Harley Quinn Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Harley Quinn Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Who says tattoos can’t be both serious and a whole lot of fun? DC Comics Harley Quinn is a figure that has made a big impression in cinema, animation, and the comic book character world – enough so to have her own series!

In today’s article, we’re going to talk a little more about this character and discuss Harley Quinn tattoos, which are quickly becoming quite the popular choice for the right kind of person. Read on to find out the symbolism, meanings, and more behind these amazing tattoos – you might be surprised at the depth behind them!


What is the History of Harley Quinn Tattoos?

Harley Quinzel, aka ‘Harley Quinn’ has been a troublemaker from the start, doing things her way and always in a big way! While most comic characters are translated from page to screen, Harley Quinn was a definite exception, making her first appearance in the Batman Animated series in 1992 in an episode called ‘Joker’s Favor’.

A psychiatrist turned psycho after spending time with the love of her life – the infamous Joker – Quinn was an instant hit and a character that people could sympathize with. Despite her love and loyalty, she would be constantly abused and neglected by the Joker, until she finally dumped the Clown Prince of Crime and struck out on her own.

It was a good move for Quinn, as this maniacal acrobat proved to be a force to be reckoned with, as she demonstrated in Suicide Squad, the Gotham City Sirens, and her misadventures with Poison Ivy. She’s intelligent, deadly, and crazier than your average lunatic – a figure that apparently a lot of can identify with!

It was only natural that she’d go from the big screen and comics into the world of skin art and it looks like she is here to stay!


What Do Harley Quinn Tattoos Symbolize?

Harley Quinn tattoos can symbolize a few different things.

Some, for instance, feel that her relationship with the Joker wasn’t necessarily abusive, but rather a bit more complicated than that, and so to them this figure represents complete and total love with a huge dose of ‘crazy’ to back it up.

For others, she is seen as a dark heroine, who escaped an incredibly abusive lunatic and proved to the world that she was a force to be reckoned with. Another symbolism behind the character is found in her transformation.

Harley was ‘Harleen Quinn’ before, a highly educated and brilliant psychiatrist, and her change into the iconic Harley Quinn shows us that everyone is just a few steps away from falling off the edge and more importantly, that’s not always a bad thing.

Overall, there is also a high level of empowerment in her image. Harley doesn’t take any guff from ANYONE, with the exception of the Joker, of course — but who isn’t foolish where love is concerned?

Considering that the character is just shy of 30 years old, there’s quite a lot of symbolism to play with and we have to say that it makes for one of the most fun and interesting tattoo choices around.


What Do Harley Quinn Tattoos Mean?

What Harley Quinn tattoos mean is going to be specially attuned to the wearer.

For instance, a man wearing a Harley Quinn tattoo might be telling the world about his taste in women or simply that they are a fan of comics.

For a woman wearing this tattoo, it might indicate that she is a free spirit, who loves wholeheartedly and completely, and just happens to be a little dangerous in the bargain.

The meaning can also change with the outfit, as Harley Quinn had a specific Harlequin costume that she wore during her time with Joker, but when she struck out on her own then she made some changes in order to show the world (and especially a certain clown) that she was her own woman from now on.

Finally, another popular tattoo choice is a depiction of Harley Quinn in the embrace of the Joker, and this depiction means that someone has a special psycho in their life and needless to say, it’s a love that’s deep and well outside of what the rest of the world considers to be acceptable, proper, and healthy.


Where Do Harley Quinn Tattoos Usually Go?

Harley Quinn tattoos are much like the character herself – all over the place. The ankle, the outer arm, and the hip are quite common, and some even go with an elegant backpiece where the iconic lady is standing to the side, leaving most of the back bare to contain the presence she exudes.

Usually, she will be displayed in such a way as to be readily scene. That’s because she’s not only a bold choice, but also a colorful one, and a chance to really make some seriously striking skin art. The placement will be up to you, of course, but we imagine that you’ll want your Harley where she can be seen.

That way anyone who sees your tattoo will have a fair warning of exactly what they’re getting into!


Characteristics and Styles of Harley Quinn Tattoos

Harley Quinn is loved the word over, so there are lots of style choices to choose from. She’s been in Japanese style animation, and American style as well as evinced in her appearance in the Batman animated series. Some depict her in her comic form, while others go with the Margot Robbie incarnation.

As far as styles, that means that Japanese and New School are popular choices, while others might dabble with Watercolor style to create some eye-popping color. We recommend finding the Harley you want first and then comparing the styles your artist can do for you. This tends to make even ‘perfect’ designs that much better and it’s worth the time.


Some closing words on Harley Quinn tattoos

So, there you have it! Harley Quinn tattoos have a whole of depth for a character slightly less than 30 years old. The appeal is understandable – she’s a powerful figure and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

So, if you’re looking for a way to have a little fun and tattoo a bit of a warning to the rest of the world, then you might consider Harley Quinn. She’s all of that and much, much more!

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