Hollyhock Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Hollyhock Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Hollyhocks are a popular flower in gardens, with their stunning pink color and lush petals. Given that they are such beautiful flowers, it’s no surprise that they make for popular tattoos. These flowers can also be found in other colors, even though the pink shade is the most iconic. 

When the hollyhock flower was first discovered in China, it was considered to be a miraculous discovery. This is because when it was cultivated and played with, it was found to have medicinal properties. 

What Is The History Of Hollyhock Tattoos?

The hollyhock has been a popular flower for its beauty and usefulness since it was first found in China, and it eventually spread to other parts of Asia and Europe before being brought to the rest of the world. The flower holds a lot of cultural importance in various cultures and countries around the world. 


These flowers are able to grow quite large, and are able to stay alive for quite some time when cared for. They also spread their seeds quite far around them, leading to more and more hollyhocks growing around the original flower. 

This being said, the hollyhock tattoo can’t be traced to a specific time. Given their rich history, it can be assumed they have been included in floral tattoos for a very long time since flower tattoos are some of the first tattoos to become popular when the art form was established. 

What Do Hollyhocks Symbolize?

A hollyhock tattoo can be a symbol to commemorate someone you have lost. This flower used to be incorporated into funeral flowers in Ancient Egypt, leading them to be associated with the life cycle. There was also evidence discovered that these flowers were also used in funeral processions in Iraq many centuries ago. 


On the other hand, hollyhocks can symbolize fertility and new life. This symbolism can be associated with reproductive fertility, or life in general. If you are someone who wants to live a fruitful life, the hollyhock can be a symbol you can incorporate in your new tattoo. 

Hollyhocks can also symbolize perseverance and strong will, as these flowers can be described similarly. These flowers are able to grow though some harsh conditions, and only need some sun and healthy soil to be able to grow through most seasons. 

Hollyhocks can also be a symbol to commemorate parenting or being a protector of people. This symbolism can be associated with the Greek goddess Athea, which is a name often used for hollyhock flowers. This goddess is also associated with healing, making it a good symbol for someone in the medical profession. 

Hollyhock tattoos can also symbolize a transformation of sorts, or celebrate some type of new beginning. This can be interpreted in various ways. For instance, if you’ve come out on top of a health journey, an addiction, or changed careers, a hollyhock tattoo can be a symbol of overcoming that obstacle. Some associate the flower with overcoming eating disorders, playing into this symbolism quite beautifully. 


What Do Hollyhock Tattoos Mean?

Having a hollyhock tattoo could represent multiple meanings. One trait commonly associated with these flowers is drive and determination. Having one of these flowers tattooed on you could represent a journey you’ve been on that you are hoping to consistently be motivated to continue. It could also represent that there was a big goal in your life that you’ve met. 

The meaning of hollyhock tattoos can also vary depending on which color hollyhock is chosen, as different meanings have been associated with each variation. Red hollyhocks can stand for deep, meaningful love that can either be romantic in nature or non-romantic. 

With the color purple often representing nobility, it’s no surprise the purple hollyhock can stand for a noble person or for someone who lives with grace


A yellow hollyhock can mean jubilation, triumph, or an optimistic outlook on life. White hollyhocks can be a symbol of innocence, perhaps to commemorate a new child, as well as feminine energy and determination. 

Pink hollyhocks can also be a symbol for feminine energy, as pink is often associated with women and female issues and struggles.

The yellow or orange hollyhock has also often been a symbol of a recovery journey of some sort, typically to do with health given that hollyhocks have been an important medicinal flower for many cultures. 

Some very dark red hollyhocks that appear to be black depending on the lighting are most often representative of the drive and determination traits previously mentioned. 


Where Do Hollyhock Tattoos Usually Go?

Hollyhock tattoos, like many other flower tattoos, can go just about anywhere you want. However, these flowers tend to be placed somewhere on the arm most often. This includes on either side of the forearm, the bicep, and even on the shoulder. These hollyhock tattoos can stand on their own or be part of a collection of tattoos. 

A minimal hollyhock tattoo can be placed along the collarbone, along the rib cage, and even along the wrist or side of the arm. They can also be designed in a more elaborate fashion to go along the hip or on the leg. 

Characteristics And Styles Of Hollyhock Tattoos 

Many hollyhock tattoos will showcase the entire plant and not just the flower. This will include the stems and leaves, as well as bulbs that have not fully bloomed into flowers yet. Hollyhocks can also be tattooed in bundles for an elaborate tattoo or even part of a sleeve. 

Even though hollyhocks bloom in many colors, these tattoos are actually often done in black and white. These tattoos still look just as beautiful as ones that are colored in. Black and white hollyhocks work well for those who want a minimalist tattoo. 


Final Thoughts 

Hollyhocks have had several meanings and symbols assigned to them over time, especially when it comes to tattoos. 

They have been important flowers for many cultures and uses that have helped it garner these associations. 

The flower is also one of significant beauty, making it a beautiful tattoo regardless of what meaning or symbolism speaks to you.


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