Huginn and Muninn Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Huginn and Muninn Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Huginn and Muninn have become very popular in recent years. The two ravens are known for bringing stories to the god Odin, who sits on his throne, Hlidskjalf, and looks into all worlds.

They carry messages that they see or hear from these worlds back to Odin, who then decides what he wants done about them. This blog post discusses;

  • Huginn and Muninn tattoo meanings
  • Their importance in Norse mythology and other cultures around the world.

Huggin and Munnin Symbolism Meaning and Significance

Their name means thought and memory, respectively, in Norse mythology.

Huginn is the raven of thought, and Munnin is the raven of memory in Norse lore, with some sources claiming that they are two parts of one whole being.

The significance of these birds as symbols is evident in their role within Norse folklore and other cultures around the world. For example, in Celtic mythology, they were often depicted as a single bird.


They would fly over the earth each day and drop pieces of wisdom to those below, acting as intermediaries between people and the divine. 

In some cultures, these ravens symbolize gatekeepers that open up spiritual pathways for shamans or psychopomps who guide souls into their next life.

Other Symbols They Represent

According to legend, Huginn and Muninn also come from a time before humans existed when Ymir was still alive.

They are said to have fed on the blood of Ymir, and this is why they know everything that happens in every corner of the world. In other cultures, such as Celtic, these ravens represent guardianship or death.

Their ability to see all that happens is a metaphor for wisdom gained through experience – the more you look around and observe your surroundings, the wiser you become about them.

Design Ideas for Huginn and Munnin Tattoos

The most simple way to design a Huginn and Munnin tattoo is with just two ravens, either side by side or one on top of the other.


They are also often done in black ink but can be colored as well. The crow’s feathers may have different colors as there are many varied opinions about what they looked like.

More Design Ideas Include

A Huginn and Munnin tattoo with a Celtic Cross – The ravens are thought to be the gatekeepers for shamans and psychopomps as well, so this is an appropriate design idea if you want that symbolism included in your tattoo.

The other option would be using two or more ravens but merging them into one design.

The Significance of Huginn and Munnin Tattoos

They are a symbol for protection against those who would do you harm, as well as wisdom and knowledge.

In addition, these ravens represent death and guardianship in other cultures worldwide, so they can commemorate people who have passed on or provide guidance for life after death.

The Importance of Huginn and Munnin Tattoos

The word “Huginn” in Old Norse means “thought.” Thought is subjective to the person who has it and what they are thinking about.

Moods, events, or other people’s thoughts can affect the meaning of thought, which can cause emotional distress when one feels their thoughts don’t align with their own.


The word “Muninn” in Old Norse means “memory.” Memory is an essential aspect of personality and self-identity, which can affect how you view the world around you from moment to moment.

Everyone is different because of what they remember and how they remember it.

The tattoo is also a symbol of luck and protection. Huginn and Muninn are guardians against being deceived or duped; they warn heroes of danger by remembering past failures to avoid future mistakes.

They often appear as ravens because of their connection to wisdom.

The popularity of the Tattoo

The popularity of the Huginn and Muninn tattoos increased in the 1990s because of Norse mythology and comics.

The raven has been a symbol of human intelligence for centuries, usually associated with the god Odin or his two companions Huginn and Munin (thought and memory).

Intelligent people who want a reminder that they can always rely on themselves for knowledge often wear raven tattoos.

The raven is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and protection.

In Norse mythology, Huginn (thought) and Munnin (memory) are two ravens who fly around the world bringing news to Odin about what they see.

Sometimes you will find third bird in these tattoos representing different meanings such as intelligence or luck.

Birds are often used in tattoos because they represent freedom of thought.

This is a tattoo for people who don’t want to be seen as average or ordinary but instead are looking for something special and unique that will set them apart from everyone else.

Where To Get a Hugin and Muninn Tattoo:

The huginn and muninn tattoo is available on the back of a hand, forearm, or shoulder.

It’s essential to make sure you can see your tattoo when opting for this placement because it’s not always easily seen in other places like the feet, chest, or neckline.


In addition, the arm tattoos don’t show up as well with clothing.

Cost of the Tattoo

The cost of the tattoo will vary, but it usually costs around $150.

Tips on How To Care for Your Tattoo

The Huginn and Muninn tattoo is a black ink design, so it’s essential to ensure you’re not scrubbing too hard when cleaning your tattoo.

You should use warm water, antibacterial soap if needed and pat the area dry with a clean towel or paper towel without rubbing.

It’s also advisable that you apply an ointment like A&D ointment or aloe vera gel to keep the area moisturized.

Who Should Get This Tattoo?

People who are intelligent and have an interest in the Norse gods would be interested in this tattoo.

You can get the Huginn and Muninn tattoo on your hand, arm, or shoulder, where you will see it all of the time, not just when wearing clothing that shows off tattoos. 

People who like Norse mythology, birds, and symbols of intelligence would also be interested in getting a Huginn and Muninn tattoo.


The raven has been making appearances in the art for centuries as the symbol of wisdom because it’s believed to have an extraordinary memory that helps humans keep track of time.

They are also known for being clever problem-solvers.


This blog post has provided a brief history of the Huginn and Muninn tattoo, as well as its symbolism. You may have heard that it is associated with death or mourning; however, this is not always true.

It can also symbolize memory, wisdom, or knowledge – depending on how you choose to wear your Norse tattoo.

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