20 [Adorable] Jack Russell Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

20 [Adorable] Jack Russell Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Your Jack Russel terrier is a smart little guy or gal with a lot of personality. What better way to memorialize it then with body art? 

Today we’re going to take a look at a number of body art images where someone has done exactly that. 

As you can see, it’s some amazing work and a great remembrance for some amazing dogs.

Let’s take a peek and you can see for yourself!

1. Small Jack Russell Tattoo

This little guy has a lot of spirit and doesn’t take up much space at all. 

A small Jack Russel tattoo like this takes very little time, but it can commemorate a lifetime quite effectively. 

Just look at all of the personality that the artist has captured here and you can see it with your own eyes. This was a special little dog.

Small Jack Russell Tattoo

2. Traditional Jack Russell Tattoo

Here we have a little portrait of a Jack Russel with their best friend and it’s absolutely adorable. 

With the flower and the stylized depiction, it takes a simple work and elevates it to the perfect message. 

These are two characters who share a special love and special lives together and are absolutely inseparable – as shown through the power of ink.   

Traditional Jack Russell Tattoo

3. Fine Line Jack Russell Tattoo

With the tilted head and the depicted shake of the paw, so much personality is conveyed. 

A fine line Jack Russell like this really shows how you can take a simple concept and say everything that you need.

With a look at it, you can get a taste of the personality that the owner is trying to capture, and it makes this tattoo takes up much more space than the skin it’s been placed on.

Fine Line Jack Russell Tattoo

4. Cute Jack Russell Tattoo

This adorable little fellow has a great mix of color and fine lines and we have to say, it’s quite the cute and fitting memorial. 

Sometimes a portrait-quality tattoo gets all of the cuteness and personality and perfectly preserves it for all of time. This is definitely one of those cases.

Cute Jack Russell Tattoo

5. Jack Russell Puppies Tattoo

Sometimes we raise our best friends with friends of their own, and this beautiful pair of Jack Russel puppies in this tattoo is a great example of two little best friends caught in the ‘amber’ of body art and kept forever.

You could use a tattoo like this to save Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, or Shih Tzu… it works with any breed and it definitely has gravity to all who can see it.

Jack Russell Puppies Tattoo

6. Origami Jack Russell Tattoo

Getting abstract with your tattoo really brings a lot of style into your art and this origami Jack Russel tattoo is definitely no disappointment in this regard.

 You’ve got the basic shape captured masterfully and dashes of color to let you know the breed of that special animal you want to remember.

It’s quite the classy work of art for remembering your furry little best friend!

Origami Jack Russell Tattoo

7. White Jack Russell Tattoo

Here we have a name and a face and you can tell right away that this little guy was very special to someone. 

A white Jack Russell tattoo like this one skips right to the point—it’s a memorial and quite a fitting one for that little friend who always had time for their owner and who never willingly left their side.

White Jack Russell Tattoo

8. Jack Russell Dotwork Tattoo

Here we have another example of some fine artwork with this Jack Russell dotwork tattoo. 

Photorealistic tattoos can sometimes be too hard to wear and by breaking down the art into a more basic form we can keep things recognizable without letting them be too painful.

It also has a style of it’s own, just as our dogs have their own distinctive personalities, and that’s a hard thing to communicate to the world when you’ve known it so well firsthand.

Jack Russell Dotwork Tattoo

9. Watercolour Jack Russell Tattoo

With eye-catching purples and blues, this little dog really sticks out, and it’s almost what they are like in real-life. 

People who aren’t dog lovers don’t quite get just how personable these little furry friends can be, and it’s really larger than life.

A watercolour Jack Russel tattoo like this one goes a long way towards communicating just how strong and sassy these tiny personalities can be!

Watercolour Jack Russell Tattoo

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10. Jack Russell Paw Print Tattoo

A pawprint is like a human footprint, wending it’s way through our lives, and it’s a much less painful way to remember them than a photorealistic or even obscure depiction. 

