North Star Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

North Star Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The North Star tattoo is often referred to as being a nautical star tattoo. It’s got a very simple design but it actually holds way more meaning than what most people realise.

Interestingly enough, the North Star tattoo is one of the oldest tattoos around.

People have been using the North Star to circumnavigate the planet for generations, but if you’ve never given much thought to the meaning or if you are interested in getting a North Star tattoo for yourself, then you can find out everything you need to know, here.

Meaning of the North Star

The North Star is actually an anchor for the sky. It’s a landmark that helps those who follow it to find out where they are. It’s actually got a very symbolic meaning too.

The North Star is often known for being a depiction of hope. What’s interesting is that it means different things to different people too, depending on your culture.


If you want to find out what the northern star means or if you are interested in getting a star tattoo for yourself, then this guide will talk you through all of the main symbolisms regarding it, as well as helping you to understand the deeper meaning of why people choose to get it tattooed on themselves.

A Sign of Freedom

For a lot of African Americans, the North Star is a real source of inspiration. 

It’s both spiritual and celestial. Many African Americans follow a Christian belief and in a biblical sense, the Star of Bethlehem appears in the Gospel of Matthew.

The star leads them to Jesus, where he’s worshipped with gifts. Another important aspect of the North Star is that it often symbolizes the indication of freedom.

When enslaved people came to the US, they tried to form a way to escape.

They fled from bondage, and they looked into the night sky so that they can come up with some way to connect to the Underground Railroad.

It was this railroad that connected Canada with the US. Harriet Tubman was a famous example of this, she mastered the ability to follow the North Star and she went on to help free others as a result.

This movement is one of the factors that helped to abolish slavery, as it gave rise to the North Star newspaper.

A Form of Guidance

The most common meaning that is used with the North Star is guidance. People still see it as being the best way of finding out who you truly are.

If you are in a teaching position or if you have gone through a rough time in your life, then this can have a great deal of meaning.


If you are in the northern hemisphere then you can easily figure out where you are by finding the North Star. 

Travelers have used the North Star as a handy survival tool for quite some time, even during the darkest of nights. Some say that the star is the best survival tool that people had, before modern-day times.

Badge of Commitment

Some people will get the star tattoo as it shows that they have served in the forces as a sailor.

Anyone who has ever been out on the open water will know how important the North Star is, as it helps people to know where they are in the world.


The North Star is also quite often placed on navy uniforms, and they are commonly seen on those who have served in the military.

Purpose and Passion

Ancient navigators once noticed that all of the stars circled around the North Star. 

By the time the 17th century came around, the star was used for anything that was the main focus of attention. The North Star has also been very much associated with the purpose of life, and your true heart’s desire.

Your heart gives you direction in life, just like the North Star does. As you look within yourself, you will be able to discover and develop the gifts that you have right now, showing you the path to achieve your true potential.



The North Star is the centre of the star field, meaning that it is always consistent. Even though it does move in the night sky, it’s actually been used as a marker of consistency for a lot of poems and lyrics.

If you look at Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, you will soon see that the title character speaks the line “I am constant as the northern star”.

Tattoos of the Northern Star

The northern star has been a major subject in the tattoo world for quite some time.

So many people choose to get tattoos of the northern star because it shows consistency, pride and homage to their career or even a dedication to following the true desire of the heart.

When people get tattoos of the northern star, they tend to do so in black and white, with the image being on the back of the neck or even on the wrist.

The great thing about a northern star tattoo is that it is so versatile, and it can go just about anywhere on the body.

The design can be incorporated into just about any existing tattoo and on top of this, you may also find that you can make it as big or as little as you like.


This makes it the ideal tattoo for those who have never been inked before, and it also makes it more than suited to those who want a meaningful tattoo to add to their collection.

If you want to get a tattoo of the North Star, then you may also have your own reasons, such as gaining clarity on a situation, or listening to your heart and coming out prouder and happier as a result.

Either way, the North Star tattoo is certainly famous, and for a very good reason.

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