40 [Cute] French Bulldog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

40 [Cute] French Bulldog Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

French Bulldogs are some cute little guys and gals with attitude. Some people add them to body art expression as a memorial or to communicate a little something about themselves. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered.  

Today we’ll show you 40 of the best French Bulldog designs that we’ve seen which we think that you are going to enjoy and which might inspire you for some designs of your own. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. French Bulldog Watercolor Tattoo

There’s just something about the watercolor palette that really adds to a tattoo and we’re starting off this list with a fine example. 

This French Bulldog watercolor tattoo doesn’t so much as color in spots solidly, but rather splashes them around. 

As a result, your focus shifts around as you take in the entire image and color selection.

This just goes to show that a great body artist has some serious tricks up in their sleeve when it comes to giving us the design that we want!

French Bulldog Watercolor Tattoo

2. French Bulldog Tattoo on the Forearm

Another very interesting piece of body art, here we have a cute little Bulldog puppy rendered in a ‘blueprint’ style that is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing. 

This French Bulldog tattoo on the forearm could be a memorial tattoo for a special four-legged friend or an expression of an analytic mind that also happens to possess a Bulldog’s toughness.

While we can’t say for sure, we can definitely say that’s it’s a lovely and unique piece.

French Bulldog Tattoo on Forearm

3. French Bulldog Pirate Tattoo

Colorful and creative, with flowers at the bottom suggesting a memorial, this French Bulldog pirate tattoo is certainly a unique and upbeat way to remember a special furry friend. 

There are a number of images, such as the ship and the pirate’s hat, and even a little cannon in the crook of this dog’s arm… it’s definitely a pleasure to look upon.

A lot of thought went into this composition and it really shows!

French Bulldog Pirate Tattoo

4. French Bulldog Mandala Tattoo

In this French Bulldog mandala tattoo we’ve got a great mix of symmetry and shading that gives the dog a very spiritual and holy look. 

Mandala art can be integrated into a design idea quite nicely and you can get very creative, as this body art shows us. We have to say that it definitely adds an interesting ambience to the piece.

French Bulldog Mandala Tattoo

5. French Bulldog Skull Tattoo

Skulls can make for interesting compositions, as this French Bulldog skull tattoo shows us. 

Canine skulls have a unique look to them already, bull Bulldogs are brachycephalic, meaning that they were bred to have a flatter face. 

The addition of the flowers and the mild splashes of watercolor finalize what is definitely a most interesting piece of work.

French Bulldog Skull Tattoo

6. French Bulldog Sleeve Tattoo

Wow, take a look at that detail! In this French Bulldog sleeve tattoo we have a composition that consists of a photograph, tacked over a location, all underneath a beautiful flower. 

Perhaps this is where someone found their dog (or their dog found them!) – who can say – but with the unique components this is a tattoo that definitely gives you ideas.

This concept would work equally with another dog, such as a Boston Terrier. The final design is ultimately up to you.

French Bulldog Sleeve Tattoo

7. Old School French Bulldog Tattoo

With a little ducky on top of his head that might have been a favorite toy, this Old School French Bulldog tattoo invokes happy memories and certainly makes for a fine memorial. 

Little details like the toy really help when you want to evoke a clear memory of something and even the bright-yellow flower selection suggests happier times.

You can tell that this dog was definitely loved.  

Old School French Bulldog Tattoo

8. Sugar Skull French Bulldog Tattoo

Sugar skulls are associated with the Day of the Dead and were typically associated with remembering and honoring a family member, so this sugar skull French Bulldog tattoo is a remembrance of a very special dog. 

With a half and half composition like this, you also get to see the face of the dog on the right half of this body art.

 It’s a clever and creative choice and should give some of you out there a few ideas for your own!

Sugar Skull French Bulldog Tattoo

9. French Bulldog Minimalist Tattoo

Here we have a French Bulldog minimalist tattoo that proves you don’t need a lot of space to make a beautiful memorial. 

The face of the beloved animal is captured for all time and his name, ‘Otto’, is signed underneath. It’s a memorial that is simple, respectful, and to the point.

