Morpho Butterfly Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Morpho Butterfly Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The morpho butterfly is a perfect example of just how wondrous nature can be. This boldly blue butterfly isn’t actually blue; it only appears that way because of how the sun hits it. Regardless, the morpho butterfly has been the subject of many tattoos, not only for how gorgeous it is, but for what it can mean to people. 

The morpho butterfly can only be found in South and Central America, as well as some parts of Mexico. Though this means they may not be spotted often, when you do encounter a morpho butterfly, you’ll never forget its incredible beauty. 


What Is The History Of The Morpho Butterfly Tattoo?

Blue butterflies have been the subject of tattoos for a long time, regardless of the particular type of butterfly. This is due to how incredibly rare it is for one to ever come across a blue butterfly in their lifetime. This has led to many people becoming fascinated with the morpho butterfly, and wanting to subsequently get one as a tattoo. 

The blue butterfly in and of itself has been touted as a good luck charm within many cultures for centuries. While it cannot be determined exactly when blue butterflies, as well as morpho butterflies, started being tattooed, it can be assumed that it has been a very long time. 

Butterflies have also seen a recent resurgence in tattoos, having not been as popular for some time given how common they used to be. However, more people are reconnecting with nature when it comes to tattoos, breathing new life into the popularity of morpho butterfly tattoos. 


What Do Morpho Butterfly Tattoos Symbolize?

The Aztecs believed that seeing a butterfly was a symbol of a person whom you’ve lost coming to revisit you, or that the butterfly represented a loved one’s spirit. Thus, a morpho butterfly, or any other butterfly, could be a reminder you keep with yourself that a loved one you’ve lost is always with you. 

The blue butterfly, including a morpho butterfly, has also been associated with free spirits. A free spirit is someone who enjoys the freedom of identifying who they want to be and making no apologies for it. With morpho butterflies being so rare to spot in the wild, they might symbolize just how unique someone is. 

Morpho butterfly tattoos may also symbolize a new start for someone who has overcome something in their lives. It may be addiction, illness, abuse, or something else that requires an incredible amount of strength and perseverance. The morpho butterfly can be a symbol of hope and inspiration to continue the fight. 


What Do Morpho Butterfly Tattoos Mean?

A common association made with any butterfly, including the beautiful morpho butterfly, is change or metamorphosis. If you have undergone some type of monumental change in your life, you may choose a morpho butterfly tattoo to mean that you’ve completed that change. 

Based on interpretations from how many cultures regard the morpho butterfly, a tattoo could mean a sense of adventure, a creative person, a carefree person, or a person who enjoys the simple things in life. 

A morpho butterfly tattoo can also mean a new sense of spirituality, or a deep connection with one’s spiritual beliefs. This could mean a religious affiliation or a general sense of spirituality. As the blue butterfly in general does have some significance to many religions, a morpho butterfly fits in with that meaning for some quite well. 


Where Do Morpho Butterfly Tattoos Usually Go?

The great thing about butterfly tattoos is that they are versatile in terms of where you can place them. Where you choose to place your morpho butterfly tattoo might depend on how big you want it to appear. 

Butterfly tattoos of all kinds are often seen behind the ear or on the back of the neck. A newly popularized placement for several small butterflies is several running down the neck or behind the ear, as if a few of them are flying around the area. 

Morpho butterflies can also be seen on the wrist or anywhere else on the arm. They make for vibrant pieces that accompany flowers, or may be incorporated into a larger piece such as an arm sleeve or a leg sleeve. 

Butterflies, including morpho butterflies, are being seen more often on the chest, or on the sternum in the center of a woman’s chest below the breasts. These beautiful butterflies may also appear somewhere on the back, either on the shoulder blades or on the lower back. 


Characteristics And Styles Of Morpho Butterfly Tattoos 

The morpho butterfly tends to be encapsulated best within a classic style of tattooing, where it’s often the goal to make the tattoo look as realistic as possible. The colors used tend to pop on the skin, while some shading and line work is incorporated to make sure the tattoo stands out as much as possible. 

Creating a realistic morpho butterfly tattoo would take a very skilled and patient tattoo artist, but there’s no denying that the payoff makes for a striking tattoo that you’ll admire for a long time afterwards. This style of tattooing, when done right, makes it look as though the morpho butterfly has gently landed on your skin. 

It would be almost impossible to identify a morpho butterfly in a tattoo without capturing its vivacious blue color. The beauty of the morpho butterfly doesn’t really lend itself to the minimalist style of tattooing, though some tattoos may be more intricate than others. 

Watercolor tattoos have been taking the tattooing world by storm, and can be a nice route to go for a more modern morpho butterfly tattoo.


There’s no denying that the morpho butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies to exist. Their unique colorways and their diversity in symbolism can make them the subject of memorable tattoos for just about anyone. Whether looking for a tattoo that speaks to your creativity, your propensity for evolution and change, or your free spirit, a morpho butterfly checks all of those boxes and more.

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