Lupin Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Lupin Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Lupin tattoos are very feminine tattoos that represent happiness and imagination. The flower’s name also dates back to the 14th century and has a connection to wolves and mischievous animals in nature.

What is the History of Lupin Tattoos?

The history of the Lupin dates back to the 14th century when people came across the plant growing alone by itself in the woods. This discovery meant that these people mistakenly believed that the plant was consumed all of the nutrients in the soil around it, stealing them from other plants.

This hence led them to use the Latin word for wolf, another mischievous creature in nature. 

However, the lupin is actually a very useful plant in nature which adds nitrogen back into the atmosphere.

The lupin has been used throughout centuries all over the world and was initially introduced to northern Europe in the 18th century when there was an agricultural need to improve soil fertility. In addition to helping other plants grow, lupins were also cultivated as food for animals such as pigs and chickens.


In fact, now over 85% of all of the lupin seeds in the world are cultivated in Australia and in the 20th century scientists partially modified the lupin to give it a “sweet gene”, allowing its taste to be more palatable to humans. 

Lupin seeds are actually a fantastic source of protein and it has a similar protein makeup as soy but with less fat. 

Nowadays lupin seeds are used in food all over the world, but you should always make sure that you purchase the seeds from a reputable seller as they will need to be processed before they are safe to eat.

The image of the lupin, with its unusual shape and bright colors, has also been very popular in art, including in tattooing. 

The lupin has typically always been a more feminine tattoo, especially given its colors. However, the flower is commonly also depicted alongside its sister symbols: the wolf and the moon. 

However, although a beautiful choice for a tattoo it has always paled in comparison to the rose and lilies in terms of popularity, which have become more of a tradition rather than expression.


What Do Lupin Symbolize?

Although lupins are a very feminine looking flower they hold strong symbolic meanings and are a very strong-willed flower compared to some of the other more traditionally feminine flowers.

Lupins symbolize a desire to rise above any obstacle, admiration and a general lust for life. Although the lupin appears to be delicate, its meanings are very strong. The repetition of the flower heads along the plant is representative of these new beginnings and the idea of renewal.

The symbolism of new opportunities also represents a positive attitude towards life and a longing for the future, all in a positive way of course.

The association with the wolves also adds another dimension to the lupin and its symbolic meanings. This connection to wolves hence involves the family, strong familial bonds and connection. Overall, a lupin equals loyalty.


What Do Lupin Tattoos Mean?

When it comes to lupin tattoos there are many different things that they can mean and these can be altered according to your own personal take on the plant or the other images that you associate with it.

For example, if you are looking for a more masculine, or even just less floral, tattoo but you want to include a lupin, a very common image is also to include a wolf and the full moon. This will also provide a reference to the actual name of the plant itself. 

By adding in the wolf and the moon to your lupin tattoo you are giving your tattoo the meaning of loyalty, connection and family. You are demonstrating that friendship and family are the most important things in your life and that your word is your everything as well as the fact that you stand by those that you love.


If you have Native American heritage then you may also choose to get a tattoo of a lupin in reference to this as Native Americans traditionally used lupin leaves in their tea to treat nausea and internal bleeding. 

Alternatively, if you simply want to get a tattoo of a lupin by itself there are a whole host of meanings that could be behind your tattoo including a love for life, happiness or even the desire to seek more from yourself in the future.


Where Do Lupin Tattoos Usually Go?

Because lupin tattoos can easily be large or small, straight or curved there is no one particular place on the body that they normally go. They can take up a large space by themselves or be woven into a space left on your sleeve, the choice is really up to you. 

However, a few places that they look fantastic are around the ankle, curving ever so slightly up onto the leg or coming off of the wrist. These are perhaps considered to be more feminine and delicate placements, so you should also consider the meaning behind your tattoo.

If you are also including a wolf and/or the moon you should opt for a larger space such as the bicep or even the back of the shoulder as this will allow your tattoo to truly shine.


Characteristics and Styles of Lupin Tattoos

Because of their bright colors, lupin tattoos look amazing when done in full color and this will also allow your tattoo artist to really pick up the highlights and shadows in the color of the repetitive flower heads. 

Watercolor is also a great style choice for a lupin tattoo as you can easily blend the two colors that make up the lupin head and use this to break up the monotony of the plant.

Alternatively, if you opt for delicate line work then the lupin tattoo can look amazing in black and white, but you will need to ensure that you choose the right artist for such fine line work.


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