Mulan Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Mulan Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

If you don’t quite understand the hype over the Mulan movie(s), you’re probably one of none. Mulan is one of the most popular Disney characters ever made, in spite of her not being a true “princess”.

With the amount of imagery and symbolism the movie holds, it’s no wonder why people want to get the film tattooed on their body! If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for some inspiration, or have questions about what Mulan tattoos mean, keep reading while we break it all down for you!


What is the History of Mulan Tattoos? 

Mulan is one of the Disney originals. Though it came out in 1998, it was well-made and iconic enough for it to withstand the test of time and be just as well-loved today as it was during its release. In fact, it was loved enough to earn its own live-action remake in the year 2020.

In spite of its age (it’s 24 years old this year!), diehard Disney fans, and those who appreciate the movie in general continue to commemorate their love for the flick by getting screengrabs and inspired designs permanently etched on their bodies. 

Though the popularity and frequency of people getting Disney tattoos done has definitely raised in recent years, it wasn’t unheard of for people to highlight their love for movies like Mulan near the film’s initial release. 

With people falling in love with Mulan’s story and her tenacity, it’s no surprise that there are countless people around the world, from different countries, backgrounds, and age ranges, that have something about Mulan’s story tattooed on their bodies!


What Do Mulan Tattoos Symbolize? 

It’s no surprise that people think about Mulan as a symbol of feminism. She’s outgoing, incredibly strong-willed, and doesn’t let something as trivial as her gender hold her back from showing the world how capable and powerful she is- especially in a time where her actions could’ve very easily gotten her killed.

The movie itself, though set in a completely different time, has central themes of war, family, and honor. Depending on culture, your family values, or just personal resonance, these themes and ideals withstand the test of time and can be just as potent of messages you’d want to memorialize on your body. 

The symbolism of identity, how treacherous the process of finding yourself is, and what it’s like to lean into your own personal identity are also notable in Mulan tattoos. It’s a movie that holds a lot of importance to people, so the tattoos that people get in its honor bear the same rich symbols as the film.


What Do Mulan Tattoos Mean? 

Depending on what you get done, your Mulan tattoo could mean a number of different things! Though Mulan is the titular character of the film, there are so many different characters, scenes, or aspects of the film that you can get inked on your body!

If you get Mulan done, you could want your tattoo to mean that you’re on a journey of self-discovery and that you’re trying to find yourself.

Or, you could deeply resonate with Mulan’s personality and find yourself relating to her on a personal level. 

However, if you decide to get Mushu done, your tattoo could mean something completely new. Maybe you enjoy his colorful personality, make the same caliber of jokes, or are also trying to prove to people that you’re important, albeit offbeat. 

You could also choose to get certain props done! Mulan’s sword could mean that you won’t let circumstance get in the way of you and your goals, the weights that she used to climb the tower obstacle during her training could hold more obvious meanings: discipline and honor.

Or maybe your tattoo doesn’t have any deeply-rooted meaning (remember that your tattoo doesn’t need to have one!), and you just want to share your love for the film! Whatever the meaning, serious or not, your tattoo doesn’t lose importance!


Characteristics and Styles of Mulan Tattoos 

There are some popular options, characters, and scenes you can get tattooed! Here are just a couple of them you can get done:

  • Mulan’s Notes
  • Mulan and her sword
  • Crickey

Mulan’s Notes

At the beginning of the movie, Mulan is writing a little cheat sheet on her arm of qualities that the matchmaker will ask her about later on in the scene. It translates to “quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refined, and poised…punctual!”.

Though these notes can be reminders to yourself to be those things, they’re also a subtle way to allude to your love for the movie in a way that only truly diehard Mulan fans will be able to catch!

Mulan And Her Sword

To showcase the dichotomy of our favorite warrior, or if you relate to being a double-edged sword yourself, the scene where Mulan holds her family sword up to her face can be personalized to hold an even deeper meaning.

This is a super popular Mulan tattoo, in which people use the split that the sword makes to show Mulan before and after she sneaks away to train for battle. This can hold a lot of personal meaning, and show that you should never be tied down to societal constraints when you know you’re capable of more.

Crickey the Cricket

Who doesn’t want a little luck? Though Crickey isn’t necessarily a vital character to Mulan’s journey, his ultra-cute presence may be the inspiration you want on your body! He was proven to be lucky by Mulan’s grandma after all. 


Where Do Mulan Tattoos Usually Go? 

Depending on whether or not you want your tattoo to be a topic of conversation, you have a number of different locations you can choose to get your tattoo done. 

If you’re not afraid of people seeing your body art the legs are a fantastic place to get tattoos done. The thigh offers a wide enough area to place intricate pieces, and the calf or ankle area can be shown off just as much! The legs can also be covered up with long pants, so it’s also a fair choice if you want to cover up sometimes.

The arms are great if you want to be reminded of your tattoos, or if your body art holds a deeper significance than just showing your love for the movie. For example, if you want your Mulan tattoo to serve as a reminder for you to be your best, unabashed self, then place it on your wrist or forearm!


The movie Mulan will go down in time as being in a league of it’s own. If it holds personal significance or importance in your life, showcasing your love for the film by getting a tattoo is only appropriate! You have so many different options to choose from, but one thing’s for sure- your art will surely bring honor to us all. 

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