Johnny Bravo Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Johnny Bravo Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

If you’re over 35, you may recall Johnny Bravo as an entertaining cartoon. The show was a Cartoon Network hit and fave, chronicling the adventures of its namesake character. But did you know that many people express their admiration for Johnny Bravo through tattoos?

This article explores Johnny Bravo tattoos: history, meanings ; designs. This exploration includes various tattoo styles and symbolisms. The article will also go into where people like to place these tattoos and why.

Let’s get into all the “whoa, mama” details!

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What is the History of Johnny Bravo Tattoos?

Johnny Bravo is a popular cartoon character from the 1990s. Famous sports figures, such as Iman Shumpert, have a tattoo of the caricature because he’s fond of big hair and that decade. If you go onto sites like Pinterest, you’ll see various types and styles of Johnny Bravo tattoos.

Essentially, these tattoos are a way to express affinity with the show and the character. People tend to ink themselves with body art that showcases portions of their identities and personalities.

Creator Van Partible brought the character of Johnny Bravo to life based on a 1973 Brady Bunch episode. The character is known for wearing a black tee, blue jeans, sunglasses, and black shoes. He’s also loosely based on Elvis Presley, especially when it comes to his words.

Johnny Bravo does have big, blonde, gelled-up hair. He isn’t bright and doesn’t have good manners. He’s a macho man who tries to impress and woo the ladies. The self-centeredness of the character is actually a selling point and contributes to the show’s humor.

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What Do Johnny Bravo Tattoos Symbolize?

Johnny Bravo tattoos largely resemble affinity for the character and the character himself. These tattoos are more of a statement. In other words, what you see is what you get. Someone may want one of these tattoos because of one of the following reasons:

  • They find the character amusing
  • They loved the show growing up, and it’s a nod to their childhood
  • Part of their personality identifies with Johnny Bravo’s mannerisms and expressions
  • They wish they could be like the character

Of course, some people may find little symbolism or hidden meanings in Johnny Bravo tattoos. It’s a cool or macho-looking cartoon character they want to add to a tattoo sleeve. For example, some individuals may get tattoo sleeves featuring Cartoon Network or Disney characters.

Others might be fans of Van Partible’s work. To find out what a Johnny Bravo tattoo means for a specific person, it’s best to strike up a conversation. They probably won’t mind! You might be surprised to find out what these tattoos symbolize for different people.

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What Do Johnny Bravo Tattoos Mean?

Most Johnny Bravo tattoos mean the person who has them relates to the character’s characteristics. However, each style and tattoo can bring out various aspects of the character’s personality. For example, some tattoos emphasize Johnny’s flirtatious nature.

You’ll also see some of the available designs highlight Johnny’s tough exterior or his dim-witted sense of humor. In the cartoon, the character is often seen flexing his muscles and biceps. This is usually done around women he finds attractive or wants to impress.

Some of these Johnny Bravo tattoos can mean the person who has them on their body may act like this. They might like certain parts of Johnny’s personality and what he represents. For example, some tattoos show the character on a motorcycle.

People who like to ride bikes and gain attention through bike culture might have this type of Johnny Bravo tattoo. It means the person appreciates and participates in bike and macho man culture. You’ll have a hard time seeing the soft side of this person!

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Characteristics and Styles of Johnny Bravo Tattoos

You’ll see several styles of Johnny Bravo tattoos. For instance, some feature just a basic outline of the character and emphasize his big hairstyle. Others include Bravo’s full body and feature his classic outfit and pose.

A common tattoo is to find the character in his full outfit and his arms crossed. Johnny can be somewhat oblivious and defiant in terms of social cues. He has a bit of a “don’t care” attitude and doesn’t think there is anything wrong with how he acts or what he says.

This independent streak is seen in other styles that feature a smoking Johnny getting his mug shot taken. It’s as if to say he’s a rebel and social outcast and doesn’t mind. He’d rather stay true to his voice and path. Some of Johnny’s famous sayings can be part of a tattoo.

That being said, you’ll also see the character combined with other objects like roses and flowers. This style emphasizes more of Johnny’s tendency to flirt and attempt to be a ladies’ man. Others are quite basic in nature and show a black outline of Johnny’s head and face.  

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Where Do Johnny Bravo Tattoos Usually Go?

It’s common for Johnny Bravo tattoos to go on arms and legs. However, women and men tend to differ on tattoo placement. Females, for instance, like to place Johnny Bravo tattoos on their ankles, hands, shoulder blades, and wrists. Some even put tattoos in between their fingers.

Getting inked behind the ears is also popular among women. Men, on the other hand, like to place Johnny Bravo tattoos on their chests and biceps. Other popular areas include:

  • Forearms and backs
  • Necks and legs

While these are the most common places for these tattoos to go, anyone could put a tattoo of Johnny wherever they want. The possibilities are truly endless, as long as it’s safe and there’s enough space. It depends on the size of the tattoo’s design and desired visibility.  

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Final Thoughts

Johnny Bravo tattoos are mostly an expression of love and appreciation for the cartoon character. Different styles give people opportunities to showcase which of the character’s personality traits they most identify with.

Both men and women get these tattoos, mostly on their arms and legs where they’ll be more visible.

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