Kangaroo Paw Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Kangaroo Paw Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

A kangaroo paw; it’s not just part of an animal, but it’s actually the name of a whimsical, unique flower. The flower is one that resembles an outstretched kangaroo paw to some, while to others, its intriguing appearance is part of its charm and beauty. 

For those looking for a tattoo that stands out from typical flower tattoos, a kangaroo paw is an option to consider. Furthermore, there is more to the flower than just how it looks; there is symbolism associated with it that will appeal to those who are fascinated by it. That being said, appreciating its interesting appearance is a good enough reason to get one tattooed on you. 

What Is The History Of Kangaroo Paw Tattoos?

Tattoos inspired by different flowers have been a longstanding tradition in tattoos and similar artwork. This is because flowers offer the ability to showcase fantastic tattooing skills given how much detail and color variation is involved in the design. 


While it’s not known how long kangaroo tattoos have been in existence, it can be assumed that they’ve been part of many people’s collection of tattoos for many years. When flowers were first introduced as tattoos, it was usually inspired by flowers that grew where someone lived. As time passed, different traits, meanings, and symbols became associated with flowers, including the kangaroo paw. 

The kangaroo paw plant has also been used by some Aboriginal tribes in Australia, and has been used by these tribes for a long time as components of traditional medicine. They have also been appreciated by these Aboriginal peoples for a long time since they contribute a lot to nature, including pollinating birds. 

What Do Kangaroo Paws Symbolize?

The kangaroo paw is a very appropriate symbol for being a unique individual, or being someone who prefers to be a leader as opposed to a follower. As mentioned, the kangaroo paw has quite the exotic and distinctive look, which can also be a symbol for someone who doesn’t like to follow convention or conform to the ways that everyone else looks and acts. 


The flower is a perfect symbol for someone who identifies as a free spirit who enjoys being a little bit eccentric. This trait may be something that the person who gets a kangaroo paw tattoo has struggled to accept within themselves, and this tattoo can be a symbol that they’ve finally learned to embrace and celebrate who they are. 

Kangaroo paws can also be a symbol for those who have struggled through life, but have been able to blossom into something great. These flowers are the same way; they can be difficult to grow, but once they are on the right track, they can blossom wonderfully and live for a long time. 

The kangaroo paw flower can also be a symbol of Australian pride, as the flower and its relatives, also sometimes called the reindeer paw, are symbols of Western Australia. These flowers are originally from Australia, but they do grow in other parts of the world. Thus, someone who was born in Australia but moves to another country could also get a kangaroo paw tattoo to symbolize that journey. 


What Do Kangaroo Paw Tattoos Mean?

The scientific name for the kangaroo paw is anigozanthos, which is a Greek name. This name translates into either slanted or asymmetrical. That’s the perfect way to describe the appearance of this flower. With the flower having such an individualistic appearance, it can have rich meaning for people who like to be different and unique. 

Kangaroo paws also manage to survive, under the right conditions of course, much longer than many other flowers that can be kept at home. This could be a metaphor interpreted in a tattoo for those who take pride in living a healthy and fruitful life. 

Kangaroo paws can also be mixed with other flowers within tattoos to further extrapolate on their meaning. For instance, if you were to get a tattoo of one of these flowers with a yellow rose, this could mean a unique friendship, making this the perfect combination for a friendship tattoo that you get done with a friend. 


Where Do Kangaroo Paw Tattoos Usually Go?

The most popular placement for kangaroo paw tattoos, as with other floral tattoos, is on the inner arm. This could be the forearm or the bicep. These tattoos also look nice lining the side of the arm, as the flowers and their petals are pretty skinny. 

Kangaroo paw tattoos can also be a nice feature in a more intimate place, including on the chest and on the ribcage. In smaller designs, these flowers work well as little, dainty tattoos that fit on the neck, on the ankle, or even on one of your fingers. 


Characteristics And Styles Of Kangaroo Paw Tattoos 

An individual kangaroo paw consists of a green stem, with anywhere from one to two kangaroo paws on the ends. These kangaroo paws feature several finger-like petals that are red, and some fade to green towards the stem. Some kangaroo paws are actually found with opposite coloring; green petals fade into red towards the stem. Moreover, these flowers can come in more colors, including orange, yellow, and even black. 

With the interesting color variations of these flowers, it can be reflected in quite a visually striking tattoo that shows off shading and fading skills. Thus, these flowers make for fantastic realistic floral tattoos. Additionally, their detail can be perfectly communicated through line work tattooing, even without color, since the overall physique of the flower can be seen even through line work. 

The kangaroo paw, when featured in a tattoo, usually includes the entire flower as well as the stems and leaves. It can be a little bit difficult to recognize the flower without the addition of those parts. 


While maybe not the first choice for a flower tattoo, the unusual look of a kangaroo paw is part of what makes it such a perfect tattoo. The flower not only looks different, but has a meaning that communicates how to celebrate that uniqueness.


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