Nasturtium Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Nasturtium Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The nasturtium is a beautiful flower that can have several meanings. Tattooing this beautiful flower on your body is great for representing joy, a sense of humor, triumph, and passion. Depending on the blossom’s pattern, your nasturtium tattoo can have a different meaning, so you should do a prior investigation into the different bold colors of this symbolic flower.

What is the History of Nasturtium Tattoos?

The nasturtium is a colorful flower native to South and Central America. The beautiful flower developed a rich history. It spread worldwide throughout the 16th century, traveling to Europe in the 1500s and America during the Spanish Conquest.

In WWII, the nasturtium became an important part of the American troops’ diet. After the unfortunate event, people got the tattoo to symbolize their triumphant victory over the tyrannical German leader. As a staple in soldiers’ diets, it became important to represent the flower in art, including tattoos.


In the Victorian era, the nasturtium blossoms uptook several different meanings depending on their varying colors. Writers and history enthusiasts enjoy getting these tattoos because they have positive historical value. 

What Do Nasturtiums Symbolize?

Nasturtiums are vibrant flowers that symbolize positivity in many cultures. Their bright colors represent optimism and abundance. They have major cultural significance because of their expansive spread across the world. Depending on the color of the nasturtium, this tattoo can have several different meanings.


Yellow nasturtium tattoos represent optimism. The bright yellow colors of yellow nasturtiums represent positivity and joy. It can represent new beginnings like the positive sides of fleeting love. A yellow blossom tattoo can have a friendly meaning, making them a wonderful accent to cheerful tattoos. 


The yellow nasturtium blossom has represented joyfulness and humor for generations. In Victorian times, men gave women yellow nasturtiums as a joke, making nasturtiums a perfect accent flower for comedic tattoos.



Nasturtium commonly represents victory, especially in conquest. Tattooing an orange nasturtium on your body is symbolic of self-improvement and progress. These tattoos can be a wonderful way to represent your recent accomplishments.

The nasturtium blossom is sometimes associated with victory because of its shield-like shape.  


In Chinese art, the nasturtium is symbolic of Feng Shui. Getting a nasturtium tattoo is common for people who want a harmonious and balanced life. Tattooing a realistic nasturtium tattoo with the flowers, leaves, and the stem on an ideal part of your body to showcase the harmony it brings to your body.


Red nasturtiums are symbolic of love and loyalty. People may tattoo red nasturtiums on their bodies to symbolize a deep love or obsession with something or someone. 

Maternal Passion

The red nasturtium is frequently associated with maternal passion, making it a great tattoo for mothers to express gratitude and love for their children. Red nasturtiums are also wonderful tattoos to show appreciation to your mother.


What Do Nasturtium Tattoos Mean?

Every nasturtium tattoo has a different meaning based on its color and location on the body. Typically, bright colors are associated with positivity, and darker colors represent a person’s sexuality or romantic side. It is not always important where the tattoo is on someone’s body but in some cases, it can contribute to the meaning.


Tattooing red nasturtiums symbolize passion and love, so getting this tattoo shows your loving heart. Red nasturtium tattoos are wonderful for representing your sensuality. They can be wonderful accents to show your passion, love, and sexuality.                                                  

You may tattoo a red nasturtium on your chest to represent your passionate heart or on your naval to emphasize your sensuality. Red nasturtiums are the perfect flower for representing your love for someone or something, like the centerpiece of a large floral arrangement dedicated to your spouse.


Free Spirits

Individuals might choose a nasturtium tattoo because they are free-spirited, constantly falling in and out of love with hobbies or people. The yellow nasturtium was a common flower given to people whose relationships were amicably ending, something to show that not all heartbreak lasts forever.


The bright yellow and orange nasturtiums are associated with your positivity and optimism. You should tattoo a bright nasturtium if you have a carefree, positive spirit. Yellow nasturtium tattoos are a great representation of playfulness because of their bright colors and resemblance to toys.


Tattooing a bright orange or yellow nasturtium blossom is dedicated to your adventurous spirit. In many cases, this tattoo is a dedication to a recent adventure. It can also be the start of an entirely new adventure. Tattooing the bright orange nasturtium blossom on your body shows you’re a risk-taker, unafraid to take a chance in life.

The main reason nasturtiums represent adventure is how quickly they spread across the world. It took only one century for the colorful flower to conquer all of Europe. During its time in Europe, the nasturtium even cross-bred into the popular orange blossom. 


Where Do Nasturtium Tattoos Usually Go?

Since the nasturtium tattoo has a symbolic meaning, people love to put their nasturtium tattoos in areas where they can see or display them daily. Shoulders, arms, and legs are great areas for placing your nasturtium tattoo because they are in view.

Depending on the meaning, you may want to tattoo your nasturtium on a specific region of your body. For instance, people will tattoo a red nasturtium on their chests to symbolize their passion. Similarly, they can tattoo the different colored blossoms on other body parts to promote positivity.


Characteristics and Styles of Nasturtium Tattoos

Many people will tattoo realistic nasturtium tattoos on their bodies because of the flower’s beauty and elegance. It is naturally colorful and vibrant. Since the flower is a unique shape, tattoo artists can be creative with the flower’s design, including other elements to the tattoo.

The nasturtium blossom can bloom in several colors and patterns. Some people will tattoo single colors, while others tattoo patterned blossoms. The most common color patterns tend to be bright orange, featuring lively green leaves. Since the flower is edible, it is common to see this flower in culinary-themed tattoos.


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