortune to have them wrong.

Cigar and tray

Pablo used to love to smoke a lot. So you can have your tattoo as a picture of him smoking or holding a cigarette. You can use the tray to keep the ash particles, or better yet, it can be an amount of cocaine.

Whichever idea you choose, make sure your tattoo artist does the best job out of it.


Precautions for Tattoos

It would be best to assume that all tattoos are permanent and taking them off would be difficult, expensive, and painful.

So don’t make your decisions based on negative peer pressure because you will only hurt yourself.

Also, getting a tattoo of Pablo Escobar is a big deal. Unfortunately, many people still see him as a criminal instead of someone who also did well.

You should therefore be aware you might get some curious eyes when you walk around showcasing your tattoo.

Make sure the tattoo artist is certified to avoid any careless mistakes. You should see to it that he properly sanitizes his tools before beginning the job.

There’s no need to have an awesome tattoo with some underlying conditions.

Lastly, make sure you browse the internet for more ideas and reviews of this tattoo.

Get to know different people’s experiences with this piece of art. It doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable of what you’re getting.


Getting a tattoo is a great deal; make sure you think through this decision thoroughly before getting one.

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