Metatron’s Cube Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Metatron’s Cube Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

If you’re looking for an abstract tattoo with a wealth of detail and meaning, you might want to take a look at a Metatron’s Cube tattoo. This image has a long history and a deep meaning, perfect if you’re looking for a tattoo that’s more than meets the eye.

Metatron’s Cube is a diagram of thirteen interconnected circles thought to represent all geometric shapes found in the world. As an image, it has its origins in Hebrew myths and legends and is one of the foundations of the Philosophy of Sacred Geometry.

This article explores the symbolism, history and possible meanings of a Metatron’s Cube tattoo.


What Is The History of the Metatron’s Cube Tattoo?

There is no record of when the first tattoo was made of a Metatron’s Cube.

It was most likely one of several images to become part of tattoo culture in the 1900s.

The image is often used for purposes of meditation and contemplation, among other things.

What is the History of Metatron’s Cube?

Metatron’s Cube is said to be a cube held by the angel Metatron, also known in some texts as the scribe of God.

The cube was said to be crafted of the angel’s own soul, and representative of all the geometric shapes found in nature.

The Metatron’s Cube has been part of mathematics since ancient Greek times, and some say since the Sumerian period.

It is mentioned in connection to both Fibonacci Numbers and Leonardo Pisano’s exploration of the Platonic Solids.

The image has been part of Sacred Geometry for centuries.

What is the Symbolism Behind the Metatron’s Cube Tattoo?

There is a great deal of symbolism attached to Metatron’s Cube. It is an integral part of Sacred Geometry.

Metatron’s Cube is said to encompass both the Fruit of Life (Single Circle) and the Flower of Life (13 connected circles) Imagery.

In addition, the full design of Metatron’s Cube is said to symbolize:

– Stability and Perfection of a Cube, as the counterpoint to the Sphere

– Balance and Harmony of Energies

– Structure of the Universe and all its Elements

– The Basic Elements and Shapes of Creation

– A Source of Healing and Protection

– A Point of Equilibrium for finding Inner Peace


What are the Possible Meanings of a Metatron’s Cube Tattoo?

Metatron’s Cube can symbolize a number of things, so it can also have several meanings as a tattoo.

It may represent a source of meditation, an image used for focusing one’s thoughts.

It may also represent a person’s effort to find balance and harmony within their own lives.

Another representation Metatron’s Cube can take is a protection against negative influences.

It can also represent a personal connection to the fabric of the universe, and a person’s feeling of being part of a bigger picture.

Others use Metatron’s Cube as a source of Inspiration, representing connection between elements to spark creative energies.

It may also represent a spiritual connection, and serve as a symbol of a person’s faith in the divine or the unseen forces of the world.

If depicted with images of the elements, it may symbolize a connection to the elements referenced in many spiritual texts as the building blocks of existence.


Metatron’s Cube Paired With Other Images:

Metatron’s Cube is sometimes depicted in conjunction with other images, which may give the image a more personal meaning.

Depicted with a Mandala, it may represent more of a source of meditation and introspection.

Depicted with flowers, it may connect universal symbols with the special meanings of those blooms, or it may imply a connection to the stability and strength of the Earth.

Depicted with an animal, it may enhance the particular meaning of that animal, or suggest a spiritual connection beyond the normal implications of that creature.

Some Metatron’s Cubes are also done as Color Wheels, which can represent the interconnected elements of artistry.


Where are Metatron’s Cube Tattoos Usually Placed?

There doesn’t seem to be any one preferred location for Metatron’s Cube tattoos. Metatron’s Cube tattoos can be placed just about anywhere.

The forearm and upper arms are both chosen about equally, especially for the basic Metatron’s cube tattoos.

The hand is a popular location for basic negative space tattoos, both on the back of the hand and on the palm.

Metatron’s Cube tattoos have also been worn below the collar bone, in the middle of the back, and in the center of the chest.

The most uncommon choices are the calves and the feet.


Style and Characteristics of a Metatron’s Cube Tattoo:

The Metatron’s Cube tattoo has a set design that it follows, in accordance with the image itself.

– In two-dimensional imagery, this tattoo often looks like a hexagon, rather than a cube.

– The image is composed of thirteen circles, all connected to each other through lines that originate from the center of the circles.

– These lines form triangles, or pyramids, within the cube which in turn form a smaller hexagon/cube in the center, around a central circle.

Beyond this, there are some different characteristics the tattoo can have.

– Some of them are done on a dark background, like a negative space image.

– Some versions are surrounded by mandala imagery, or floral designs.

– Some designs have other symbols within or next to the circles

– Other designs have animals transposed on over or under the Metatron’s Cube

– The design is usually done in black ink, but it can be done in color.

– Some designs are done in a style reminiscent of a color wheel

– Other designs have more of a prism-like effect. Some are even done with a tie-dye effect.

– Background images can be incredibly intricate or incredibly simple.

The Metatron’s Cube is an image, and a tattoo, with nearly infinite elements of symbolism and meaning. Whether you choose the image for its historical and esoteric representations, or choose to put your own personal spin on it, Metatron’s Cube will provide you with a unique and beautiful representation full of symbolism and history.

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