Lemon Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Lemon Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

When life gives you lemons, get a tattoo! This common everyday citrus fruit is the dark horse of the tattoo world.

Many like the idea of fruit as a tattoo, but lemons are more than the sum of their parts.

Lemon tattoos are indicative of this fresh and sweet fruit, and the citrusy nature of this fruit can encourage vibrancy.

But there is a whole other collection of meanings. Let’s slice into this.

Lemons are a powerfully uplifting and invigorating ingredient and can represent sunshine, health, and vibrancy.

They are used to stimulate four of the five senses, which is crucial in the healing philosophy of Ayurveda.

The sight of vibrant yellow color is purported to promote mental clarity and energy. They are thought to benefit mood, productivity, and create energy with their invigorating aroma.


The sense of taste is a thought to help relieve nausea and get the body to remove toxins.

Lemon oil assists in rejuvenating the skin by improving blood circulation. The soothing varieties and components of lemons make them an essential part of health.

The word lemon may come from the Middle East and has roots in the Old French, Italian, and Persian languages, representing a generic term for citrus fruit.

They have come to symbolize many opposing ideas, in many areas it is considered a symbol of purification, friendship, but can also represent bitterness.

Catholic tradition linked lemons to the idea of fidelity and is considered a sign of wealth, as it was exported at great expense. 

Artistically, oranges and lemons were found in portraits from the 15th century, and a citrus fruit represented the moral or social status of the subject of the portrait.

In an artistic sense, the simple citrus fruit has a variety of interpretations, from the 15th-century art, all the way through to pop art, and have graced many an album cover, including the Stone Roses’ famous Pollock-inspired cover.

Therefore, when you consider the variety of lemon tattoos out there, the options are endless and ripe for squeezing!

The Best Types of Lemon Tattoos

The Lemon Drink 

A lemon squeezing the juice into a glass or a hand holding the fruit is a great way to signify vibrancy and zestiness.


The Cute Lemon 

A simple drawing of it with two dots and a smiley face can elevate this simple design to new heights. A cute lemon is a great way to put across a playful personality.


The Hand Holding a Lemon 

If you want to create the symbolism of squeezing every last drop out of life, the hand holding it can make sure you are living with that motto in mind: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Lemon and Skull 

If you are a personality of contrasting styles, a surprisingly effective combination is a skull with a lemon poking out the back.

It is a way to signify that you have ideas growing, but make no mistake, you have a feisty exterior.

Contour Tattoo

A perfect choice for women. A slice of this zesty fruit is a cute, yet small addition.

They can go on the arms, wrists, or feet. A simple fruit tattoo can be elevated by adding images of flowers and leaves.


The Lemon on the Forearm 

Whether it’s a small slice or a 2D illustration of the inside, it can be a representation of your zest for life.


The Lemon Tree

The lemon tree is a symbol of healing and cleansing. It represents the restoration of mind, body, and soul.

A lemon tree is an enduring symbol that highlights nature while symbolizing commitment and romance.

They are a very spiritual design and are perfect for the top part of your shoulder or back.


The Symbolism

The fruits of the tree bearing this fruit come with a variety of symbolic meanings. In art, they refer to the bitterness of existence.

A peel symbolizes the unfolding of earthly life and how the individual frees themselves from the material world to reach their spiritual essence, signified by the pulp.

It being peeled embodies the bitterness of the individual.

While this may appear to be sour, the spiritual nature of lemons referred to purification and clarity. 

They are also a known detoxifier. They will cleanse your aura or the toxicity within your body.


A slice placed under a visitor’s chair is said to make a friendship last. However, trees grown from the seed of a lemon can create a longer relationship. It can also signify medicinal properties.

The fruit is a huge source of benefits, and is a potent alkalizer, and is a way to strengthen the immune system. 

They are a densely layered fruit, from the rind to the innards and the seeds.

Combining this with the acidity and biting nature of the sour fruit, it creates a whole layer of fortification for the individual.

They are astringent and are used to whiten teeth. As you can see, there are a number of symbolic components.

The tattoo has graced some celebrities over the years, including: 

  • Internet personality Marzia Kjellberg, whose diverse life links to the tattoo. She got a tattoo of a lemon tree on the back of her left arm, a dedication to her father, and the tree that he looked after in their childhood home.
  • Musician Melissa Marie Green also has one on her arm, but in a completely different context! The fruit is representative of the relationship she has with her mother, and the lemon takes pride of place on a martini glass, with the caption “like mother like daughter.”

The lemon is a fantastic way to add a lot of zest into your tattoo journey.

From cartoony to contemporary, and even adorning a martini glass, it is representative of so many aspects of life, from rejuvenation to fun, and is the citrus fruit to have tattooed anywhere on your body!


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