Lucifer Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Lucifer Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

For those who like their skin art to be both bold and beautiful, Lucifer tattoos are definitely an option. One consideration, however, is that there are a lot of interpretations to these to consider.

In this article we’re going to explore some of the symbolism, meanings, and more when it comes to the ‘Morning Star’ so that you’ll have a good idea of what you can really say with this particular choice. Lucifer as a symbol is very old and you might be surprised what this skin art choice can mean.

Let’s take a closer look at Lucifer tattoos and you can see for yourself – the answers might just surprise you!


What is the History of Lucifer Tattoos?

The name Lucifer comes from the Hebrew word for Venus and literally means ‘the shining one’ or ‘the bringer of light’ and dates back quite some time, with the first Biblical mentions being in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28.

While some folks may cringe at the name’s mention, you need to keep in mind that this was his name before the fall, when he was basically considered one of, if not the ‘best’ angel. Once he defied God, the stories say, then he fell and became the nastier ‘Satan’ version of himself.

Due to being part of such ancient history, there are going to be a lot of interpretations about this figure, making this choice for skin art quite an interesting one which can say quite a lot of things, depending on your design.

As far as how long these tattoos have been occurring, who can say? With mentions going back to the Old Testament, Lucifer tattoos have certainly been around for awhile, although quite likely they’ve been hidden when you consider the historical repercussions that have come from such a choice.


What Do Lucifer Tattoos Symbolize?

Lucifer symbolizes so many things that we don’t have enough space to really get into detail. That said, there are some common themes. For instance, as ‘God’s best angel’, Lucifer represents the idea that anyone can fall, while others view this figure as a charismatic rebel.

This is further evinced in the view that Adam and Eve were ignorant of the world’s wisdom before eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, and in this regard some view the Morning Star as a bringer of wisdom, lighting the way out of the fog of ignorance.

While layers and layers of symbolism are certainly there, Lucifer tattoos don’t have to even be about those, but might be chosen for ‘shock value’ or the irony of inking the most aesthetic of angels who also happened to become the most wicked.

It’s really like any other symbolism when you get down to it. If you add the Archangel Michael chasing Lucifer off, then that’s going to symbolize something very different than showing him falling alone or taking a pose of defiance in front of a powerful, bright light. Give it some thought, however, and this can be an amazing tattoo!


What Do Lucifer Tattoos Mean?

Lucifer tattoos are quite unique in that they make a very, very personal statement about the owners beliefs. The whole idea that even angels can be tempted to rebel from time to time is quite an appealing and powerful notion, though this figure might also be worn as a way to say that the tattoo owner ‘bows to no one’.

This tattoo can also mean that the owner is a seeker of wisdom – whatever the cost – and views such things as sin or other taboos as being very open to interpretation or even natural behavior.

When tattooed with another angel or shown as falling, then Lucifer tattoos can even be a statement of powerful faith – a reminder and a warning that evil is very real and that only God is immune to its effects.

With religious subjects, you have to be very careful about your design, because there is a lot that you could ‘say’ on accident. As such, think about what you are trying to say specifically and be sure to do your homework before you settle on a design. This powerful imagery is recognized worldwide – so take your time until it’s perfect.


Where Do Lucifer Tattoos Usually Go?

Considering the Morning Star’s reputation, these tattoos have an ironic duality to them, much like the lore itself. They are often hidden and they are also commonly displayed boldly – just a little less-often. As such, Lucifer might be displayed on your outer arm, while others might even use the hip.

Considering the amount of detail that one could put in a Lucifer tattoo, however, backpieces are also quite popular. Especially since there is so much existing art already depicting this infamous figure.

You could put Lucifer tattoos anywhere you like, but you’ll need to keep in mind that you might want to be able to hide it at work – as not everyone is guaranteed to agree with your interpretation of this figure and history doesn’t indicate a whole lot of tolerance where Lucifer is concerned.

Characteristics and Styles of Lucifer Tattoos

Most commonly, depictions will include the scene of ‘the fall’, although there are quite a number of other ways to make it apparent which angel you are depicting. A nimbus of light, for instance, is a nod to the name and even allows you to wear an angel but not the angel that most people will think it is!

You could depict him after the fall, of course, an angel resplendent but surrounded by a grim and dark environment, perhaps seated on a rather dark throne – really it’s going to be up to you.

As far as styles, New School is a fun option if you’d like to wear the Prince of Darkness and confuse a few people in the process – it also seems like something that this figure would approve of! In most cases, however, photorealistic or at least very detailed renderings are the most popular.

The more serious the depiction, the heavier the impact will be for the viewer, and that’s the kind of thing that art really excels at.


Some closing comments about Lucifer tattoos

In this article we’ve explored the dark option (or rather light option) of Lucifer tattoos and what exactly they can mean. Interpretations abound, so you’ve really got an incredible amount of symbolism that you can mine for this dark and daring skin art option.

Just be sure to take your time with it and review your artist’s portfolio to make sure that they can render it right. It’s definitely a bold choice, so make sure that you go with a pro who can take your vision and create the kind of art that you’ve got in mind!

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