It also has a heavy message, that wherever we have walked, these prints were always beside us and it’s something that the wearer of this tattoo obviously wished to say and to keep.

Jack Russell Paw Print Tattoo

11. Jack Russell Face Tattoo

Those little faces mean so much. Waking us in the morning and playing with us when we are sad. A Jack Russell face tattoo like this preserves a beloved face and saves it for all time.

Whether you have a Jack Russell of your own that you wish to remember, a Bichon Frise, or another breed, a tattoo like this lets you always remember what your best friend looks like.

Jack Russell Face Tattoo

12. Black and White Jack Russell Tattoo

You don’t need a loud and colorful tattoo to make a statement and the black and white Jack Russell in this picture makes a fine statement in this regard. 

The contrast of dots and bold lines makes all of the statement that is needed, holding fast a personality that obviously meant the world to someone.

When you look at it, you can immediately tell that this was a dog that everyone would love to know but only one person got to keep.

Black and White Jack Russell Tattoo

13. Old School Jack Russell Tattoo

Stylized directly from a portrait, this old school Jack Russell tattoo has taken a picture and made it into something more, much like the dog itself has done with their owner. 

These little animals are so unique and loving, it’s hard to communicate this to the world, but with some color and a flower this simple little portrait really gets the message across.

Old School Jack Russell Tattoo

14. Jack Russell Portrait Tattoo

Here we have a portrait quality tattoo that the wearer has drawn on their own or had commissioned, and it’s not overly complicated or colorful but you can see the important things that need to be seen in the art.

The wistful look of this puppy in this Jack Russell portrait tattoo is captured perfectly, as if in ice, and there to keep as the years pass by.

Jack Russell Portrait Tattoo

15. Simple Jack Russell Tattoo

With an outline and a little basic color, this simple Jack Russell tattoo really packs a pop without taking up a lot of space. 

Smaller tattoos like this let us remember someone special fondly while keeping it private, and you really have to appreciate the mix of subtlety and significance involved.

Simple Jack Russell Tattoo

16. Minimalist Jack Russell Tattoo

Another example of ‘less is more’, this minimalist Jack Russell tattoo catches a canine face and pose with a graceful minimalism that doesn’t seem to take from its personality at all. 

Sometime the best way to say what you want is to keep it brief, and this tattoo accomplishes the task in spades!

Minimalist Jack Russell Tattoo

17. Geometric Jack Russell Tattoo

Some people like to ‘say it in symmetry’, and this is a piece of body art that gets the job done and does it with style. 

You can still see the personality overflowing from this dog who obviously was or is still quite important to someone, but it’s been expressed abstractly and with a touch of style.

All you can do is look upon it, smile, and say a silent ‘bravo’.

Geometric Jack Russell Tattoo

18. Cartoon Jack Russell Tattoo

You don’t always have to wax so serious with a memorial and this cartoon Jack Russell Terrier tattoo really does a lot. 

You can instantly see what a whimsical creature that this was and its playful nature is almost perfectly captured and honored. 

Onlookers will smile while the wearer can effectively remember, and sometimes that’s exactly what you want in a memorial.

Cartoon Jack Russell Tattoo

19. Neo Traditional Jack Russell Tattoo

Dogs have distinctive styles and a neo traditional Jack Russell tattoo like this might be the perfect fit for your own body art. 

With the strong lines, the form is captured, and with the color the personality is expressed in a way that you couldn’t really do in another fashion.

Definitely significant art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Neo Traditional Jack Russell Tattoo

20. Jack Russell Tattoo on Finger

Some of us prefer to keep our hearts close and quiet, and while a finger tattoo is a pretty bold statement, a Jack Russell tattoo on the finger like this with a minimalist design helps to make the statement that this animal was important, but the details are no one’s business but your own!

The combination of location and a minimalist statement really make for an amazing tattoo, don’t you think?

Jack Russell Tattoo on Finger
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