Jackalope Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings, & More

Jackalope Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings, & More

Mythical creatures have been the subject of tattoos for as long as the art has existed, with a jackalope being a popular mythical creature for the medium. There is a lot of mythology surrounding the jackalope, making it a truly intriguing creature. 

The jackalope, which bears resemblance to a rabbit with antelope antlers, has a plethora of stories that have been passed down through generations that possess multiple meanings that could resonate with many people.

What Is the History of Jackalopes?

For those who appreciate taxidermy, the jackalope is but one of the animals created in the field thanks to two American hunters in the 1930s.

They put a depiction of a jackalope together using a jackrabbit and deer antlers. They began selling them, contributing to a rise in popularity of the mythical creature for those possibly not familiar with the stories about them.


For many, these would be the first depictions they would be exposed to, inspiring many tattoos and other works of art based on the taxidermy.

This has led to the jackalope being declared as Wyoming’s mythical state animal, given that these hunters were from Douglas, Wyoming.

North American Mythology

While most believe the jackalope was invented by the two hunters from Wyoming, it has also been suggested that the jackalope indeed traces back to the North American mythological creature known as Manabozho.

This rabbit deity was known to be quite mischievous, defensive, and dangerous. This was only when he was being protective, however.

Otherwise, he would share his vast medical knowledge with humans he interacted with, as they are known as being able to talk with people.


A Fearsome Critter

A fearsome critter is a creature that is known to be able to get the attention of humans through replicating their voices. It is said that these creatures can often be heard in desolate camping areas. The jackalope is known as one such creature.

According to some legends, in order to stop a jackalope from attacking you, you can give them some whiskey to help calm them down. Otherwise, they might charge you with their antlers.

Legends Of The Horned Rabbit

Many centuries ago, countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa all had their own sightings of horned rabbits. These horned rabbits, while not anatomically the same as the jackalope, were depicted in many works of art dating back to the 13th century.

Being that so many sightings were reported of these horned rabbits, it was believed for the longest time that such a creature existed. However, no scientific data on record verifies this to be true.

That being said, there is a known condition that impacts some rabbits called Shope Papilloma Virus, which causes growths that look similar to horns to grow on a rabbit’s head and body.


What Does Jackalope Tattoos Symbolize?

The Fighter

A jackalope can be a symbol of a ruthless fighter, being that they are said to be able to fight away almost any hunter or person who is trying to catch them. Their spirit is strong, and they will use any amount of force needed to evade capture.

The jackalope can also stand up for themselves when needed, and will not back down from doing so. This can be an inspiring trait for many who have had to learn these particular skills.

The Smart Creature

Jackalopes, in just about any story featuring them, are regarded as very intelligent creatures that are able to communicate with and imitate humans.

This works to their advantage in many ways, whether they are looking for amusement by toying with humans’ fear, or trying to navigate through interactions with dangerous humans.

Jackalopes are also able to think very quickly and make snap decisions, especially when their survival is on the line.


They are able to observe their surroundings as needed in order to know how to make their next move. If you are an observant person who enjoys analyzing human behavior, a jackalope makes an ideal tattoo.

The Powerful Female

Jackalopes can also be a symbol for powerful feminine energy. This is due to the stories about a female jackalope’s milk. It’s said that this milk is both an aphrodisiac and a miracle substance with multiple medicinal benefits.

The legend is so strong that many have created their own milky concoctions and marketed them as jackalope milk, to varied amounts of success.

The Epiphany

Jackalopes are mythologized to only be able to mate when there is a lightning storm, which has fed into their elusiveness. This idea has been extrapolated into a jackalope being able to symbolize a flash of inspiration or creativity hitting you like an epiphany.


This can make a jackalope an excellent tattoo idea for those who enjoy being creative and whimsical, and enjoy finding rare sources of artistic expression and inspiration.

Overcoming Temptations

As mentioned, the only thing that can throw a jackalope off their game is whiskey. Otherwise, these creatures are very instinctual, disciplined, and witty.

If you are one looking for a tattoo that symbolizes your journey to overcome temptations or vices in your own life, the jackalope would be a very fitting choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If Jackalopes Aren’t Real, How Do We Know What They Look Like?

The jackalope is not a real animal, but there is some consensus on what the mythical creature should look like. That being said, creative interpretations can be fun to explore.

Q: Are Jackalope Tattoos Popular?

Jackalopes can make for very interesting tattoos, given that the mythical creature allows for many different meanings and can symbolize many things. Given that the animal isn’t real, one can take many artistic liberties with the finished tattoo.


Q: Where Does The Name Jackalope Come From?

The term actually comes from the jackrabbit and the antelope being combined into one word. The inspiration is fitting given the similarities between the jackrabbit and the jackalope’s mythical appearance.

Q: What Kind Of Antlers Are Jackalopes Supposed To Have?

The jackalope can have either deer antlers or antelope antlers. Most depictions will have deer antlers, being that they are more recognizable.

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