Noodles Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Noodles Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Have you ever wondered about the history behind the noodle tattoos you might see from time to time? What inspires people to put this dish on their bodies in permanent ink?

Noodles tattoos might seem trivial, but they are an immensely popular tattoo design and many people are eager to get them. This is partly because they are such a popular food, and they have plenty of potential to be turned into a cute cartoon or even looped into fun writing.

In this article, we’re going to cover the history of noodle tattoos, what noodle tattoos are supposed to symbolize, and some of the typical characteristics that these tattoos have. We’ll also look at where you might get a noodle tattoo on your body!

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What Is The History Of Noodles Tattoos?

Noodle tattoos probably don’t have a lot of history, because tattoos have only started to branch into funky, unusual designs fairly recently. In the past, people were more likely to get serious tattoos that had a particular poignancy or significant meaning to them personally.

Now, however, there’s a lot more flexibility about what people put on their bodies, and noodle tattoos are becoming increasingly common as a cute, quirky way to show off your funny side. A lot of people have started getting these tattoos.

It’s quite likely that the rise in popularity of the design is due to the increasing interest that the West has taken in Japanese, Chinese, and Asian communities. A lot of their dishes have become integrated with Western culture, and many people want to show their love for this style of cooking. Because they are so iconic, noodles are a great way to do this.

Even though the tattoos themselves aren’t steeped in cultural history, they do have quite a bit of history behind them. Noodles are thought to have been in existence in some form or another since around 710, during the Nara period. They are part of the culture of many Asian countries, and are considered a staple food in some places.

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What Do Noodles Tattoos Symbolize?

It’s hard to determine what noodle tattoos symbolize, because this depends on how they are drawn and what else is added to the design, but they tend to be a quirky way of showing love for the food or the culture. Many noodle tattoos incorporate other foods too, usually in the bowl with the noodles, and they might be a great way to commemorate a favorite dish.

Noodle designs might also symbolize an affinity with the Asian culture where the food comes from, especially if they are paired with other iconic cultural symbols.

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What Do Noodles Tattoos Mean?

Again, the meaning of these tattoos can vary depending on the style, but it is generally intended to convey that the tattoo’s owner is cute and has a good sense of humor. The tattoos are rarely intended to be taken very seriously, and may be accompanied by a funny phrase or another cute design.

Normally, a noodle tattoo means that the individual has a culinary interest, although some people also get these tattoos simply because they love China, Japan, or the general aesthetic of these countries.

Some people say that a tattoo of this style is meant to represent longevity and good health, but most people simply use them to remind themselves of a country or a food that they love, or even just because they think find a design that they think is adorable.

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Characteristics And Styles Of Noodles Tattoos

There are many different styles in which noodles can be drawn – although they are very often cartoony, and a lot of them include other Japanese or Chinese characteristics. For example, some might incorporate a Pokemon, some seaweed, or another form of traditional Asian food. A lot are turned into smiling faces of some form or another, adding to the cute aesthetic.

In some cases, the noodles might be tattooed in a realistic way, and these tattoos look particularly unique, especially when compared with the more standard cartoon versions.

Often, these tattoos pay special attention to the container that holds the noodles. This might be a box with Chinese or Japanese writing on, or pictures of the flavoring, or it might be a particularly ornamental bowl. Chopsticks are included in some designs, while others might use a fork. Some people have a tattoo of the noodles cooking in a traditional pan.

Most noodle tattoos are cute, but some are more sophisticated and serious, so they can be pretty versatile, and will suit a range of purposes. Whatever aesthetic you want to create, you should be able to say it with noodles, although they probably shouldn’t be incorporated into an abstract or highly artistic design in most cases.

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Where Do Noodles Tattoos Usually Go?

Noodle tattoos can be positioned anywhere, but many women have them in small, subtle places. Popular spots include the wrist and ankle, or the hands or shoulder blades. A few people have them between their fingers, and some behind their ears, where they are mostly hidden by the hair.

For men, it’s more common to put a noodle tattoo in larger, more prominent places. A lot of men put them on their legs or biceps, where they are noticeable, but they might also position them on their forearms or backs.

Alternatively, a man might choose to tattoo noodles on his chest, where there is more space to make the most of the design. Because it is quite flexible, this kind of tattoo can be put almost anywhere on the body – so wherever you want a tattoo, noodles should look great!

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Noodle tattoos are a fairly recent development and they have gained a surprising degree of popularity, perhaps because they appeal to the cute factor that so many people find irresistible. They are non-controversial and a nice way to show your affection for a culture or food. Fun, colorful, and flexible, they’re a fabulous tattoo to consider for your next work of body art.

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