85+ Meerkat Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

85+ Meerkat Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The humble Meerkat has surged in popularity over the last couple of decades. This may come part and parcel with everybody’s favourite Hakuna Matata singing meerkat – Timon from the Lion King.

This is not to mention the overwhelming popularity of the family of Russian Meerkats that have dominated our screens and in our homes as mascots for the insurance company comparethemarket.com.

And it’s no wonder why these fuzzy little creatures found in southern Africa are such a popular tattoo choice for so many people. 

The Meerkat (or suricate) is a small savanna inhabitant from the Mongoose family, with distinctive yellowish/brownish coats and black patches along their backs.

They are pack creatures and can often be found in large numbers, often stood on their hind legs. 

Their long necks wide and curious eyes have made them a great source of cuteness for many people, as well as representing a playful, cheeky side that many people associate with. 


Because of their very distinctive look and very cheeky faces, they allow tattoo artists to get creative and fun with their designs, putting them in all manner of positions and faces.

They are a popular choice for arms and legs due to the adorable way they stand. 

With that, let’s take a deeper dive into the Meerkat as a tattoo choice, its symbolism, its meaning and what it represents about you.

We’ll also explore some potential designs to go for to give you the inspiration to get you started with your new Meerkat tattoo. 

The Meaning Behind The Meerkat

Meerkats are curious and attentive creatures, and you will often see them on the lookout and very aware of their surroundings and the danger of potential predators.

This doesn’t mean cowardice, as you may think. No, rather the opposite, in fact. It means they have a carefulness and cautiousness that comes with being wise and clever.

It is their intelligence and quick-wittedness that keeps them alive!

There is nothing more emblematic of this than their large curious eyes. The Meerkat is known for its excellent vision that enables them to see great distances, almost like having binoculars!


Symbolically this represents foresight, able to see the outcomes of any given situation before anyone else and thus able to deal with these situations calmly and rationally whilst others around you may be panicking.

Not to mention how adorable those giant eyes are!



As pack animals, the Meerkat can also be commonly associated with a sense of kinship and family. They complete tasks as a group and need each other to work together in order for the pack as a whole to thrive. 

The Meerkat as a totem animal teaches us to be more social, to value the connections that we have and to work with those closest to up.

They show us the importance and the value of being observant and aware of our surroundings so that we can face all of life’s challenges rationally and effectively.

heir quick wit and intellect help them tackle situations and setbacks that others may crumble under. 

Meerkats are great friends, family members and co-workers with an unflinching devotion to the ones that they love and value.

Communication is key to any relationship, and their distinctive call makes them the best at communicating with everyone. 


Aesthetically, their cuteness and adorable inquisitive nature can mirror the friendly and cheeky that we see in ourselves.

Their small stature and frame may make them seems quite weak and vulnerable, but their alertness and their head held ever high make others around them know that they are prepared for anything. 

There is almost a childlike quality to the meerkat; they represent a softer, aware, more innocent side of us, one that values working together and caring rather than violence and aggression as forms of conflict resolution. 

Your Meerkat tattoo will not only show others and the world that you are a kind and caring individual, able to be depended upon and reliable to the very end, but will also present a soft vulnerability that will help let others in.

Meerkat Tattoo Ideas!

Meerkat tattoos often benefit from minimalism, but that is not to say you can’t go all out.


Small black outline stencils of meerkats are a great way to go if you are looking for minimalism. For one, meerkats are instantly recognisable, so there’s no confusion about what your tattoo is.

They are also quite small creatures which this style will represent clearly. 


Big and Detailed

Alternatively, you could go for a large detailed tattoo of their head, for instance. The shape of their head and their markings are, unique.

This style really shows off those big beautiful eyes with that ever cheeky expression on their face. They have a lot of hair and long whiskers so you can get really detailed with this design.



Also, consider showing off some of their habitats. As they live in the savanna, they’re surrounded by lots of yellows and browns, much like their own colourings.


This isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. However, they are also surrounded but desert flora such as cacti which have beautiful budding flowers if you wanted a big splash of colour in your tattoo. 

Pop Culture


Of course, you could go the pop-cultural route and get something more instantly recognisable. Naturally, a Timon tattoo is a popular choice for many Disney fans, often paired with his sidekick Pumba.

Or if you’re a fan of the Compare The Market meerkats consider going for one of the Orlov family. There’s a lot to choose from with distinct and recognisable clothing as well as those adorable baby meerkats.

Hopefully, this has given you the inspiration you need to pick out your very own Meerkat tattoo. These smart, intelligent and adaptable creatures will make a great home anywhere on your body. 

It’s important to be upfront and explain exactly what you want to your tattoo artist so that they can best represent the aspect of the Meerkat you are trying to show the world, whether it be their social side, their quick wit or just their cuteness!


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