Bulldog, Bichon Frise… whatever type of dog you wish to remember, a minimalist memorial like this is a great way to make a statement of love in body art form.

French Bulldog Minimalist Tattoo

10. French Bulldog Face Tattoo

This black and white French Bulldog face tattoo is nicely rendered and is another good minimalist example of what you can accomplish with your body art. 

While not overly complicated, subtle lines are present that help to build a realistic facial structure that adds a little life to the overall composition.

Sometimes, simple is best!

French Bulldog Face Tattoo

11. Vintage French Bulldog Tattoo

In this vintage French Bulldog tattoo we see a memorial to a dog named ‘Peter’.

Note the color and detail on the fur and additions such as the doggy-pajamas. You can tell that a lot of love went into this composition and this is a dog that is certainly missed.

Dog breeds like French Bulldogs or Shih Tzu dogs have very distinct shapes and color, and when you can add these in your memorial it helps to make it all the more special.

Vintage French Bulldog Tattoo

12. French Bulldog Tattoo on a Finger

We don’t know if this is a memorial or someone likes the attitude associated with the Bulldog, but this French Bulldog tattoo on a finger will definitely provoke some questions from the wearer. 

Finger tattoos are a bold choice, since you can’t hide them easily, and they can be bold or even cartoonishly fun.

It all depends on what you select and how it’s rendered.

French Bulldog Tattoo on Finger

13. Cute French Bulldog Tattoo

This little puppy is adorable and was obviously adored by its owner. 

This cute French Bulldog tattoo has a lot of detail and great color choices, with the vibrant color above and below perfectly working with the pup’s image to really make it pop. 

Note the soulful eyes and the fuzzy hairs on the back – it really is a beautiful piece and a fine memorial.

Cute French Bulldog Tattoo

14. American Traditional French Bulldog Tattoo

Here we have an American Tradition French Bulldog tattoo that is a fine piece of work. 

The Bulldog, ‘Dodu’, is looking tough in his little leather jacket and has a single tooth showing to help project his attitude. 

The piece is completed with flowers and a heart below, yet still keeps a ‘macho’ look to it.

This tough little guy has been preserved for all time and it’s definitely been done in style.

American Traditional French Bulldog Tattoo

15. French Bulldog With A Crown Tattoo

Some pieces can break your heart a little at the same time that you admire the beauty of the artistic rendering.

The crown helps to symbolize that this dog has ascended to a better place, where the owner may one day reunite with them, and the detail is absolutely amazing. 

You can see that this little one is thinking of a favourite toy as well. It’s a touching piece, wouldn’t you agree?

French Bulldog With Crown Tattoo

16. Cartoon French Bulldog Tattoo

In this cartoon French Bulldog tattoo we have an adorable little dog, sleeping and thinking of love, with a cute pink tongue sticking out and little footsteps to show that they always walked wherever their owner went. 

Whether it’s a memorial or an expression of a tough-but-loving personality, who is to say, but it’s definitely an adorable and eye-catching piece.

Cartoon French Bulldog Tattoo

17. French Bulldog Silhouette Tattoo

This French Bulldog silhouette tattoo is touching and clever. We see the dog’s owner sitting on a dock and looking at a sunset which is composed of a heart and a paw.

While it’s drawn in a cartoon fashion, the content gives it a serious and heartwarming feel rather than a comical one and you really have to appreciate the thought that went into it and it’s overall style.

French Bulldog Silhouette Tattoo

18. French Bulldog Tattoo on the Hand

A hand tattoo is a very bold statement, usually indicating that something important is being said and that the owner of the body art lives by their own rules. 

Here we have a French Bulldog tattoo on the hand that is full of detail, preserving the beloved animal’s face and name for all eternity.

This must have been a very special dog indeed to warrant such a bold, beautiful memorial – it’s a very emotional piece.  

French Bulldog Tattoo on Hand

19. Girly French Bulldog Tattoo

Here we have a girly French Bulldog tattoo and what a colorful piece this is! All those splashes of watercolor throughout the piece really draw and delight the eye. 

Color selections like this can really boost the aesthetics of your own designs and are well-worth considering.

Truly a lovely and inspiring piece of body art!

