Goldenrod Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Goldenrod Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Looking for a lucky flower to brighten up a tattoo? The Goldenrod, also known as the Solidago, is a well known flower with over a hundred species, and a distinctive appearance.

Goldenrod, or Solidago flowers, are considered a symbol of many things, including money, growth and success. As a tattoo, they can represent all of these things, and more.

This article explores the meanings, symbolism, history and style of Goldenrod flowers.

What is The History of Goldenrod Tattoos?

The goldenrod has a significant history as a flower used for healing and wound care. In fact, it’s second name, Solidago, comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to make whole’.


Uses of Goldenrod:

  • It’s a healing plant with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.
  • Used to close old wounds that refuse to heal under other circumstances
  • Powdered leaves and roots can be used to contract tissue and seal blood vessels
  • Treats sore and sensitive bruises
  • It was originally called golden woundwort for its healing properties
  • It can also be used as a dye
  • Can be made into a tea
  • Given or planted to represent hope for good fortune and prosperity.

Goldenrod Throughout History:

Goldenrod has been a part of several moments in history. Different varieties are native to different regions, allowing them to become part of history all over the world.

Highlights of the goldenrod throughout history include:

  • The Great Saladin who became caliph (1137-1193) prized goldenrod as a medicinal flower, and raised it to become a major crop in the Middle East
  • The Chinese have long considered goldenrod to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.
  • At one time, Europeans brewed the leaves as a beverage called ‘Blue Mountain Wine’.
  • German soldiers carried goldenrod as THE emergency medical supply of choice.
  • During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth it was a very popular medicine, and sold for as much as half a crown per pound – a large sum at the time.
  • The American colonists used the goldenrod to create what they called ‘Liberty Tea’ after the Boston Tea Party Incident. This replaced the black tea they usually drank.
  • North American tribal cultures used it for both medicine and dyes. Among the Chippewa, it was called ‘sun medicine’ due to the color.
  • Thomas Edison discovered that Goldenrod can also be processed to produce rubber, though it usually results in a very tacky compound, more suited for things like ‘rubber glue’.
  • It’s the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska
  • They are often used in weddings and similar occasions to represent prosperous new beginnings.

What Do Goldenrod Flowers Symbolize?

Goldenrod or Solidago flowers carry a number of meanings, but they are most commonly thought to represent good fortune and wealth, or prosperity due to their deep golden hue.

Under the name ‘Goldenrod’, this flower is thought to symbolize:

  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Warmth
  • Grace
  • Dignity
  • Prosperity

In addition to this, the flower’s other name ‘Solidago’ carries other meanings, including:

  • Growth
  • Sincerity
  • Caution
  • General Good Fortune

The variety of meanings make this a versatile flower when used in tattoong, with a myriad of potential meanings.


What Do Goldenrod Tattoos Mean?

A goldenrod tattoo, by itself, can imply any number of things. There is no one set meaning a goldenrod carries, but there are several common meanings carried by goldenrod tattoos or images.

The most common meaning of a goldenrod tattoo is a wish for good fortune and prosperity. Just as Chinese families would plant goldenrod by the door to encourage good fortune, a person might choose a goldenrod tattoo as a wish for prosperity, or an indication that they feel blessed by good fortune in their lives.

The other most common association goldenrod carries is for hope and new beginnings. A goldenrod tattoo might mean someone is experiencing or working toward a new phase in their lives, and their hope of a successful future.

The color of the goldenrod has often been associated with warmth and joy. A goldenrod tattoo may symbolize character traits a person feels they possess, or it may be a reminder to look for warmth and joy in the world.

Other meanings may involve reminders of personal growth, or memories of happiness.


What if the Goldenrod is Paired With Other Images?

A goldenrod tattoo with other images can mean many things. The second image may serve as a reminder of what trait the goldenrod represents, or a symbol connected to the meanings of the goldenrod, or a secondary symbol for a more detailed personal message.

For example, if a person has an intertwined animal with goldenrod this may represent:

  • a friend who evokes positive feelings or ‘lucky’ events to them.
  • An animal that they feel brings them joy or good fortune, like a tattooed ‘rabbit’s foot’.
  • The primary symbolic trait of the animal combined with the good fortune or hope of goldenrod.

Or something else entirely.


Where Do Goldenrod Tattoos Usually Go?

Goldenrod tattoos can go just about anywhere, but the most popular spots seem to be the forearms and along the ribcage.

The goldenrod by itself is a very long, thin plant, which makes it an ideal tattoo for the forearm. This also allows additions of other flowers for more specific personal meanings.

Upwards across the ribcage is also a popular option. The reasoning is less clear for this choice, though it may be symbolic of prosperity and happiness growing from within one’s own core.

People have also presented images of the goldenrod as a more conventional upper arm tattoo, while some minimalist tattoo lovers have placed them on their ankles.

Characteristics and Styles of Goldenrod Tattoos

  • The most common style of goldenrod tattoo is of an illustrated or realistic version of the plant itself, standing alone, as a solitary stem.
  • The second most common is a goldenrod with other flowers, like a bouquet.
  • The highest preference seems to be for goldenrod tattoos in color, since their rich golden hue is such an integral part of their meaning.
  • There are minimalist patterns with the goldenrod done in detailed sketches of black and white.


Whatever design is used, the goldenrod is a beautiful and uplifting emblem and a symbol of positive emotions and outcomes worldwide. If you’re looking for a flower tattoo that symbolizes nothing but good things, then the goldenrod is a perfect choice.


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