Lynx Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Lynx Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Before you get a tattoo of any kind you need to know what the symbol that you will be putting on your body represents. This means that you need to do careful research.

If you have been admiring the lynx tattoo and have been thinking about getting one yourself because you like how it looks, there are some things you need to know about the meaning and symbolism before you get one. 

Here is a closer look at what the lynx symbolizes along with some design ideas.

The Animal

The first word that often comes to scientist’s minds when thinking about the lynx is solitude. Those who study the lynx will tell you that it is a very solitary animal that lives in remote forests on different continents. 

Their fur is beautiful to look at. This fur is what protects them from the cold winters in Europe, North America and Asia. 

They have large paws that are furry. When the lynx’s paws hit the ground they spread open and act as snowshoes for the animal.


The lynx prefers to hunt at night so they are very hard to spot as they try to avoid humans. 

The lynx is a fabulous hunter and they have extremely good hearing. The tufts that you see on their ears magnify their hearing.

The lynx has beautiful thick fur and this is why they are often hunted by humans.

There are different species of the lynx cat and while the population has dwindled quite a bit in Europe, the lynx’s that have survived tend to be larger than those that are found in North America.


The Lynx is a part of the cat family, but when it comes to tattooing, this cat is not as widely seen as other types of cats. Lions are among the most popular as well as tigers and even panthers. 

Those who do get a tattoo of a lynx do so because it is a powerful graceful animal. Its representation conjures feelings of loyalty and devotion as well as strength.

The Lynx tattoo can be worn by both men and women. As mentioned before lynx are some of the best hunters in the animal kingdom.


They are known to pursue any animal that they are hunting for several hours. Their keen hearing also assists them with hunting.

The lynx will go on different trails, roots and roads for hours when hunting their prey, all the while being careful not to be seen.

Due to the nature of the lynx, it is a tattoo that is best suited to someone who is persevering and knows exactly what they want.

Symbolism in Cultures

In Native American culture stories are told of the lynx quite often. The Lynx is seen as embodying the spirit of sight and observation. 

The lynx is credited with noticing things that others may not see. This is very true of the animal in real life. 

When lynx is hunting they seem to understand the movements and nuances of their prey like no other animal does. This level of intuition and dedication to a task is what makes the lynx so fascinating.


In ancient Slav culture, the lynx was seen as the most majestic member of the cat family and was the personification of all that was good in humans.

Qualities such as love, loyalty, strength, and dedication were all attributed to lynx in Slav culture.

In Italy, scientists created a community of naturalists in the year 1603 and named their academy the Linux Academy.

This academy was designed to enlighten mankind and to remove prejudice and fanatical ideas through the use of science. 

One of the most famous members of this academy was Galileo. Galileo is credited with many inventions and is known as the father of modern physics and scientific methods.

The lynx symbolizes forward-thinking and new and creative ideas.

Tattoo Ideas

You can portray a lynx in all its glory by getting a full body tattoo of the animal anywhere on your body.

You can show the animal in action or simply sitting quietly. The tattoo can be embellished with roses, or other types of plants.

The animal can be rendered by simply showing its head. Its head can also be embellished with whatever symbols that you want to use.


You may choose to have the animal realistically tattooed on your body or you can use a cartoon version of the animal.

You can choose a myriad of backgrounds for the lynx. If you choose a more realistic tattoo you can depict the animal in the forest or snow. 

You can also choose to depict the animal against a less realistic background. You can depict it against a blue or night sky. 

Show off the lynx’s more nurturing nature by showing the animal taking care of its young. 

The animal is sometimes depicted by tattoo artists in a manner that looks as if it is about to pounce on its prey. It’s jaws are wide open and its teeth are showing.

The head of the animal may be shown by itself so that there is a good view of its teeth or the animal may be shown in a full-bodied way.

If you wish to show a lighter side of the lynx you may show it perched on a rock or on a tree branch.

Choose Your Design

As you can see the Lynx tattoo has many meanings and symbolization.

Before you get any tattoo make sure that you are completely comfortable with the design and discuss fully how you would like to try it to be portrayed on your body.

You can choose to place the tattoo anywhere on the body. For example, some people have the lynx on their hands, back, feet, arms or even legs. Do what is comfortable for you.

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