Larkspur Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Larkspur Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Larkspur – a intricate flower with a beautiful design, a myriad of color choices, and a depth of symbolism. If you’re looking for a floral tattoo with beauty and a meaning for almost every situation, then this flower could be the perfect choice for you.

The Larkspur flower has been a symbolic image since the days of Greek mythology. With a delicate appearance like the bird’s claw for which it’s named, this flower forms a tattoo that’s rich in intricacy and in meaning.

This article looks at the history, meaning and symbolism behind the larkspur tattoo, and the flower that inspires it.


What Is The History of Larkspur Tattoos?

The oldest recorded use of the larkspur image is in Greek mythology. It was one of the reputed flowers of Apollo, a healing herb that Apollo caused to spring forth to honor his friend, who was killed by the machinations of Zeus.

Beyond that, the history of Larkspur imagery is somewhat uncertain, due to the common confusion between it and the Delphinium flower. These two flowers have several similarities, and have often interchanged their names.

Since the emergence of tattooing as an art form and a means of personal expression, the larkspur has become one of the more popular and diverse choices among floral tattoos.


Difference Between the Larkspur and the Delphinium:

The larkspur flower has a longer, more pointed flower petal, whereas the delphinium has more rounded petals.

The larkspur is an annual flower, where the delphinium is a perennial.

The larkspur has more delicate blooms with a wider spacing, where the delphinium has larger flowers in tighter clusters.

History of the Larkspur:

This flower is native to the Mediterranean, and made it’s way through Europe and Britian in the 1550’s, where it became a part of Summer Solstice celebrations, and a cure for stomach ailments.

In Transylvania, it was sometimes used as a protection against curses and witchcraft.

In some North American Tribal Cultures, the flower was believed to originate from pieces of the sky, which fell to Earth when a celestial being flung them down.

The rich colors often meant the flower was used to create deep blue, indigo or purple dyes.

Today it is most commonly found with white flowers, or shades of pink, blue, or purple.


What Do Larkspur Symbolize?

This flower has a rich history of symbolism and meaning, dating back to the days of Greek Mythology. Recorded meanings for this bloom include:

  • Levity and Laughter
  • Pure Heart
  • Sweetness of Disposition
  • Love, Affection, and Strong Attachment

Symbolism According to Color:

  • Purple: Thought to represent First Love
  • Purple – Alternative: Courage and Nobility
  • Pink: Fickleness or Indecisiveness
  • White: Happiness
  • White – Alternative: A Clean Slate, Strong Morals, or Religious Faith
  • Blue: Grace and Respectability
  • Blue – Alternative: Relaxation.

What Do Larkspur Tattoos Mean?

One of the more common meanings behind the Larkspur tattoo is its status as one of the birth flowers of July. Ths flower makes a beautiful representation for anyone born in the seventh month, or who wishes to commemorate a special event in July.

Larkspur tattoos can also represent someone who has an open heart, or a joyful spirit. Conversely, they can be a reminder to seek laughter and lightness for oneself.

Hearkening back to an older meaning, a person may choose a Larkspur tattoo may also be used to symbolically ward off evil.

A common personal meaning is the ability to form deep attachments and find loving relationships in life.

Some people also choose this tattoo to represent a personal change that helps you rediscover the beauty and joy in life.

Larkspur Paired With Other Imagery:

These flowers are often paired with other flowers or images for a deeper or more personal meaning. Some of the common combinations include:

Partnered With Water Lily: A strong moral code and intense personal values

Partnered With Marigold: A warm heart

Partnered With Daffodil: New beginnings, Rebirth and Transformation

Partnered With Sweet Pea: Departure of a Loved One, either through death or differing life paths

Partnered With Poppies: A belief in the beauty and uniquess of every individual


Where Do Larkspur Tattoos Usually Go?

Larkspur tattoos can be worn in many locations.

The most common choice is the forearm, which lends itself well to the delicate upright structure of the larkspur flowers. These tattoos come in a range of sizes, from large sleeve-like images, or tiny miniature flowers at the wrist or elbow.

Another popular choice is the ankle, where delicate miniature images can be worn.

Single flower stems are often worn on the back of the shoulder, or the upper arms.

For a more unique or unsual choice, some people have even elected to place larkspurs as part of intricate images across the abdomen. Another less common choice has been a miniature image placed behind the ear.


Style and Characteristics of Larkspur Tattoos:

Larkspur tattoos have a range of colors and styles. The most common color for this floral tattoo is purple, or a deep blue.

– The most common depiction is a single sprig of flowering blooms.

– Common styles include realistic, watercolor styles, or minimalist sketch styles.

– Miniature styles are often done in an illustrated or realistic style.

– Ink sketch styles are often done as realistic images, to better depict the delicate detail of the flower petals.

– Illustrated images can often take on a luminous or slightly fantastic aspect, with deep brilliant hues and vibrant images, or mystical background imagery, like a circle of lights, or the popular crescent moon.

– It’s fairly common to see the larkspur flower paired with other images, including other flowers, or images like butterflies and hummingbirds, which can share similar meanings.


Final Words

Whatever style and color of tattoo you choose, the larkspur holds a wealth of positive meanings and symbolism, making it an excellent floral addition to your imagery. As a flower with a diverse range of colors, depictions and meanings, there’s a larkspur tattoo for just about everyone.


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