Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Jellyfish tattoos have been a common occurrence over the past few years. Their design is one of uniqueness and ambiguity in many people’s eyes.

Their fluidity means there are plenty of different styles and ways of showing it off. The jellyfish also has an array of meanings and different levels of significance behind it, so it can be a very telling addition to one’s body. 

Typically the jellyfish is a symbol, in many eyes, of immortality.

They can clone themselves and pretty much restore themselves to their past self – so this provides people with the comfort of perpetuity and eternal existence.

They also represent elegance and tranquillity due to their nature and the way they go about their lives. 

When we see a person with a jellyfish tattoo, we can usually tell their personality pretty quickly. Most of these kinds of tattoos will be decorated in many colors in order to really emphasize their bright and outgoing personality. 

While a jellyfish may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly are a popular addition to one’s collection. Here are a few examples of the tattoos and the kinds of ideas that people all over the globe have conjured up: 

Traditional Jellyfish

With this piece, you have a pretty simple design, but one that is very satisfying on the eyes. The layers of the piece are perfectly in order and the colors are perfectly ordered.

The dimensions are all aligned as you’re left with a look that isn’t trailing off or looking unstructured.


Large Mazy Option That Runs Around Areas Of The Body 

The beauty of the jellyfish is that the tentacles and arms can stretch out to quite a large distance. If you’re ever looking for a tattoo that can cover multiple areas, then this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The arms and tentacles can somewhat imitate vines, branches, or stems of flowers. They can look as though they’re protecting and watching over areas such as the chest and arm(s). 


Jellyfish That Fits Around The Shoulder

The shoulder is always a popular place to receive a tattoo, and the versatile nature of a jellyfish means it can comfortably fit around it.

The bell of the jellyfish can sit on the deltoid area and the arms/tentacles can hang down the arm. The tattoo in general can be manipulated to follow the exact muscles of the shoulder!


Wrapping Around The Forearm 

This piece is simple yet very good-looking. Due to the nature of a jellyfish, you have an array of different colors to choose from – this example is, of course, a pretty violet.

Due to the flimsy and invertebrate structure, they can move around freely. This means the look of them wrapping around an arm looks very smooth and very natural. 


Free And Flowing On The Upper Back

A jellyfish posing freely on one’s back could signify that the eternal life it represents will always be watching over you.

Perhaps a sense of hope is there as life will always go on – with or without you.

Not only that, but this kind of design shows the creature seemingly active and in a positive frame, perhaps pointing towards a bubbly and outgoing persona.  

Extravagant And Colourful Hand Tattoo 

As we mentioned before, the array of colors on a jellyfish means you’ll be able to use your creativity and let your wild side out.

This particular design has a more hip vibe to it – as though the creature is more of an item than a living being. The arms and tentacles can flow down the fingers, too, so it all fits perfectly. 


Supplementing A Wider Sleeve Project 

The cool thing about the way they look is that they can blend seamlessly into other tattoos and supplement them well. Look at this example – it contrasts the sleeve excellently and has its own story.

Small Jellyfish Tattoo On The Foot –

Once again, we’re alluding to the versatile nature of the creature.

Because of its ability to seemingly morph into a situation and into any shape, you’ll be able to place this tattoo on most areas.

Feet are a wonderful idea as the pretty shape can, again, act like vines decorating the foot. 


Multiple, Tiny Jellyfish

Sticking with the theme of the jellyfish being inked onto feet, this design is a pretty cool one. It’s a cute, little piece that is obscure enough not to take all of the attention, but it’s noticeable.

As it’s at the bottom of the body, it sort of looks like they’re making their way up. Two creatures on a journey in this world. 

Enigmatic And Artsy Style

This piece is absolutely gorgeous. It stretches down the entirety of the leg and presents a wonderful set of colors from top to bottom.

It almost looks like an enigmatic piece of graffiti that an artist has displayed on a wall for all to see. The organs of the creature look like a bloomed flower showing off everything it has. It’s beautiful. 


Cartoonish And Friendly Style 

If you see yourself as quite a quirky and shy personality, then this would be a cute, little idea.

The unassuming and friendly image says a lot about the type of character you are. The ‘body of the jellyfish displays a pretty rainbow-colored line, which is a very aesthetically pleasing look. 


Extremely Realistic And Detailed Look 

Among a lot of these cartoonish and simple designs, we have a seriously realistic look. It almost looks like an alien ship landing from outer space.

It displays a very enigmatic look about it and will definitely catch the eye of anyone looking near that wonderful forearm piece.

Large Overbearing, Protective Look

Finally, we have a gigantic jellyfish covering the entirety of the back. If you feel as though you’d like something as significant as this, then you’ll be in for quite the sitting.

It’s detailed and it’s extremely telling of one’s personality. It’s like a protective shield or a specter watching over its custodian!


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