Lantana Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Lantana Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Flowers are so much more than beautiful things; flowers have also been adopted as symbols for a variety of personal traits, experiences, and struggles. Furthermore, flowers have been a part of tattoo culture for a very long time. 

The lantana is one such flower that, while vast in species, is known for inspiring many tattoos because of its beauty as well as its symbolism. These flowers, while sometimes thought of as dangerous plants as they can be toxic to some animals or pests, also have great practical functions in nature.

What Is The History Of Lantana Tattoos?

The inclusion of lantanas in tattoos cannot be traced back to a specific time, but these flowers are rich in symbolism for many cultures. They have spiritual significance in some African religions, as well as in Greek mythology and Victorian floral language. 


Flowers in and of themselves have been the subject of tattoos since tattooing became possible. Some enjoy flower tattoos simply because they are beautiful, while others enjoy incorporating specific flowers into their tattoos because of the symbols and meanings associated with that particular flower. 

What Do Lantana Symbolize?

The lantana is a prominent symbol of unwavering and consistent strength and toughness. They can also symbolize someone who is thorough and astute, perhaps resonating with someone who is an academic or works in a very intellectually challenging profession. 

This symbolism derives from the flower’s ability to withstand tough conditions, its ability to survive and resist issues such as pests and fungus, as well as survive without a lot of water. 

The symbolism of lantanas can also depend on their color, and the color of flowers often have their own particular symbolism, regardless of species.

For instance, an orange lantana can symbolize passion, a white lantana can represent being humble, and a yellow lantana could symbolize a strong friendship or connection. 


Different parts of the lantana flower have uses outside of being planted or looking beautiful. For instance, the leaves of the flower have been used for a very long time in alternative medicine. They are known to have a variation of benefits to clean out cuts and abrasions in order to decrease the risk of infection, as well as assist with other skin issues such as dryness and irritation. 

Additionally, the leaves can be used to make tea, which is both tasty and potentially beneficial for health. For instance, it’s believed that lantana leaf tea can help reduce headaches and stomach issues including indigestion. On the other hand, the stem can be used to make different types of durable furniture, as can be seen in some parts of India. 

What Do Lantana Tattoos Mean?

The most common meanings associated with the lantana tattoo are unwavering, strength, and perseverance through some type of adversity or challenge. These tattoos can also have meaning for people who are steadfast in their particular life goals or pursuits. 


As mentioned, the lantana is a strong flower in and of itself. They look dainty, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. These flowers are known to be able to survive fire, drought, and bugs. They are pollinators, so they also allow birds and bees to thrive without being destroyed. They are tough flowers, much like the people who have them tattooed on their bodies. 

Additionally, the lantana can be interpreted as a marriage between beauty and ability, given that the flower is known to do so much more than add color and vibrance to a garden. Since the flower has been used by so many cultures for a variety of purposes, it has proven to be a useful flower in many ways. 

Thus, it looks pretty and does a lot of good, which can translate into a tattoo for someone who appreciates both inner and outer beauty. 


Where Do Lantana Tattoos Usually Go?

As with many flower tattoos, popular placement tends to be somewhere on the arm. Often, these flowers are featured on the shoulder, either on the back of the shoulder or in the middle of the shoulder. Additionally, lantanas make popular forearm tattoos, typically on the inside of the forearm. 

Flowers in general, including lantanas, can be incorporated into a tattoo on any part of the body depending on size. If you like minimal, small tattoos, a lantana on the back of the neck, on the wrist, or even on the ankle or foot looks very beautiful. 

One lovely interpretation of the lantana in a tattoo involves more than just the flower; these flowers can grow tall, so a tattoo with lantanas, as well as their leaves and stems, can make for a tattoo that can expand along the length of the arm or leg. 


Characteristics And Styles Of Lantana Tattoos 

Lantanas are flowers that consist of a cluster of very small flowers, and can be found in a variety of vibrant colors. Some lantanas are also multi-colored, which can be featured quite beautifully in a tattoo. 

These colors appear as sort of a tye-dye or ombre effect naturally on the flower, which can be displayed in a stunning tattoo by a skilled artist. Given that these flowers are so colorful, they aren’t usually seen incorporated in black and white designs. 

Lantana tattoos can be found in a variety of designs and colors, with either one small flower featured, or a vine with several lantana flowers. Additionally, the lantana can be incorporated into a sleeve or collection of various flowers, as well as with leaves surrounding it. 


Final Thoughts

While the lantana might not be the most recognized of flowers for tattoos, they are featured in many floral tattoos, especially for those who like to assign meaning to their tattoo choices. While flowers are popular tattoos in and of themselves, they allow for creativity to be applied to allow individual tattoos to stand out. 

The lantana is a flower that perseveres, is diverse in appearance, and contributes to the cycle of life. If you’re someone who resonates with that ideology, a lantana tattoo is worth adding to your own personal canvas.

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