Leopard Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Leopard Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Leopards are opportunistic predators that dwell in the dark forests of Africa and Asia and are revered by all.  What is the meaning and symbolism behind these versatile tattoos, you ask? 

Leopard tattoos are strongly tied to the beautiful appearance, clever nature, and historical prevalence of these solitary jungle cats.  They are used to personify the strong and silent nature of an individual.

Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of this mysterious animal, where you can put them on your body, and some of the popular variations of these tattoos.  


What is the History of Leopard Tattoos?

Leopards have been portrayed as stealthy, cunning, powerful, and ferocious creatures throughout history.  Many ancient cultures have revered them as the king cat of the forest. 

These predatory mammals have even popped up in greek mythology, saving deities from their demise.  Kings and gods alike have been depicted in great triumphs while adorning spotted pelts.

Leopard tattoos have been commonplace for people who recognize the animal’s presence at the top of the food chain, especially in Africa and Asia where they are native.


What Do Leopard Tattoos Symbolize?

Leopard tattoos symbolize a myriad of different qualities including, cunning, strength, intelligence, and beauty.  These ferocious carnivores are known for their sneaky hunting techniques and solitary lifestyles.

The spots on its pelt act as camouflage when stalking prey in the wild.  This camouflage represents a beautiful smokescreen that hides a powerful and potentially dangerous being underneath.

The way they hunt, utilizing their guile and patience, symbolizes the intelligence this animal possesses.  They do not hunt with brute force, but rather with an air of analytical sophistication that makes them such a successful predator.  


What Do Leopard Tattoos Mean?

A leopard tattoo means that a person has a significant connection with the physical characteristics and behavior of this big cat.

They connect with the animal’s ability to lie in wait, analyze a situation, and pounce at the perfect opportunity. 

Those who wear this big cat on their skin value intelligence and patience over brute force, but will not hesitate to strike when the time is right.

The frightening beauty of this predator is a testament to the raw power that is covered by a seductive outer shell, something that looks beautiful to the eye but should not be crossed because of the sheer power and lethality that lies within.


Where Do Leopard Tattoos Usually Go?

Like the leopard, these tattoos are very adaptable and versatile.  Different variations can be found all over the body of those who choose to make this animal a part of themselves.

  • Chest and back – perfect for those who want to wear the entire animal across their body, ample space allows for jungle scenes that show this fierce predator in its natural habitat
  • Shoulders and arms – great for those who want to show the leopard’s entire body in its hunting stance, the elongated nature of arms are ideal to show this hunter just before it pounces
  • Hands and Feet – ideal for those who just want the head of a leopard on their skin, only displaying the head effectively portrays the ferocity and beauty of this animal
  • Legs – great for standing illustrations of this apex predator in all of its glory

Leopard tattoos are a great addition to anyone’s body, that can be worn virtually anywhere!


Characteristics and Styles of Leopard Tattoos

Some of the common highlighted traits of these tattoos include:

  • The spots on its pelt
  • Bright-colored, longing eyes
  • Fierce snarling, sharp teeth
  • Crouching in a hunting position, haunches reared and waiting to pounce
  • Hiding in cover, silently watching while stalking prey

All of these accurately represent the nature of the leopard, so now it’s time to look at some of the more unique ideas that are associated with these tattoos.

Leopard Faces

Perhaps the most enticing feature of a leopard is its eyes.  These cats have piercing blue or green eyes that contrast well with their yellow, brown, and black spotted pelt.  They possess the ability to pierce the soul and give the onlooker a sense of awe.

Full Body Leopards

Showing the full body of this big cat is the best way to portray its ferocity and power.  Though they are considered the smallest species of big cats, they prove that big things truly can come in small packages.

Leopard Print Tattoos

Instead of tattooing the actual animal on one’s skin, some choose to wear the spots that cover its pelt.  This represents the personal connection that one feels to the cat, making the animal’s skin their own.  Some have even gone as far as to cover their entire body with leopard print.

Baby Leopards

Leopard cubs are about as cute as an animal can get, and when they are depicted next to their mothers it represents the nature of how ferocious these beasts can become.  An adorable baby leopard underneath an ever-watching and protective mother provokes foreboding thoughts for those who would come between a mother and her cub.

Starry Scenes

Leopards are primarily nocturnal creatures that are unrivaled in their ability to hunt prey during the night.  Dark scenes of hunting cats help accentuate the mysterious and solitary nature of these animals.

Other Powerful Animals

Jungle cats possess a large amount of power in a small package.  They have long been compared with other ferocious animals of sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia.  These include lions, tigers, gorillas, panthers, and pythons.

Jungle Scenes

Scenes of a leopard in its natural habitat are a great way to accentuate its sly and stoic nature.  They can be depicted stalking prey or simply be surrounded by other jungle species that cohabitate with this sleek predator.  


Final Thoughts

Leopard tattoos are a great way to portray a beautiful, intelligent, and powerful creature on your skin.  They can be adorned in virtually any location of the body, depending on the size of the tattoo and the message you wish to convey.  Those who value characteristics such as intelligence, agility, and strength should definitely consider getting a leopard tattoo!

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