Lakshmi Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Lakshmi Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

If goddess tattoos are of interest to you, then you might do well to consider Lakshmi. A goddess of prosperity and lately, of luck as well. Today we’re going to tell you a little more about Lakshmi tattoos and the symbolism, meanings, and more behind this lovely and meaningful trend.

Keep in mind as we get started that we use trend in a rather casual manner – as the story of Lakshmi dates back to quite a long time ago – let’s take a look at some facts on the matter and we’ll see what you think!


What is the History of Lakshmi Tattoos?

Lakshmi is first documented in the Rig Veda, which is so old that we can only estimate that it was written somewhere between 500 and 1000 BC – yikes! While popular in Jain and Buddhist cultures, some even believe that Shri-Lakshmi predates Vedic culture, making her quite ancient with a capital ‘A’.

There is some contention based on the name Shri-Lakshmi, stating that the components are a combination of luck and both wealth and power, and that Shri-Lakshmi might be a combination of two goddesses rather than one. While this cannot be proved definitely, we do know what her current incarnation represents.

Lakshmi is a goddess of abundance and good luck, though the material goods are more about comfort, so there’s a transcendence of material things to some extent, in that said comfort which they provide allow one to move more easily towards enlightenment – almost as if wealth was ‘training wheels’ for your ‘spiritual bike’.

Her depiction is certainly a great fit for skin art or any art, indeed. Seen as a beautiful woman with 4 arms, often standing on a lotus and being anointed with water by two elephants behind her, it’s easy to see the appeal and the oldest Lakshmi tattoos were surely quite ancient indeed.


What Do Lakshmi Tattoos Symbolize?

Lakshmi tattoos symbolize wealth and prosperity as a means of establishing comfort and sufficient power to focus on the spiritual.

When you think of it, wealth is simply mobile power, that need to be circulated to be of use, so while she’s associated with attracting wealth it’s more about the freedom it brings than simply having lots of it. She is also depicted as divinely beautiful but also as a very strong personality – giving her powerful feminist attributes as well.

When shown, her calm authority radiates from the depictions, as if to say that through the mundanity of wealth, she has the power to simply be herself – which is a very old lesson, indeed, if you think about the lives of our modern CEOs and celebrities.

It’s quite interesting, really, in its practicality. Lakshmi seems to teach that abundance, often used to hold others down, is not a bad thing when used the way it should be – to allow you the power to develop the self unashamedly and completely. After all, if your needs were all met, would you not strive to become your best?


What Do Lakshmi Tattoos Mean?

Lakshmi tattoos can mean a lot of things.

Lakshmi can be a strong and ancient symbol for feminism, as she is a powerful female goddess who is wealthy beyond compare and powerful enough as a result to be completely herself.

These tattoos can also say that there is no shame in seeking the material, provided that it’s done to facilitate the growth of the self in the limited time that we have on earth.

Lakshmi may also be a tattooed as a way of expressing a strong and fearless personality, telling the world that the owner of the tattoo is complex and very much themselves and everyone had better get used to that.

Finally, some just like the aesthetics – Lakshmi is a beautiful goddess and with her many symbols and mandalas one could create a design simply for the sheer aesthetics of it. It’s a choice that, ultimately, you will have to make, but Lakshmi is quite the powerful choice and gives you a lot of options to express your own inner-divinity.


Where Do Lakshmi Tattoos Usually Go?

Lakshmi tattoos can be placed anywhere that you like, though common depictions are done with her face and a mandala on the arm, or you could opt for a more intimate spot such as the hip. With all the beautiful symbols associated with her, a backpiece is also an excellent option – there’s just so much that you can do.

You’ll want to decide first if you are looking for a full or a partial depiction in your design and then you should schedule some time with your tattoo artist, so that they can help you by suggesting placements that will compliment your body.

This can add some serious ‘oomf’ to the finished design and is well worth investing a little extra time.


Characteristics and Styles of Lakshmi Tattoos

Lakshmi is depicted in many different ways. Light-hearted New School tattooing can add a lot of fun to your Lakshmi, if this style reflects your personality a bit, though most seem to prefer more traditional renditions that incorporate Indian artistic and reverential styles.

Keep in mind that other Buddhist or Jain symbolism can be added, as Lakshmi has quite a wide recognition that includes these two, and consider going with color – between mandalas, elephants, riches, and the otherworldly beauty of this goddess, full color can really make for an amazing piece of skin art that all can enjoy for the rest of your days.


In conclusion

In today’s article we’ve explored the history and the symbolism of Lakshmi tattoos and as you can see, you’ve got quite a lot of possibilities where this ancient and powerful goddess is concerned. Depicting abundance as part of the path to power, Lakshmi also make for a powerful and very old symbol of feminism.

Even with the symbolism put aside, this beautiful goddess is a fine choice for even the aesthetics alone. Whatever your reasons, Lakshmi tattoos have some serious potential, making this an option that is well worth your while!

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