Honeycomb Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Honeycomb Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The honeycomb is one of the most popular geometric tattoos that people select. Not only does its geometric shape make these tattoos captivating to look at, but they are also filled with meaning and purpose that date back thousands of years.

These tattoos can be associated with many meanings, ranging from a love of bees to fertility. In other words, these geometric tattoos can match many styles and meanings.

To learn more about the meaning behind honeycomb tattoos, keep reading. This article fully dives into their symbolism, history, and more.

What Is the History of Honeycomb Tattoos?

Honeycombs have been at the center of myth and lore for centuries. As you know, honeycombs are produced by bees. Bees have long been a symbol of fertility, royalty, and power.

Practically every culture in the world has some myths surrounding bees. Hindus, Mayans, Egyptians, and ancient Greeks all worshiped bees to some degree.


Because of the status of bees, honeycombs have played an important part in society as well. Honey was often gifted and viewed as a gift of immortality. If the honey was given inside the comb, it was viewed as a gift of sophistication.

Ever since tattoos have become so popular, the honeycomb has been a favorite design. Honeycombs have such a beautiful geometric shape, which is popular in the modern era. They can also be designed to match many styles and patterns.

As there has been a decline in the bee population, these tattoos have become even more popular. These tattoos are almost always associated with bees directly. Hence, individuals who love bees get honeycomb tattoos as a way to show their support of the insect.

What Do Honeycombs Symbolize?

Honeycombs have come to symbolize a lot of things. Much like the descriptions above, the combs often symbolize bees, fertility, immortality, cooperation, and even inventiveness. Let’s take a closer look at these different symbols.



The importance of bees cannot be understated. Bees are top pollinators, allowing us to have the fruits, vegetables, and plants our planet needs to survive.

For centuries, bees have been revered by rulers, religious leaders, and even philosophers. For example, certain Hindu traditions try to mimic the bee buzzing sound as a chant.

As the population of bees has been decreasing, more and more individuals have become passionate about saving these beloved creatures. Not only do they deserve life, but they are absolutely necessary for our life to continue.


One of the most common symbols is fertility. In case you are unaware, the honeycomb is where bees come back to reproduce.

Dating back to ancient times, bees and honeycombs were associated with fertility to the point that they were incorporated into fertility rituals.


Although the combs are not used in fertility rituals today, one of these tattoos can symbolize the pride you feel about your children or your femininity.


The ancient Greeks specifically believed that bees and their creations were connected to immortality. To an extent, they were right. It is only through bees and their pollination that the world as we know it can continue.

Although we know that bees and honeycombs don’t lead to literal immortality, its tattoo can help you symbolize the preservation of youth and a love of life.


Bees are renowned for their fantastic means of cooperation. The beehive is just one example of this. Not to mention, the individual honeycombs within the hive fit together so perfectly that the design represents cooperation.

Whether you want your tattoo to represent universal unity or your open mind, the cooperation rooted in the beehive can represent just that.



The beehive is an example of how nature knows best. The honeycomb allows bees to survive and has just the perfect shape to contain honey and resist the elements. Yet, bees have been making the beehive for centuries, and without modern science.

Because of the genius behind the beehive, you can use a honeycomb tattoo to represent inventiveness. Just as bees use it to further their species, you might be inventing things in your life to further your home, family, or the human race.

What Do Honeycomb Tattoos Mean?

There are tons of meanings you can attribute to a honeycomb tattoo, most of which are positive, but some meanings can be negative too. Here is a look at all of the different meanings that the tattoo may represent:

Positive Meanings

  • Bees
  • Fertility
  • Immortality
  • Cooperation
  • Inventiveness
  • Wealth
  • Resilience
  • Hard work
  • Commitment

Negative Meanings

  • Death of bees
  • Devastation of planet

Characteristics and Styles of Honeycomb Tattoos

Honeycomb tattoos are almost always geometric. This is due to the geometric nature of this design. Some tattoos will take the geometric design to its fullest extent so that it looks modern and fresh, whereas others stick to a realistic rendition of the hive.

For realistic renditions, bees are often placed overtop the honeycomb. This is especially true when the tattoo is meant to symbolize bees and their power on the planet.

In comparison, more geometric styles tend to have black and white coloration so that the tattoo can be matched with other meanings and tattoos.

Where Do Honeycomb Tattoos Usually Go?

Honeycomb tattoos are almost always on the arm. You can find them on the biceps, triceps, and even forearms. Some individuals prefer to put the tattoo on their legs, but this is far less common than arm tattoos.


Does the Type of Honeycomb Affect Tattoo Meaning?

Honeycombs can look different based on the bees that frequent the hive and the location of the comb section.

However, all of these tattoos tend to have the same meaning. That’s because the differences among comb sections are very minimal and don’t actually impact the overall meaning.


Honeycomb tattoos can symbolize many meanings, ranging from fertility to inventiveness. Most of the meanings behind this tattoo are positive, but they can also remind one of the devastations happening to the bee community.

If you select a honeycomb tattoo, there are tons of styles you can select to match whatever meaning you want it to portray.

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