Misfits Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Misfits Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Everyone loves The Misfits, an American punk rock band that rose to fame in the late 70s, and who wouldn’t want to display their affection by wearing a tattoo that represents them?  If you haven’t already gotten a Misfits tattoo, you will definitely want to after discovering their history and meaning and learning about the different designs you can get.

Mixing punk and scary movie themes, the Misfits formed in 1977 by Glenn Danzig and although the lineup has been rather inconsistent, their music has steadily delivered horror and rock to their fans.  Tattoos that symbolize horror themes such as death and killing are popular as well as the band members themselves.

From “Dig Up Her Bones” to “Saturday Night”, The Misfits has a horror punk rock sound to suit anyone.  This article covers the history of tattoos consisting of The Misfits or referencing their music, meaning behind different Misfits tattoos and the many designs that can be used to reference the band and its music. 

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What Is The History Of Misfits Tattoos?

The Misfits started out in the year 1977 being founded by Glenn Danzig and Manny Martinez.  The Misfits have a rich history in the horror punk rock genre of music, serving up aggressive, controversial and violent music sung from a monster’s perspective.  Many Misfits tattoos gained popularity as their music started becoming more widely known.

Many tattoos begin as a simple Fiend Skull, the official symbol of The Misfits and evolved from there, later incorporating album covers and other creative twists on the band and their album art.  The Misfits and tattoos centering around them have always revolved around monsters, classic and nostalgic horror films and strange creatures.

Despite the many members the band has been through, fans have seemed to remain steadfast and diligent, tattooing mostly the Fiend Skull in many different depictions and adding creative flair to an otherwise originally rather plain looking skull symbol.  All in all, tattoos focused on The Misfits have historically referenced darker themes.

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What Do Misfits Tattoos Symbolize?

Misfits tattoos can symbolize a variety of concepts depending on how they are drawn. 

For starters, a tattoo dedicated to The Misfits may just simply be a symbol of love for the band and their music, nothing more. 

At other times, tattoos may represent Fiend Skull in different outfits or in artfully painted portraits, signifying a type of class in death.

Sometimes you may observe wearers displaying Fiend Skull in different outfits such as robes, wearing them similar to how Mother Mary would and a rosary nearby. 

This may symbolize that the death of one’s ego and acceptance of oneself is considered a higher degree of self discovery and self fulfillment rather than Catholicism.

Tattoos can get quite creative and ambiguous in symbolism, especially when displaying themes centered on The Misfits- for example, tattoos of Fiend Skull in black robes lying in a casket with its arms crossed with the casket door ajar reading “138” symbolizes the song “We Are 138” by the band, but the answer of where the song originates remains nuanced.

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What Do Misfits Tattoos Mean?

Most commonly, tattoos depicting The Misfits mean that the wearer enjoys the band’s music. 

Meanings behind Misfits tattoos can vary, but most have darker undertones to them that mean something to do with death, dying, monsters and violence.  Although this sounds depressing to some, tattoos can become quite silly, fun and humorous.

Misfit tattoos can also display a hidden bond with other fans and serve as a way to connect with others who enjoy their music.  Those who identify with having the same favorite songs from The Misfits may also share Misfits tattoos- this can be another way to make lifetime companions and these tattoos can also serve as conversational icebreakers.

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Characteristics And Styles Of Misfits Tattoos

Misfits tattoos can come in a wide variety of characteristics and styles, from styles closely related to the original album artwork or some have more modern flair.  Other styles of Misfits tattoos include controversial versions, such as Fiend Skull surrounded by a rosary.  Some even include the image of the deity Baphomet wearing Glenn Danzig’s skull. 

Other tattoo styles include morphing and blending Fiend Skull into different items and characters:  for example, making Fiend Skull’s head a slice of pizza instead of a skull, signifying one’s love for pizza as well as The Misfits.  Another way Fiend Skull has been blended into another character is by blending its face onto Homer Simpson’s.

A very interesting and unique way of paying tribute to The Misfits is by getting Fiend Skull or another Misfits-type skull inked onto the back of a buzzed or shaved head- making it look like one’s own head on the back of their “original”.  Although possibly viewed as extreme by some, this style is artful to view and really brings Fiend Skull to “life”.

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Where Do Misfits Tattoos Usually Go?

Tattoos centering around The Misfits can go anywhere stylishly.  As described earlier, although extreme, Fiend Skull on the back of one’s head looks quite realistic if done correctly and is a  great way to pay homage to your favorite horror punk rock band.  Other locations of Misfits tattoos can include arms, legs, wrists, torsos and even fingers.

Usually, Misfits tattoos seem to be placed the most on arms, followed by legs.  There are also beautiful ways to reference The Misfits by placing tattoos on one’s side, especially if you’re planning to get a larger sized tattoo.  No matter the placement of the Misfits tattoo, they are usually meant to be seen and are typically not hidden away.

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With such a niche place in horror punk rock history, it is no wonder why some fans decide to get Misfits lore permanently drawn onto their bodies.  This band catered to a crowd that has a love for classic horror and symbolized death and despair, yet also acceptance.  With so many different styles of tattoos, it’s hard not to find one that suits you.

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