Ivy Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Ivy Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Ivy has long since been a pattern used for decorative purposes and this can be seen dating back to ancient times.

Long before tattoos were even invented, Ivy was used to decorate homes, doors and external architecture such as walls and fences.

Ivy tattoos are one of the most popular choices and it can be designed either as a plain vine, or decorated with beautiful flowers and other plants such as roses or lilies. Here we look into the history and symbolism of ivy tattoos.

What is an Ivy tattoo?

An Ivy tattoo is one of the most popular decorative tattoos and can be used in many ways.

It is a very versatile tattoo that looks great on any part of the body as the shape can be designed to compliment the area you are getting tattooed.

They can easily be customized depending on whether they are being done on a female or male body and can either be a traditional shape, wrapped round the arm (for example) or be used to create other shapes such as animals which can be composed of vines.


The original name of ivy is Hedera and there are around 12-15 different species, some with larger leaves, some with smaller and some with fruit, flowers and different structures.

What is the meaning of an Ivy tattoo?

Ivy tattoos have many different meanings and it is this symbolism which makes people choose to get this type of tattoo.

Some of the most popular tattoo meanings include spiritual growth, christianity, resurrection, death, determination, fertility and good luck.

In the olden times, ivy used to be worn in weddings as a symbol of friendship, love and longevity. It was viewed as a positive omen and to bring the wearer luck and a long, happy marriage.


It also represents fertility which is another reason that it was worn at weddings and it was hoped to bring the couple a greater chance of bearing a child.

Greeks and Romans used to wear ivy in their chaplets which was a head garland in times of rejoicing and celebration, thanks to the positive associations with it such as immortality, love and friendship.

It was also used as a symbol of Bacchus (the Roman version of Dionysus) to ensure that the wearer would not become intoxicated.

The Egyptians viewed it as an association with Osiris who was resurrected from the dead and therefore saw it as a symbol of this.

This shows the vast number of associations and meanings behind it and that it has been a symbol of great importance all throughout history.


Vines are generally perceived as a symbol of harmony and growth and this derives from Jude-Christian traditions and beliefs.

Vines were said to have been cultivated by Noah in the wake of the flood, showing how dedicated he was to the plant and how much he valued it.

Vines and ivy make many appearances in the bible, most notably the new testament.

What designs can you get with an Ivy tattoo?

When it comes to ivy tattoos, the options are endless. There are so many different designs and styles that you can choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your style and preferences.

It can be difficult when trying to decide exactly what tattoo you want as it is something that will be on your skin for life.

It is because of this that you want to make sure it is the right decision for you and one that you will love and cherish for years to come.

One of the best things about ivy tattoos is that they are so versatile and can be constantly added to or adapted should you wish to change it.


There are a whole range of different combinations of styles you can use for your tattoo. You could choose to have a simple thread of ivy (and there are many types of ivy to pick from within this.)

Or you could have multiple pieces of ivy entwined to create a shape, letter or word. You could also have it wrapped around another symbol or design.

If you have a date of importance, or perhaps a family member’s name that you want tattooed, it can be a nice idea to have this wrapped in ivy to really make it stand out.

If you are looking for a larger, more statement tattoo, you can have the ivy covering a larger area, such as your back, and then decorated with flowers.

One such flower that works well with ivy tattoos is the orchid. This can be done in many different colours and sizes, all depending on your preference.


You could have small flowers dotted on it, or have it surrounded by other symbols or nature such as butterflies or leaves.

Lilies, roses and iris are all other popular types of flower that you can put with your ivy tattoo and it is worth taking a look and doing your research to find the best type of flower to suit.

The ivy can be very detailed or more plain and can be done in a range of colours and shades, or it can be black and white.

No matter what you choose, it is one of the most effective and eye-catching tattoo designs on the market and you are sure to find a whole host of ideas that you love when it comes to getting this tattoo.


This information above showcases the beauty of ivy and just why it is one of the most popular tattoo choices.

It is something that you can completely tailor to yourself, your tastes and your style, with it being as small or as large as you want.

No matter if you wanted it to be a small piece of ivy on your finger or a large pattern of entwining vines on your back, the options are endless.

Just make sure that you do your research and find which design, colours and patterns is the best for you.

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