Magnolia Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Magnolia Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The magnolia flower represents nobility, a love of nature and perseverance in addition to femininity and elegance thanks to its delicate coloring. Although not a popular tattoo choice they are beautiful.

A flower that many people are probably quite familiar with, even if they do not know its name, is the magnolia. These beautiful flowers bloom on large sprawling trees all over the world and blossom in springtime. 

Although many people may recognize them they are not particularly sought after as tattoos as they are considered to be more of an alternative floral design choice as opposed to the traditional options of a daisy, rose, lily or lotus flower.

The great reason why other more uncommon floral designs are a good idea is because they can have a much more personal meaning in addition to being a beautiful piece of artwork. Here we will tell you more about the magnolia flower. So, to find out if this is the ideal tattoo for you keep reading!


What is the History of Magnolia Tattoos?

Magnolia tattoos do not have a particularly rich history as they have never been considered a classic or traditional tattoo and for that reason there is no particular trend to follow regarding the floral design.

However, the same cannot be said for the actual flower itself. There are even fossils of this particular flower proving just how long it has been around! It is said to have been on this earth for at least 100 million years and is believed to be one of the first ever flowering plants on this planet.

Although it has been around for an incredible number of years the tree is said to have been “discovered” by the French botanist Charles Plumier in Martinique who then named it after Pierre Magnol, another botanist from France.

The plant even predates bees and is said to have encouraged pollination via beetles. Nowadays there are up to 340 different species within the genus.

So, although it has not gained status as a classic tattoo it has certainly earned its place as such in the world of botany.


What Do Magnolia Symbolize?

Because of the fact that the magnolia is one of the oldest flowering plants on earth it comes as no surprise that its symbolism is heavily related to this.

The flower symbolizes longevity and endurance. This is especially fitting as the plant has actually barely changed or adapted since its first appearance on earth.

So, despite its delicate appearance this flower actually symbolizes overcoming hardships and perseverance in the face of trials. Placing a magnolia tree outside of your home is a sign of a long life.

Even though the magnolia has spread all over the world its symbolism is pretty much the same, unlike some other flowers whose importance changes from region to region. This may be because the magnolia plant also adapts to different climates, meaning that no matter where it is in the world it can be seen as a sign of overcoming the obstacles in its way.


What Do Magnolia Tattoos Mean?

There are many different meanings for magnolia tattoos and these are usually dependent on the color choice for the design. As with most flowers although the flower itself will have its own symbolism the color gives the flower an added dimension.

For example, as is traditional with most white flowers, the white magnolia means purity and innocence. Commonly white flowers are connected to christenings, weddings and the birth of a new baby. They are usually given in connection to religious celebrations in connection to the soul.


The pink magnolia represents femininity, joy and youth. This is a very feminine tattoo and one that is a great way to symbolize your womanhood or your appreciation for a woman in your life. They are also said to be connected to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

If you are looking to add a little bit of good luck into your life then look no further than a green magnolia tattoo. The green version of this flower represents good fortune and good health. This is a great way to give an added dimension to the symbolism of a long life.

Purple magnolias are also another color that means luck and health but one that gives off a more feminine and regal vibe. If you are not in the market for a green tattoo then this could be the perfect alternative. 


Where Do Magnolia Tattoos Usually Go?

The perfect placement for your magnolia tattoo will depend on your design of course. For example, if you want to get a tattoo of a branch with several magnolia flowers along it then you will need a decent amount of space to be able to accommodate this. A good location would be across the shoulders, down the back, the arm or the leg. 

However, if you simply want the design to be a single magnolia flower then you have many more options for placements. You can instead use it to fill in any gaps in a sleeve or opt for a more subtle location such as the wrist, the top of the shoulder, above the elbow or the rib cage.

You should always make sure that the style of your tattoo wraps around your body well.


Characteristics and Styles of Magnolia Tattoos

Because magnolias are such a delicate flower they look great as a delicate tattoo. Before deciding which color to get you should carefully consider which meaning you want to add to your tattoo. A fine line tattoo with a delicate wash of color over the petals is the perfect way to keep your tattoo feminine and classy.

If you want something a little bit more complicated, for example, a more complex tattoo including the branch, then consider a black and white bold line tattoo. This will allow your artist to focus on the details and make sure that everything stands out. The color will not take away from the detail. 


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