Girly French Bulldog Tattoo

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20. Realistic French Bulldog Tattoo

Detail work is always a pleasure to behold. In this realistic French Bulldog tattoo we see dotted areas, fine lines, and various degrees of shading that all pull together to make a most realistic piece. 

Breeds like the French Bulldog or the Chihuahua have very expressive faces and when you can capture these in detail for a memorial it’s really quite amazing.

You can lose photos but a tattooed face like this is yours to keep for always.

Realistic French Bulldog Tattoo

21. French Bulldog Memorial Tattoo

Next, we have a French Bulldog memorial tattoo that is beautiful in its directness and simplicity. 

The dog is clearly detailed and depicted, with a date and a name below, and the detail really and message really is quite striking.

Memorials don’t have to be overly complicated to pack a punch and you can tell quite clearly that this was more than a dog – this was an honorary family member.

French Bulldog Memorial Tattoo

22. Simple French Bulldog Tattoo

Another example of ‘less is more’, in this simple French Bulldog tattoo we have a little bulldog’s head displayed at the crook of the arm. 

When a symbol is in a visible location like this, it means that it’s important to the wearer, and in this case perhaps it symbolizes the Bulldog’s attitude is present in the owner.

Whether or not that is the case, it’s a nice and simple little tattoo.

Simple French Bulldog Tattoo

23. French Bulldog Tattoo on the Ankle

Here we have a dual-memorial for two beloved Bulldogs. This French Bulldog tattoo on the ankle shows some excellent detail. 

You can tell at a glance that both dogs were quite different, both in personality and appearance, and a delicate use of color and shading really accomplishes a lot in this composition.

Shading and detail doesn’t have to be down to the last bristle of fur or whisker to create a beautiful image – you can always tell when someone has selected a good artist for their work.

French Bulldog Tattoo on Ankle

24. Black And White French Bulldog Tattoo

This black and white French Bulldog tattoo is quite cleverly composed. Here you can see the dog’s playful face peeking out from behind some leaves, positioned so that half of the face is blocked. 

Nothing but the face and leaves are shown, but it immediately evokes a scene in your head when you look at it.

Just two elements and yet it produces a big response – it really is an amazing piece of body art.

Black And White French Bulldog Tattoo

25. New School French Bulldog Tattoo

New School style is bold and colorful and, in this case, it’s quite cute in the bargain as well. 

In this New School French Bulldog tattoo we’ve got an adorable little Bulldog dressed as Darth Vader, complete with a lightsaber and a Death Star, and with a serpentine creature nearby. 

It’s definitely a creative piece and certainly a memorable one as well.

New School tattoos are worth considering for your own design – imagine what you could do!

New School French Bulldog Tattoo

26. Tiny French Bulldog Tattoo

This tiny French Bulldog tattoo shows a little doggy on the horizon, presumably staring up at its owner. 

It’s well-done and the minimalist style means that you don’t have to use a lot of space on your skin to have a piece of art that you can carry with you forever.

Tiny tattoos also mean that you can have a more diverse collection, too!

Tiny French Bulldog Tattoo

27. French Bulldog Ears Tattoo

Photorealistic renderings can be a little hard on the emotions when a difficult memory is still fresh. 

That’s why body art like this French Bulldog ears tattoo can be a perfect way to get a memorial tattoo while minimizing the risk that it will be too painful.  

With distinctive ears and a little heart for a nose, the symbolism is clear without having to add a name or a face.

French Bulldog Ears Tattoo

28. Small French Bulldog Tattoo

The detail in this small French Bulldog tattoo is incredible. You can see the wet nose, the shine in the eyes, the coloration of the fur… this is a face that has been perfectly preserved and patiently rendered on the skin.

While tattoos like this take time, there’s no denying that the results can be some pretty impressive works of art.

Small French Bulldog Tattoo

29. Neo Traditional French Bulldog Tattoo

Neo Traditional works can really shine and this Neo Traditional French Bulldog tattoo is no exception. 

In this memorial, someone’s furry best friend has been elegantly preserved and rendered with stunning color and cunning composition.

