Moyocoyotzin Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Moyocoyotzin Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Tattoos involving words and phrases are fairly popular, and if you’re looking for a powerful one word inspiration, you might consider a ‘Moyocoyotzin’ tattoo. While a recent addition to the tattoo world, this one word phrase has a powerful meaning behind it.

The Moyocoyotzin tattoo was originally inspired by a historical figure known as the ‘Queen of the South’. As a personal symbol, it’s indicative of a strong-willed woman, among other things.

This article looks at the meaning, symbolism and history of the Moyocoyotzin tattoo.


What is the History of Moyocoyotzin Tattoos?

The history of the Moyocoyotzin tattoo is fairly short, as the word has only gained prominence in recent years. Most notably, it was connected to the television series ‘Queen of the South’, adapted from a novel of the same name.

The tattoo was introduced as an integral part of the main character’s personal history and a reminder she uses to change her life from her original circumstances, which involves her becoming the ‘Queen of the South’.

As such it has become an emblem related to the show itself, but also a personal symbol of strength and endurance.

This is one of the few tattoos that is almost exclusively used by women, due to its meaning. Recent years have involved some efforts to make it less gender-specific, but it remains primarily a tattoo worn by women, rather than men.


What Does the Word Moyocoyotzin Mean?

Moyocoyotzin is thought to be a word of Aztec origins, which was adopted and adapted by the Spanish. The most common meaning is ‘She who invents herself.’

The word was originally used in conjunction with a serpent goddess who shed her skin and was ‘reborn’ to a larger form.

In Kenya, the name is also believed to mean ‘Gift from God’, however the HIspanic/Aztec meaning is the one most commonly used.


What Do Moyocoyotzin Tattoos Symbolize?

The meaning ‘She who invents herself’, is symbolic of a woman who creates her own identity.

It symbolizes a woman who has made her own way in the world, and gained prominence through her own efforts.

Older meanings invoke the symbolism of a snake shedding its skin to become larger, symbolizing a person who sheds their old identity to assume a more powerful one.

It can also symbolize a strong-willed woman who is determined to maintain her own identity and independence.

What Meanings Do Moyocoyotzin Tattoos Carry?

The use of the Moyocoyotzin tattoo can be a statement of personal affiliation with the story presented by the TV show ‘Queen of the South’. As such, it may mean that the person is simply a fervent fan of the show.

Moyocoyotzin tattoos can also mean that the person wearing it is in the process of ‘inventing themselves’. Thus it may mean a woman who is taking steps to establish her own identity and independence.

Moyocoyotzin tattoos can also be interpreted to mean that the wearer is ambitious, and aspires to develop their own personal image into a more powerful or refined version of themselves.

Moyocoyotzin can also mean the person has left behind a previous identity, as a personal affirmation of self-transformation of some kind. Such as a person who is shy learning to overcome shyness, or someone overcoming a potential handicap or disability.

Another meaning attributed to Moyocoyotzin tattoos is that of rebirth, following some form of personal destruction, such as rebuilding your life after a traumatic experience. So it may serve as a reminder that the wearer has persevered and grown out of diversity.

In accordance with the symbolism of the snake shedding, moyocoyotzin tattoos are used to serve as a reminder that one can create and recreate themselves as often as they need to, in order to find the best version of themselves.


Where Do Moyocoyotzin Tattoos Usually Go?

The most popular location is the forearm, following the tradition of the individual who made the word a popular tattoo. Preference between the inner forearm and the outer forearm is generally split evenly.

The second most common location for placement is the upper arm, usually on the inside of the upper forearm. In some cases, the tattoo is placed so that it spans the elbow joint to cover the whole arm.

In very rare cases, the word will be worn on the front of the shoulder, just under the collarbone, or across the shoulder blades on the back.


Styles and Characteristics of Moyocoyotzin Tattoos:

When it comes to the Moyocoyotzin tattoos, there are relatively few variants of the main theme, which is the word itself. The choice of which font style to use is varied, based on personal preference

– Most of these tattoos simply have the word Moyocoyotzin written in stylized script.

– Some individuals choose a basic cursive script, much like a signature in apperance, for their tattoo.

– Others may choose a style more representative of calligraphy, complete with flourishes and curlicues added to the tail of different letters.

– Others choose a style reminiscent of ‘Caveat’ or ‘Comic Sans’ script.

– The other variation is generally in size. For those who want the phrase to be easily visible, the word can be large enough to run the length of the entire arm.

– Others choose a miniature version of the word, small enough to fit on the wrist, or just along the collarbone.

– in rare cases, the word may be ornamented with flowers, such as a blossom at the beginning or the end. There are also designs with a bloom over the center of the word.

– In other rare cases, there may be an additional word, such as a name or, in one case, the phrase was changed to ‘Moyocoyotzin Sisterhood’.

– These tattoos are generally stand-alone tattoos, not used with other images, or incorporated into things like sleeves.

If you’re looking for a word to symbolize the independence, strength and adaptability of a strong-willed woman, this might be the tattoo you’re looking for. Simple or highly stylized, there’s very little chance anyone can mistake the meaning of this tattoo.

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