Meliodas Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Meliodas Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The popular manga and anime franchise The Seven Deadly Sins has been around for nearly a full decade now, and its fans aren’t shy about showing off their enjoyment of the series through tattoos. The main character, Meliodas, is one of the subjects of this body art.

This article will fill you in on Meliodas’s identity, the meaning beyond tattoos showcasing the character, and the typical features of Meliodas tattoos.


Who is Meliodas?

Meliodas is the main character of the fantasy manga The Seven Deadly Sins, which was published in 41 volumes across eight years and was adapted as a four-season anime. Meliodas leads a group of knights (the “Seven Deadly Sins” of the title) in a fantastical setting.

The series focuses on Meliodas falling in love with a princess named Elizabeth while the two of them try to exonerate him and his allies and save the entire kingdom from the forces of evil. Meliodas is a flawed hero who spends much of the series trying to atone for his past wrongs and misdeeds.

What is the History of Meliodas Tattoos?

The Seven Deadly Sins manga is a bestseller, with over 37 million copies in print and the 100-episode anime receiving two follow-up films. The character of Meliodas made his debut appearance in the very first chapter of the manga, which was released in October 2012. The anime premiered almost exactly two years later, in October 2014.

Because of this, we can conclusively say that people didn’t begin receiving Meliodas tattoos until at least the fall of 2012. Since the franchise continues to thrive, with the most recent season of the anime and the second film both premiering in 2021, it is safe to estimate that fans will be happy to continue getting Meliodas tattoos.


What Do Meliodas Tattoos Symbolize?

Meliodas tattoos come in two major varieties: the “ouroboros” symbol that Meliodas himself wears on his arm, and portraits of Meliodas himself.

The tattoo that Meliodas wears on his arm is a symbol called the “ouroboros,” which is a dragon that is consuming its own tail. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians introduced the image, which represents a cyclical view of reality, or even infinity itself. In the series, Meliodas has a childlike appearance but is actually a 3000-year-old demon. Like the ouroboros symbol, he has a long-running, nearly infinite life.

Each member of the “Seven Deadly Sins” group represents one of the sins, and Meliodas is no exception. This leader of the group represents the Sin of Wrath, and he is so powerful that he wields a broken sword because his strength would cause excess carnage if he were to use a regular weapon. Thus, Meliodas as a character represents a combination between power and self-control.

Whether a fan wants an inking of Meliodas’s portrait or of his ouroboros symbol, the tattoo will call to mind a character who is a paradox: a seemingly innocent-looking person who is actually a highly competent and deadly warrior. Meliodas looks innocent but is actually incredibly powerful and has to exercise restraint for the sake of others.


What Do Meliodas Tattoos Mean?

People might get a Meliodas tattoo for many different reasons. The most obvious one is that they might be a fan of the show, which has seen many cosplayers and other types of dedicated fans throughout the years.

Others may empathize with Meliodas on a personal level. Anyone who has gone through trauma or has been shocked by the potential danger posed by their own wrath can understand the pain that this character went through in the series, and they may want to display that empathy and personal struggle proudly on their arm.


Where Do Meliodas Tattoos Usually Go?

Because Meliodas is such a strong and powerful character, it shouldn’t be too surprising that tattoos featuring either his symbol or the character himself most frequently appear on a wearer’s arm. The “ouroboros” symbol is especially popular on the outer biceps area, which makes sense because that is where Meliodas wears his own tattoo in the series.

However, Meliodas-themed tattoos can also be located on other parts of the body, such as:

  • The upper thigh
  • The chest/pec area
  • The shoulder.

It is quite rare to see this kind of tattoo featured on someone’s lower leg, back, face, or stomach.


Characteristics and Styles of Meliodas Tattoos

There are two major types of Meliodas tattoo. The first is the “ouroboros” symbol that the protagonist wears in the manga and anime. The second is a pictorial representation of the character himself.

The “ouroboros” symbol is always inked in either black or red colors, the former being the more common tattoo color and the latter being more accurate to the color of Meliodas’s tattoo in the series.

Tattoos of Meliodas himself typically depict his face from the neck up, with images of the character’s entire form being less common. These designs often show Meliodas with a wry or mischievous smile, his bangs partially covering his face. Some designs are a bit more serious, with the hero frowning or otherwise looking serous and ready for battle.

A lot of Meliodas tattoos only feature black ink, though a few do feature series-accurate coloring, such as Meliodas’s blond hair, white shirt, and dark outer vest. Regardless of color choice, virtually all portrait-style Meliodas designs showcase a lot of detail in an attempt to recreate the appearance from the manga and anime with accuracy.

This YouTube video provides the design and explanation not only for Meliodas’s tattoo, but for the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins as well. Meanwhile, this video demonstrates how to draw the “ouroboros” tattoo using a pen.



Meliodas continues to be the face of The Seven Deadly Sins, whose fans show their loyalty through tattoos featuring either the face of the character or the symbol that the character himself wears on his arm throughout the series. These tattoos are usually prominently displayed on a wearer’s arm and can be found in either bold black or wrathful red.

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