Hexagon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Hexagon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

More and more people are finding unique ways to create hexagon tattoos of their own.

Hexagon patterns are very aesthetically pleasing so it’s maybe no surprise that people use patterns incorporating hexagons, creating a honeycomb effect, when designing their next tattoo.

It’s a simple concept but it can be spun in so many different directions.

We’re going to talk today about some of the approaches you might want to take, as well as discuss the meanings and design aesthetics generally associated with hexagon tattoos in 2021.

So read on now to find out more.

The Meaning Behind Hexagon and Honeycomb Tattoos

Hexagon tattoos are often incorporated into a wider honeycomb theme, and these sometimes incorporate images of the worker bee.

The meaning here is clear; people want a visual representation of their work ethic and the work they’ve put in to get where they are today.

Many people have to come over huge challenges and obstacles to get to where they want to be in life. And for many, the recipe to success is hard work.


The worker bee and the building of the honeycomb represents that for them.

It can also represent elements of the creative process and working to build something greater than oneself. It can even relate to collaboration, and often partners get matching hexagon or honeycomb tattoos.

Each hexagon acts as a small part of the puzzle, and together they can create something stronger and more complete.

Another money that honeycomb in particular has is fertility.

It’s an important part of the bee’s fertilization process, and in tattoo form, it can represent new life or a struggle that’s been overcome to have children for some couples.

Design Aesthetics

One of the great things about choosing a hexagon tattoo is that you can do what you want with it.

Whether you want to use a single hexagon, a few arranged in a pattern or an intricately designed honeycomb pattern that incorporates dozens or even hundreds of them is entirely up to you.

Lots of people like the simplicity of this pattern and don’t feel the need to add much detail to it. Others fill their hexagons with images and words of meaning to them.


Both options can work really well, and it all comes down to the wants of the individual.

It can be a tattoo that’s all about appearances, or it can carry much deeper meanings as we’ve discussed above. It’s that versatility that’s making the hexagon tattoo so appealing to so many.

Hexagon Tattoo Design Ideas in 2021

Now that we’ve talked a bit about hexagon tattoos, what they’re all about and why people love them, we’re going to take a look at some of the tattoo design ideas that are popular right now.

Each of these incorporates a hexagon or honeycomb pattern design in one way or another, so find out more below.

Multi-colored Hexagons

Multi-colored hexagons are a very popular approach.

You can have any number of hexagons you like as part of your tattoo, and they can create a rainbow effect or whatever kind of colorful aesthetic you’re looking for.


This is a relatively simple choice as it relies on a series of shapes and the colors do the work of making the design pop.

Honeycombs with Bees

As we’ve discussed above, the use of bees is one approach to this kind of tattoo design that many people like.

The symbolism we’ve talked about is of great appeal, and a well designed bee is one of the things that really helps to bring the design together and give it meaning.


The honeycomb pattern is made up, of course, of the hexagons.

Full Hexagon Sleeves

For some people, a small and simple tattoo is not enough. But even people looking for something bigger and more dramatic, such as a full sleeve, can make use of the hexagon design style.


Because of the way in which hexagons fit together, they can cover as much or as little skin area as you like. And when they span the entire arm, it can create a fantastic visual style.

Minimalist Hexagons

For many people, it makes most sense to keep things simple and minimalistic. Minimalist hexagons can simply make use of an outline of a few connecting hexagons.


That simplicity and minimalism is something that many people find very appealing these days, and it might be something you want to consider too.

Meaningful Images Filling the Hexagonal Pattern

What you choose to fill your tattooed hexagons with is something that’s entirely up to you. And there’s no right or wrong way of doing it; it’s very much a personal choice.


Including writing or images of things or people that mean something to you can work well. It creates a tapestry of your life and the important things that make it.

A Honey Theme

The honeycomb theme obviously lends itself well to a honey theme too.

You can create a series of hexagons that make up a honeycomb and then add honey dripping from it to create a nice design element that brings it all together and makes it work as a whole.

It can look great in the right hands.

The Bottom Line

If you love the style of hexagon or honeycomb-style tattoos, you might be tempted to get one of your own. Be sure to speak to a professional tattoo designer who’ll be able to work with you on making your idea a reality.

Whether you like the idea of showing your hard-working side or you simply like the aesthetics of these kinds of tattoos; there are many reasons why it might be a good option for you to consider.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to get a better idea of what these kinds of tattoos are all about, what they mean and why people are increasingly choosing them. 

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