Infinity Tattoo: History, Meanings & Designs

Infinity Tattoo: History, Meanings & Designs

You’re probably familiar with the infinity symbol and some of its popular meanings. But if you’re considering getting it as a tattoo, what are some meanings that you can associate with it?

Infinity symbols usually represent something that is going to be infinite or Everlasting. Most of the time, this has to do with never ending a life cycle or can have strong ties to spirituality, faith, and mythology. Incorporating other elements like flowers or shapes can change the specific meaning of your tattoo.

Let’s discover some of the popular meanings behind infinity symbols and the different characteristics you can incorporate into your tattoo to make the meaning unique to you.

What is the History of Infinity Tattoos?

The infinity symbol first appears in a 17th-century treatise by John Wallis on conic sections. It’s a universal symbol in mathematics for infinity or eternity as it is a never-ending eight-curve or lemniscate.

It’s hard to say when exactly the infinity symbol started to become popular with tattoos as it’s been around for a long time. Still, it reached its peak popularity in the late 2000s, especially among teens and younger people.


What Do Infinity Tattoos Symbolize?

Infinity symbols are prevalent in almost all cultures, and they can carry many meanings but generally symbolizes something to do with timelessness. While you get to be the one that chooses what you were infinity tattoo means, here are some of the most popular meanings that they can have.

Balance and Divine Oneness

Many people associate infinity symbols with Divine Oneness, a universal law of accepting your place within the cycle of life. The law of divine Oneness is about finding balance and harmony with yourself and the world around you. There’s an implication that all actions have ripples.

Eternal Love

It’s common for someone to get an infinity tattoo representing eternal love. This could be a soulmate couple who decide to get matching infinity symbol tattoos, or it can be an everlasting love between family members, siblings, or friends. It can even be associated with a beloved pet.

Limitless Possibilities

Another meaning for infinity tattoos is infinite possibilities you can get through your connection to the universe. Someone may associate that meaning at some point in their life, believing they couldn’t accomplish their dreams but eventually realize that anything was possible.



The infinity symbol also has a lot of connections to religions that believe in rebirth and reincarnation, from Buddhism to Hinduism to many other spiritual beliefs. The infinity tattoo usually symbolizes that the soul itself never dies but instead is part of this endless life cycle of rebirth. It also serves as a reminder of karmic faith, which is part of many religions that believe in reincarnation.

Luck ; Abundance

The infinity symbol is also closely associated with the number 8, which in numerology means good luck and represents physical abundance and  Infinite Wisdom. Someone who chooses to get this tattoo as a spiritual person may want to have it as a reminder that 8 is their life path number. Some may also choose an infinity tattoo because the number eight is a lucky number.


What Do Infinity Tattoos Mean?

Your infinity tattoo means whatever you need it to. This can be rebirth or be associated with love or knowledge; it could even be luck or abundance in terms of endless possibilities. Usually, the meaning of the tattoo changes by incorporating other elements like flowers or colors.

Characteristics and Styles of Infinity Tattoos

The infinity sign is a pretty easy tattoo to have a standalone with the figure 8 pattern. However, incorporating other elements is a great way to add different layers to what this specific infinity tattoo means to you.


The most famous combination with an infinity symbol is adding feathers, this is closely related to the Native American culture, where feathers represent trust, honor, wisdom, and Power. Incorporating the feather into an infinity symbol represents that you have an infinite connection with the universe.

The type of feathers also has meanings as each bird has a different association.

Words ; Shapes

If you decide to get your tattoo as a connection to a family member, loved one, or friend, you may want to ask to incorporate their name or initials into the overall design. Some people even choose to get the names of a deceased loved one to show that their bond is forever. You can also get words that resonate with you, such as freedom, peace, or love.

You can also add shapes like hearts or peace signs to show other specific meanings.


Flowers have a lot of different meanings, so incorporating a flower with your infinity symbol can help to integrate specific meanings that you like, such as love or creation or even strength and resilience.

Having an Infinity with a rose flower may represent infinite love. Do some research into the different meanings of flowers, or pick a flower that has some significant meaning to you.


Where Do Infinity Tattoos Usually Go?


If you want your infinity tattoo to remind you of some of the specific meanings you have for it, then it should be somewhere on your wrist or forearm so you can easily see it.

Ankle or Foot

If you want your infinity tattoo to represent balance or grounding and placing it on your ankle or foot can be very symbolic of that overall meaning.

Ring or Wedding Finger

If you want your tattoo to represent an infinite love for a romantic partner, having it on your ring finger or wedding finger is an excellent way of connecting those meanings. You may even decide to get a matching set with your partner.


Infinity symbols mean something endless, whether that is love or connections with specific people. It could even be a spiritual belief that you are one with the universe or the Creator and continuously reborn. They can even represent a connection to ancestors and Spirit guides. But ultimately, the meaning of your infinity tattoo is up to you and what you choose to associate with it.

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