Jasmine Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Jasmine Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Jasmine flowers symbolize purity, femininity and inspiration among a whole host of other things. The flower is very commonly used in perfumes and associated with women as a popular female name.

Floral tattoos are not only very pretty to look at but they can also hide a great deal of symbolic meaning. They can be used to give the bearer strength in hard times, help them achieve something that they need to overcome or simply represent something or someone important in their life.

Jasmine is a very important flower in the world of perfumes and medicines but it is also a fantastic option for a floral tattoo due to the meanings behind it. Here we will explore everything you need to know about the Jasmine flower to help you decide if this is the right tattoo for you.


What is the History of Jasmine Tattoos?

Many botanists believe that Jasmine originally comes from Asia and was then spread to the Middle East by travellers before being shipped to Europe and the West for trade. 

The name is derived from Arabic (yasmin) meaning ” fragrant flower”, although some people contest this and argue that it means “gift from God”. 

By the time of 1000 BC the flower had become popular all over the world. 

Because the flower is so popular all over the world it has gained many different meanings in different cultures and religions for example, it holds various meanings in Hinduism that vary from those held in Christianity. 

Despite its popularity over the years in cultural traditions, medicines and even perfumes jasmine seems to have made its way into all walks of life as a staple and as a key figure in many art forms, all, that is, except for in the world of tattooing. 

Here it still seems as if the flower has a long way to go as its incredible meanings are slowly uncovered and its rich history and beauty are better understood. Hopefully, with time, it will come to gain the status with tattooing that it has earned in the rest of the world in other areas.


What Do Jasmine Symbolize?

Jasmine is not only revered for its beauty but it holds deep symbolic significance as well. There is a very wide range of things associated with this flower, the majority of which link back to femininity and beauty.

These meanings include feminine powers, love, beauty, purity, modesty, sensuality, inspiration, community, hospitality and spiritual ascension. 

One of the reasons why this flower has become associated with the idea of love and sensuality is because of its smell. Jasmine is simply intoxicating, just like love.

Additionally, the flower grows on a vine which symbolizes the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. 

Not only is this flower associated with purity because of its white coloring but also because of the fact that its oil can be used to help treat illnesses, connecting it to the idea of cleanliness.

The reason why jasmine symbolizes femininity and everything associated with it is because its medicinal properties are said to help relieve the pain of childbirth and the menstrual cycle. Holistic healers have also been known to say that the flower can help with fertility. 

The symbolism of modesty arises from the fact that the flower only blooms during the night.


What Do Jasmine Tattoos Mean?

When it comes to your jasmine tattoo there are many different meanings that it can hold. For example, you can choose your meaning depending on color or association with a culture. 

For example, if you opt for a white version of the flower then your tattoo will mean new beginnings and purity, as is common to most white flowers. It is the perfect symbol of a new marriage or a new baby.

The pink version means femininity, friendship and modesty and is a great way to add a feminine tattoo to your collection.

Orange jasmine is a more complex mix of red, orange and yellow patches on the petals and symbolizes health, vitality and overall wellness. 

The yellow version of this flower means joy and friendship but also holds the connotation, stemming from Victorian England, of victory, as the flower could withstand the harsher temperatures.


Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and integrity. If you are particularly spiritual then this is the perfect color option for you.

The purple petals symbolize spiritual enlightenment, wealth and royalty. It represents aiming for something better for yourself.

Besides the color meanings there are also different cultural meanings when it comes to jasmine tattoos.

For example, if you assume the Hindu meaning for the flower then it comes to mean spiritual ascension and love. In fact, garlands of the flower are placed around statues of the gods’ and goddesses’ necks. 

In Buddhism, the flower means devotion and purity. 

In Christianity, not only is the flower a symbol of purity and spirituality but also of femininity and modesty. For this reason it is often associated with the Virgin Mary.

In Islam, jasmine means healing and health. There is even a passage about the flower’s health benefits in the Qu’ran.


Where Do Jasmine Tattoos Usually Go?

Due to their long but slightly curved shape (as the tattoo commonly includes a small bunch of flowers, a few leaves and part of the stem) the tattoo is perfect for the forearm. It allows your artist to perfectly follow to contours of your arm and adapt your tattoo to suit you.

Of course, you can choose any placement that suits you. But remember that areas that are slightly curved will suit this type of tattoo best. So, for example, placements such as the front of the shoulder, back of the shoulder and ankle are also good spots.


Characteristics and Styles of Jasmine Tattoos

Because jasmine comes in so many colors there are many meanings behind them. Opting for a delicate color tattoo will allow you to choose the perfect meaning for you. Opt for a fine line version of the tattoo to really accentuate the delicateness and femininity of the flower.


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