Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Monarch butterfly tattoo is arguably the go-to body art for clients who want something soft and intriguing.

This butterfly art is suitable for both men and women, whether inked in gray and black or bright colors. 

They’re the epitome of beauty, freedom, and class. 

The Meaning of Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies symbolize beauty, freedom, and change. Butterfly, in a deeper meaning, symbolizes resurrection. It means butterflies are stunning creatures with the incredible ability to outdo the ordinary. 

A monarch butterfly is a unique creature and plays a vital purpose in the ecosystem. When these species are flying, they give a sense of excitement.

Like a retractable garden hose, the tongue of a monarch coils under the lower lip. 

Once it’s hatched, it lives for about six weeks. These butterflies are bright in color for a stunning look.

Therefore, having your body inked in its design extends beyond the concept of beauty. It can represent anything from freedom to transformation to faith. 

Butterflies are also versatile to stand on their own. More so, they add a touch of attractiveness to nearly any design.

Wearing your monarch butterfly ink can, therefore, mean a lot of things. It can symbolize a changed person, your new faith, or transformation. 

Considerations Before Placing a Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

When it comes to getting inked, style plays an important role. But choosing the best spot is also an essential facet to consider.

You may have a placement and design idea, but your artist can offer their thoughts on what’s best for you- after all, they’re the experts.  

Placing body arts out of sight comes with its advantages. However, there are places you may never have a chance to admire the ink art.

If you want to see your body art daily, consider areas like your ankle, finger, wrist, or forearm. 

But if your job requirement is to hide the ink art, you can have it on your calf or inner arm.

Another consideration is your body fluctuation. Consider any potential weight loss or gain and the reality of aging. 

Just because a tattoo looks stunning now, it doesn’t mean it will look the same when your skin loses its elasticity.

Stomach, inner thighs, and breast tattoos are likely to distort, while wrist and forearm tattoos can stay in the same shape for long. 

The scale also matters. The more detailed a tattoo is, the larger the size. This can also change its placement as you’ll need a wider area for a larger tattoo. 

Some people get small tattoos for the first time and tend to upscale them later.

When it comes to getting monarch butterfly art, be open-minded.

There’s no harm in getting opinions from various artists. This will help you settle for the best style, and you’ll feel comfortable and confident. 

Different Styles of Monarch Butterfly Tattoos

Monarch butterflies are versatile and magnificent insects that give inspiration to boy ink lovers. The tattoos come in various styles, including:

  • Flying Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies have black and orange hues with stunning white spots on the wing to look exotic. These vibrant colors are meant to complement various skin tones.

The exotic character of the monarch warns other people to avoid messing with you. The best way to portray a beautiful flying monarch butterfly is by opting for open wing designs.

This design depicts freedom and shows you’re ready for flight. It means opening your wings to fly higher in your career, business, faith, or having expectations for the future. 

You can get inked on the sleeve or on your leg. 

  • Monarch Butterfly and Stars

The combination of monarch butterflies and stars symbolizes endless capabilities and creativity. They bring nature and fantasy to life.

You can have a butterfly tattoo under the spell of stunning stars. 

  • 3D Monarch Butterfly

In most cases, a tattoo appears as a drawing on your body. But you can go further to give it a realistic look by opting for a 3D style.

The three-dimension, intricate shading element with open wings gives your body art a beautiful look. 

The 3D design makes the monarch butterfly look like it’s flying out of your skin. This a versatile style that you can personalize with a myriad of colors.

You can place this tattoo on your shoulder, leg, or your sleeve. 

  • Small Monarch Butterfly

When you ask any tattoo aficionado, they’ll tell you the best way is to start small. A small monarch butterfly design takes small spaces. It’s also an ideal style if you want to avoid cultural clashes. 

A small design makes it easy to protect your image at work. More so, a small design means less money. So it’s most suitable when you have a tight budget. 

The small size creates a beautiful and cute body art and still maintains a large design’s symbolic meaning. You can opt to have it on your wrist and hide it with a watch.

However, if you want a larger size in the future, you can have it on your sleeve, thigh, or any other place that will accommodate a big one. 

  • Fight-for-the-Cause Monarch Butterfly

From cancer to gender-based violence to HIV stigmatization, you can choose a cause to fight and stand for.

Getting a monarch butterfly art next to, above, or under a particular symbol sends a strong message. 

You can send a message that you feel struggle people with HIV go through or stand with people suffering from cancer.

With the presence of a monarch butterfly near, you give hope, strength, and the ability to overcome any struggle. 

  • Nice Monarch Butterfly Stencil Tattoo

Undoubtedly, monarch butterfly has vibrant colors, but you can choose to go neutral.

A stencil monarch butterfly tattoo is ideal for people who love neutral designs over eye-catching and colorful ones. 

It’s still beautiful and unique. You can later add a touch of vibrant colors; in case you change your mind. Stencil tattoos also come in different styles to help you pick

The Bottom Line

Choosing a monarch butterfly tattoo symbolizes transformation and evokes the ability to live. The grace and lightness of the wings portray the ability to fly. Therefore, placing this art depicts a strong message.

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