I Am Enough Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

I Am Enough Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Sometimes the only way to truly express how you’re feeling is through a tattoo. And if it’s a tattoo that helps you to be more body positive and that helps with your mental health, then that’s even better.

Getting a tattoo is always a commitment, so choosing wisely is crucial.

But when you find the right one and you work hard with your tattoo artist to make it entirely your own, something special happens; that tattoo can define you in many wonderful ways. 

I Am Enough is a body positive tattoo that has plenty of meaning, and that meaning can differ from person to person, but it’s something that, if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, should be considered mainly because it does have so much symbolism behind it. Here are some of the details about why I Am Enough is one of the best tattoos you can choose. 

What Is An I Am Enough Tattoo?

Explaining exactly what an I Am Enough tattoo is is both very easy and extremely difficult. In its simplest form, the tattoo literally spells out the words ‘I am enough’ on the skin.

Yet because this can be done in countless different ways, using variations in color, font, size, with additions such as flowers or skulls or hearts or anything else your mind can come up with, the potential for what such a tattoo could look like is limitless.

This is why coming up with the idea that you want to have a tattoo that says I Am Enough is one thing, but it’s nowhere near what your tattoo artist needs to create something special.


A tattoo like this isn’t just a string of random words.

Those words have a huge amount of weight and meaning behind them, and they will have a particular significance to the person getting the tattoo.

If you think I Am Enough is the right choice for you at this stage in your life, then coming up with how those words will be adorned is crucial; those extra elements will tell your story too, even if you’re the only one who knows that that story truly is. 

The Meaning Of An I Am Enough Tattoo

Just as there are dozens – hundreds, even thousands – of designs that an I Am Enough tattoo could utilize, there are also many different meanings.

The one that most are drawn to, the reason why people might choose such text in the first place, is that they have had struggles in the past, and they now realize that they were everything they needed all along.

Anyone in their life who was abusive, who didn’t believe in them, who ignored them, who hurt them in any way wasn’t important in the end. They didn’t matter. Because I AM ENOUGH. 

Or perhaps the meaning of I Am Enough for you is about not having to prove yourself to anyone or anything. You are you, and you are enough.


Everything you do, every decision you make, as long as you’re making it for the right reasons, will be a good thing and a good choice. 

When you see someone with an I Am Enough tattoo, they are bravely declaring to the world that they have been through something and that they have come out the other side stronger.

They have also come out the other side having learned something, and that something is: I Am Enough. It’s no wonder that people want to have this permanently inked into their skin; if there was ever an important lesson to learn, this has to be it.

When it’s written on your arm, leg, chest, or anywhere else, and you can see it all the time, you’ll never forget what happened, and you’ll never forget that I Am Enough.

If anything, this kind of tattoo is supremely, and perhaps even uniquely, empowering

A Tattoo For The Modern World 

The modern world is a strange one. We’re subjected to the ‘ideals of beauty’ at all turns, and we’re expected to live up to those ideals.

If we don’t, if we’re not quite ‘right’ and we don’t match up to the images we see in movies, on TV, on social media, or even in magazines, then it is easy to feel as though you might not be enough. 

Tattooing I Am Enough on your body is a great reminder that none of this matters. Happiness is what matters. Living your own life is what matters.


Striving to be the best you can be is what matters – no matter what that best might look like to others.

But worrying about what other people think of us and trying to live up to ideals that don’t really exist is not what matters.

A tattoo reminding you – and anyone else who sees it – of that might be exactly what is needed. This tattoo is something everyone should be able to understand – we are all enough in whatever way that makes sense to us. 

But as well as this, this particular tattoo is an ideal one for the modern world in other ways too.


It’s short and sharp and concise, just like a Twitter or Facebook post would be, and it’s something that can be shared.

The idea of it, the look of it, the meaning behind it, all the symbolism that those three words – I Am Enough – bring with them is something we can all enjoy, understand, and follow. 


Having the confidence to get an I Am Enough tattoo is half the battle won already. It’s hard to be human at times, but being at ease with yourself makes the fight so much more worthwhile.

With this tattoo, you really are taking a stand, defying the world, and telling everyone that you are enough. 

No matter what the reason behind the tattoo might be, getting it is an inspiring and important act and one that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

If you feel that I Am Enough sums up your life and your feelings, this is the tattoo for you. 


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