Magpie Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Magpie Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Birds are not new in the tattoo world, but what you might not realize is that many birds have cultural significance or unique symbolism that they represent. This can be said of a magpie, a beautiful bird that means different things to different cultures. 

Overall, a magpie tattoo can mean a range of things, from luck to love. The vibrant bird is also known for being resourceful.

What Exactly Is A Magpie?

A magpie is a very smart and colorful bird that is commonly found in Asian countries, as well as some parts of Europe and North America.

These birds are usually a combination of blue and white, but some are black and white. Some are even found to have a combination of green and blue feathers.

Magpie Symbolism

The magpie is featured throughout various artistic and literary works from China. They’re even considered the national bird of Korea.


These colorful birds can symbolize being courageous tracing back to some word-of-mouth stories tracing back to Lewis and Clark.

It was said that these birds would rush into their tents, steal food, and fly away quickly, which was a very bold move.

Magpie’s Cultural Symbolism

There is a story in Chinese mythology regarding two separated lovers, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.

They are only able to come together once a year, and this is because magpies will come together and create a bridge that these two can meet upon, showing an everlasting connection between two current or former lovers.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the birds were known as wine lovers, and a symbol of good harvest and agriculture.

Thus, a magpie can be interpreted as a symbol for agricultural growth and nourishment, as well as life and fertility.


Magpies And Spirituality

If you are a spiritual person, you might appreciate that the magpie is seen as a type of spirit guide for those who might have lost their way.

Being that they are good at navigating their surroundings, they are believed to be a bird that will guide you along the right path should you call on one.

Additionally, the feathered friend can also be seen as a spiritual manifestation of the concept of yin and yang. This concept is important to many Asian cultures, who see yin and yang as the harmonious balance between good and evil.

This meaning can be found in the black and white species, as these two colors represent yin and yang in common depictions.

Scandinavia also sees these birds in a similar light due to its combination of black and white feathers. They are seen as a symbol of balance as well.


Magpies As Spirit Animals

Magpies are also commonly referred to as spirit animals. A spirit animal is seen to be a guide of sorts that might show itself to you when you are in need of guidance.

One might appear to help you find balance in your life, and help you come to terms with your strengths and weaknesses as being a part of what makes you a complete person.

A magpie is also seen to represent magic and witchcraft. It is said that they have a deep connection with witches, making them a perfect bird to depict one’s fascination or immersion into the world of magic, mysticism, and witchcraft.

Magpie Meaning

It is said that if you see a magpie in your dreams, there is something valuable that is making its way into your life.


You might have to do some searching to find it, but seeing this birdie tells you that luck is coming to you. It’s no wonder they are universally seen as symbols of good luck and fortune.

These feathered creatures have also come to mean a refined sense of self awareness. This is due to the bird’s ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. This is a unique trait that most birds don’t have.

This keen sense of recognizing themselves and knowing themselves inside and out is one that most humans crave to have one day, and so these tattoos can help manifest that desire.

Magpie Tattoo Q&A

Q: Can a magpie symbolize anything negative?

As with anything, a magpie has also had some negative meanings attributed to them. One such negative attribute is deceit. This is due to their affinity for stealing from people and other birds.


Magpies are also seen negatively in some Christian faiths, as the story goes that, while the birds flew over him while he was on the cross, they did not mourn the loss of Jesus.

Q: Are magpie tattoos popular?

A magpie, being such a brilliantly colorful bird, gives you the opportunity to get really creative with color distribution within your tattoo.

This can result in a unique, personal, and gorgeous tattoo, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate their symbolism, or just like the look of the bird.

Q: Are magpies seen as an omen?

Magpies have been referred to as omens, based on how many a person sees. There are old poems written which state that seeing these birds, either by themselves or in a flock, can symbolize the presence of the devil, death, and misfortune.

The potential bad omen that could manifest depends on how many of the birds you see.


On the other hand, some cultures see a magpie as a totem, which is meant to bring you perspective and inspiration when you’re in a tough period of your life.

It can also bring you much needed change and new opportunities.

Final Thoughts

A magpie tattoo is so rich in symbolism and meaning, both spiritual and general. A tattoo featuring this magnificent bird is perfect for someone who is bold, courageous, and wants to manifest good things into their life.

This type of tattoo is also ideal for someone who is seeking balance in their life, and wishes to seek wisdom from both the good and the bad aspects of life.

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