Japanese Cloud Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Japanese Cloud Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Any depiction of clouds naturally indicates a connection with the sky, and in essence, an elevation to the heavens.

Clouds were used to represent peace and soundness in various traditions over the world.

It is not uncommon to find ancient paintings depicting God or divinity with thrones of clouds.

No matter where you find artwork or tattoo of clouds, one thing for sure is that it is going to be an awe-inspiring piece of art if done correctly.

Japanese Cloud Tattoo

The Japanese cloud imagery takes inspiration from the Asian conception of clouds and what they represent. It is not uncommon to find such cloud artworks with some spiral and colorful portrayals.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find a combination of Asian gods and mythical creatures connected to the skies, all depicted in the Japanese cloud tattoo.

Although you might find the traditional mono-colored options, most artists are not afraid to experiment with striking and catchy color combinations to add style, life, and personality to the tattoo.

The western world has embraced the Japanese cloud designs, usually depicting these artworks more realistically, and accompanying the moon, sun, or other heavenly creatures.

Meanings And Symbolism Of The Japanese Cloud Tattoo

Tattoos of clouds are increasingly becoming one of the most sought after in any part of the world. That is partly thanks to their almost endless design possibilities and symbolic meanings.

Whether you choose to use them on their own or as part of a larger scene or design, Japanese clouds can quickly transform a design while connoting various meanings.

When it comes to design, clouds offer several variations and styles your favorite tattoo artist can choose from to create the perfect piece for you.

In terms of meaning, the traditional Japanese clouds can signify anything from emotional and spiritual elevation to new heights in achievements.

But that’s not all; clouds do not always represent the nice and positive stuff – their meanings can get quite glooming too, as some people also use this artwork to describe the opposite of spiritual elevation.

For example, sometimes, people use clouds to symbolize misfortune and bad luck. That is especially the case if the artwork is accompanied by depictions of lightning or rain.

In Chinese culture, people used clouds to symbolize change at some point. In the Zen culture, they usually represent impermanence or detachment.

Significance Of The Designs

Japanese cloud tattoos can represent a unique balance between human emotions and intellect, especially when you combine it with the symbolism of water.

Depending on the extra elements you add to the design, clouds can also signify heaven in some cases.

However, this is not a common symbolism of the traditional Japanese cloud.

Most people prefer to add or depict the sun as part of the design, entirely or partially obscured by the clouds.

Such a design could mean that something remains covered in mystery, hidden wholly or partially from human comprehension.

As we already mentioned, you can use clouds to represent so many things, depending on where you are or your beliefs.

The significance of a Japanese cloud tattoo can range from a symbol of a person’s heritage to a tribute to a loved one. Other noteworthy meanings of clouds include the following;

● A sense of transformation or transition
● A memory of a loved one
● Unveiled mysteries and secrets
● Remembrance of past hard, difficult, or dark times in life
● An expression of religious or spiritual faith
● A sign of personal growth

However, just like any other tattoo, clouds can also hold a personal significance or meaning to you beyond those already mentioned in this article.

It is important to note that yours should offer unique significance to you at the end of the day – one that makes yours different from others and gives you pride.

That means you’re free to modify the design and add symbols in ways that speak personally to you.

Japanese Cloud Styles

Depending on what you want your cloud tattoo to reflect, there are a variety of styles and designs you can choose from. Here are some of the most common styles you will find.

Rain and cloud design:

It is probably safe to assume that every human life goes through moments of dark, challenging, and trying times.

Everybody faces one challenge or another at certain points in their lives, and being able to sail through life’s storms and make out to the other side is always an achievement worth celebrating.

If you’re fortunate enough to experience and survive tough times, you can use the rain and cloud tattoo design to indicate your triumph over adversity.

Stars and cloud tattoo design:

Many people believe that every human has a star up there. Some people use the stars and cloud design to represent loved ones that have passed away.

The number of stars you decide to add to your cloud design may depend on the number of lost loved ones you want to pay tribute to.

Stars also represent the zodiac sign of some people, while others consider it a constellation of meaning.

Angel on a cloud or with cloud tattoo design:

People use angels to signify the supernatural presence, either looking down, protecting, or offering guidance.

You can add an angel to your cloud design to indicate or express this faith in the supernatural in your unique way.

This design also serves as a constant reminder that someone is always watching over you – whether in the form of a guardian angel or the unseen presence of a lost loved one.

The styles and design elements are almost endless, depending on the message you want to send across or what your tattoo means to you.

Some prefer to combine their Japanese cloud designs with other heavenly presence like the moon or the sun.

The sun always indicates light, life, and new chances.

No matter what combination your choose, the most important thing is to ensure that you get a skilled artist to make your tat look as good as you want it to.


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