Sometimes it’s worth it to see what your design looks like in Neo Traditional style – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Neo Traditional French Bulldog Tattoo

30. Black French Bulldog Tattoo

Here we have a dog that must have had a bit of a sweet tooth! In this Black French Bulldog tattoo we’ve got cupcakes and donuts around a cute little pup with a blue heart above. It’s adorable and instantly gives you an idea of this little one’s personality.

A design doesn’t have to be overly complicated – sometimes it’s just about the color and the hints that make the viewer fill in the blanks.

Black French Bulldog Tattoo

31. Outline of French Bulldog Tattoo

A French Bulldog is a well-known symbol of attitude and an outline of a French Bulldog tattoo can communicate a simple, direct message for the viewers – don’t mess with me. 

They can also be used as a memorial, as well, and as you can see a good artist can pack a lot of detail in a tiny image if you like.

Outline of French Bulldog Tattoo

32. French Bulldog Paw Print Tattoo

The impressions that we make in life are often communicated by a footprint. It’s a symbolism that is common across the world and this French Bulldog paw print tattoo is a good example. 

You can tell that the dog, Ronny, made quite the impression on someone during their lifetime.

It’s a lovely memorial and cleverly done.

French Bulldog Paw Print Tattoo

33. French Bulldog Line Tattoo

This French Bulldog line tattoo is an interesting minimalist choice. A Bulldog shape is instantly recognizable, as it’s a breed that just about everyone on the planet is familiar with from seeing in person or on television.

Subtlety can be powerful, just something to consider when selecting your tattoos.

French Bulldog Line Tattoo

34. Fawn French Bulldog Tattoo

Here we have a Fawn French Bulldog tattoo and it’s beautifully rendered. The detail focus is on the face and the image skillfully faces below and yet in your mind you see the whole dog for a brief moment.

It’s clever, classy, and quite the memorial choice.

Fawn French Bulldog Tattoo

35. French Bulldog Leg Tattoo

A clever mix of curves and angles makes this French Bulldog leg tattoo a good-looking piece of body art. 

Note how the color use is minimal but really goes a long way. Less is more sometimes and that rule applies to more than just details like shading and fine lines.

A little color in your composition can go a long way.

French Bulldog Tattoo on Leg

36. French Bulldog Portrait Tattoo

Portraits don’t have to be full color and photorealistic to have an impact, as this French Bulldog portrait tattoo demonstrates nicely. 

Cleverly rendered with the little dog’s ears coming out of the circle, the lines of the face are clear and bold and the shading is strategically placed in such a way that the face is clear without having to be photorealistic.

French Bulldog Portrait Tattoo

37. Mini French Bulldog Tattoo

This little piece of work is absolutely adorable. In this mini French Bulldog tattoo the playful little dog is sitting on it’s paws looking up, ready for playtime.

 It works well, instantly bring a smile when you view the cartoon dog, and while we don’t know if it’s meant as a memorial or an expression of personality, it’s certainly a powerful and cute little image.

Mini French Bulldog Tattoo

38. French Bulldog With a Mom Tattoo

Another image that brings a smile to your face, we’ve got a French Bulldog with a mom tattoo and it’s really quite delightful. 

Note how smoothly the color is inserted – it almost looks painted – and we have to admit that a doggy with an ‘I love Mom’ tattoo is an adorable choice.

It’s cute, compact, and very clever.

French Bulldog With Mom Tattoo

39. French Bulldog Tattoo on the Wrist

A wrist tattoo can help to show that whatever you are displaying is important to you. 

That’s why this French Bulldog tattoo on the wrist has a little extra impact – this dog was very important to someone. The shading and detail in the face is really quite striking as well.

It’s a small, but powerful memorial of the impact this animal had in someone’s life.

French Bulldog Tattoo on Wrist

40. Geometric French Bulldog Tattoo

Adding a geometric element into your design can produce some interesting effects. This geometric French Bulldog tattoo really drives this home. 

The ‘half and half’ design not only preserves enough of the face to be recognizable, but the added symmetry from the geometric element broadcasts a little attitude as well.

You’ve got to love those interesting tricks of composition that an artist can show you!

Geometric French Bulldog Tattoo

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