Gazelle Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Gazelle Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

People who choose animal tattoos do so because they feel a connection to animals and nature as a whole.

This type of tattoo has always been very popular and most people choose an animal tattoo to reflect the same traits as they do.

For example, those who are leaders often choose the roaring lion, while others prefer the enormity and grace of the elephant.

Every single animal tattoo comes with its own symbolism, and if you want to understand the meaning behind the animal tattoos, it can help to learn about yourself at the same time.

For example, if you’re going to choose to display an animal as graceful as the gazelle on your skin, the chances are that you will see yourself in that particular animal.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the meaning behind these tattoos. 

Why The Gazelle?

One of the fastest African antelope species is the gazelle. It can be found in central and Southwest Asia and the savannas of Africa, and this is an animal that remains alert and careful to survive.

They look sleek, they’re fast and they are beautiful animals to look at – so why not choose the gazelle for your next tattoo?


The Gazelle: Meaning

Gazelles have long embodied traits such as agility, speed, grace, and beauty, so it makes sense as to why someone would want to display this majestic animal on their skin.

There are so many variations of tattoos that encompass this animal, and they are rare pieces of body art. Not many people readily identify with the gazelle, and often this majestic animal is mistaken for deer!

The concept behind the tattoo is, however, the beauty and elegance that is brought out when the gazelle is in full speed.

It does pay to invest in some time to decide the type of gazelle tattoo that you would want. If you want a unique tattoo, this animal is one to feel inspired by.

There are so many symbolic meanings for this animal and it’s believed that there are many stories and tales that are linked to it.

It’s known for being beautiful and the word itself comes from the Arabic meaning ‘beauty of a woman’. 

Agile, Alert, Beautiful

Gazelles are known to be an alert animal; you would be too if you were chased by lions! It’s one of the most important traits of this animal – that they are fast and agile.

It’s a popular tattoo option among women especially as they would feel that they not only reflect the beauty of the gazelle, but that they have the ability to survive under pressure – just as this animal does.

Women often choose to show their uniqueness in their tattoos and gazelles are a unique, beautiful animal.

Gazelle Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos are often rare – not many artists are asked to mock up a gazelle in any sense.

Because so many people mistake this animal for an antelope or deer, a quick online search for gazelle tattoos may not come up with what you’re looking for.

Asking an artist to design one for you can go a long way to reflecting the image you have in your mind of a gazelle tattoo. The good news is that there are a few ideas that you could go with!

Still Or Moving?

One of the most popular options for this tattoo is one in full gallop. This shows the sleek length and beauty of a gazelle in movement, and it shows how graceful they can be.

Some of these can be in a black silhouette without added color, as they can look beautiful without the color in their representation.


On the other hand, if you want to show the true beauty, consider adding brown, yellow, and black into the mix.

To make your tattoo truly unique, you can choose a color that’s otherworldly and not one you’d find on a gazelle in the savannah. 

Which Color?

Some people choose to only have the head and horns of a gazelle displayed. The entire tattoo can be done in any color you choose, and it can be placed anywhere.

A commonplace for the head is on the back as the horns can stretch across the top of the shoulders.



A commonplace for a moving gazelle tattoo is the back of the leg. As these animals can run at high speed, it makes sense for it to go on the leg.

It can be wrapped around the ankle, too, or you can go for a fine-line outline on the back of the arm.

You can choose this tattoo to be a large one, showing off their true uniqueness, or you can go for something smaller and more discreet.

It’s a popular option for a running animal to go along the finger and it will look powerful even if it is little!



What traits of the gazelle do you want to display? An unbroken outline of the gazelle shows the consistency and sharpness of a gazelle and you can reflect this in your tattoo choices.

The Bottom Line

This may not be a particularly common tattoo, but tattoos that show off resilience, agility and beauty are very common and this is one of them.

The symbolism itself is powerful and while others may not understand the meaning, you will. It has to have the right symbolism for you before you display it on your body and it’s important that you choose the right space for it, too.

You want to embody all the traits of the animal you choose and those with beauty and grace are choosing well with this one.

Animal tattoos will always have a special place in any tattooist’s shop, and you now have the animal that you can most resonate with when you choose the gazelle to be displayed on your body.

It’s an animal that doesn’t quit – and nor should you.

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