Gerbera Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Gerbera Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The meaning behind the gerbera has changed over the years ranging from worshipping the sun with the Egyptians to stress relief with the Celts. This tattoo is easily recognizable and beautiful.

What is the History of Gerbera Tattoos?

Also known as “gerbera daisies” these flowers are very distinctive in their shape, even though they come in a whole range of different bright colors. However, it does have other versions of its name such as “African daisy”, “Barberton daisy” and even “Transvaal daisy”.

Although most commonly referred to as a “gerbera” this flower is categorized in the same category as daisies and sunflowers and just by looking at the flower it is easy to see why. However, its name is actually a reference to the entire of the genus, the “gerbera genus”. 


Jan Frederik Gronovius decided to name the flower after the German botanist, called Traugott Gerber, even though it was the Dutchman Gronovius himself who first discovered the flower in 1737 in South Africa. It is still now known exactly why he chose to name the flower as such.

Although there are several different variations of the flower, perhaps the most common one today was first discovered by Robert Jameson, a Scotsman. In fact, this variation is said to be the fifth most popular flower all over the world.

Despite being discovered in South Africa, this flower has now traversed the globe and is cultivated all over the world in many different colors. There are miniature varieties but the most common form is the larger version that can be up to 8 cm in diameter.

Throughout history there have been different meanings placed behind the gerbera flower, ranging all the way from the ancient Egyptians to the modern day.


For example, the Egyptians believed that the flower displayed devotion to the sun, probably due to its rounded shape and similarities to “sunflowers”.

However, when it came to the Celts, the gerbera’s meaning changed rather drastically and came to represent a relief of sorrow and stress, helping to relieve someone of a difficult time period and to bring on a calmer future.

The daisy has always been one of the more popular choices for floral tattoos, although this is typically more true of women than men. This is due to their delicate nature, association with the female name “Daisy” and a better understanding of the significance behind it.

Although it is still not as popular as a rose or lily in the world of tattoos, the daisy (here including the gerbera) is still a very popular option.


What Do Gerbera Symbolize?

This flower has held many different symbolic meanings over the years and so it will depend on which you most relate to as to which symbolism the gerbera holds.

As we’ve already seen the ancient Egyptians believed that the flower helped to show your devotion to the sun, but also that it helped to bring you closer to nature.

This flower not only helped you to appreciate its own beauty but also that of every other plant and flower out there.

In modern times the gerbera symbolizes loyalty, love, cheerfulness, purity and innocence. As you can tell from these meanings it is given a very childlike symbolism, as is common with the daisy flower in modern days.

For example, daisies are commonly used on children’s clothing, as names and are associated with innocent activities, such as making a daisy chain or crown.


What Do Gerbera Tattoos Mean?

When it comes to the meaning of the gerbera it will depend on which color you choose. Each individual color of the flower has its own specific meaning, as almost all other flowers do, and this will greatly affect what your tattoo means. 

For example, the pink version of this flower means sympathy, admiration and grace. This makes it a great option to give to a beloved friend. However, it does also depend on the exact shade of pink that you find the flowers.

A lighter shade of pink also carries the additional meanings of respect and compassion, whereas a darker shade of pink will represent gratitude.


Pink gerberas and daisies are the perfect flowers to give to someone as a “get well soon” message.

The red version, on the other hand, means romantic love, a very common meaning for deep red flowers. Because they are not as commonly given as gifts symbolizing romantic love, especially in comparison to the rose, they make a great alternative for valentine’s day!

Like most white flowers, a white gerbera signifies innocence and purity. For this reason, it is very common to see a white gerbera at a wedding or christening. It is also the official flower for five year anniversaries!

As may be obvious from its bright color, the orange version of this flower symbolizes happiness, joy and friendship. A bouquet of these flowers is the perfect way to make someone’s day.


Where Do Gerbera Tattoos Usually Go?

Because they can be depicted with or without the stem, gerbera tattoos are suited to pretty much anywhere on the body. You can use them to fill smaller spaces, such as the ankle or a space in your sleeve, or allow them to take pride of place on your arm or ribs.

There is no one place that is best suited for a gerbera tattoo, but just know that no matter what your placement is it will always stand out beautifully!

Characteristics and Styles of Gerbera Tattoos

Gerbera tattoos can be done in black and white but they are certainly some of the most beautiful color tattoos. Their shape is often mistaken for a sunflower, so by adding in the pop of pink, orange or even white you can ensure that your flower tattoo is instantly recognizable.

By opting for a bold colorful tattoo you can also make sure that it conveys the meaning that you want it to hold. You can add a brightly colored green stem to contrast and make the color pop even more.


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