Freesia Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Freesia Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

The Freesia flower, named after the German botanist Friedrich Freese, is a beautiful funnel-shaped flower which comes in a wide variety of colors. They have a sweet yet subtle fragrance that can easily fill a room, and freesias mean a variety of things, ranging from innocence and wisdom to friendship and trust. To get one of these beautiful flowers tattooed on you is a wonderful symbol.

The rest of this article will discuss in detail the history and symbolism of freesia tattoos, along with where people usually get them, and some styles and characteristics of the freesia tattoo.

What is the History of Freesia Tattoos?

Since tattooing first was invented, getting flowers tattooed has been common and popular. In ancient tribal tattoos, tribe members would get local flora and fauna tattooed to symbolize their identity and remind themselves of their origins. This was a way of incorporating a certain flower into their identity.


Over the hundreds of years since this was the case, tattooing has evolved, but floral tattoos have remained popular. This is because they are beautiful symbols that people still often tie into their identity—for example, getting a state flower or birth flower tattooed are two things which can tell you a lot about a person.

The freesia in particular is a flower which has a lot of meaning and symbolism to it. They were first described as a genus in the year 1866, and people have been using them to convey the language of flowers since then. In the next section we will go into detail about some of the things that this flower symbolizes.

If a person identifies with the meaning of the freesia in the language of flowers, they may get it tattooed to permanently communicate that aspect of their identity.


What Do Freesia Symbolize?

The freesia has a lot of different meanings and symbolisms associated with it.

  • They most usually symbolize friendship and trust, and innocence as well.
  • In Victorian times, the freesia was considered to be the ultimate flower to symbolize trust.
  • In the United States of America, the freesia is considered the official flower used to celebrate a couple’s seventh wedding anniversary. In fact, they have been used as wedding flowers quite frequently since the 1950s, because they represent the innocence and purity of the bride while also celebrating the trust that the couple has in each other.
  • Different colored freesias can also mean different things. White ones are the most popular to represent purity and innocence, while red ones stand for passion.

What Do Freesia Tattoos Mean?

The freesia tattoo may mean a number of things. Firstly, it can symbolize any of the meanings of the flower itself. So, this could be an excellent tattoo to get with your best friend or significant other to symbolize the trust and love you have for one another.

You may also enjoy a freesia tattoo if you are a Pisces or a Libra. Although the freesia is not a flower of a particular birth month, it is associated with those two astrological signs. So, if you were born from February 19 to March 20 or September 23 to October 22, you may feel a particular affinity for the freesia.


Freesias can also stand for some other things that people may want to symbolize by getting tattooed. For example, in numerology, the freesia represents the number nine, which stands for obligation and selflessness. So, if you are trying to convey either of those feelings, a freesia tattoo in a nice spot can do the job for you.

Lastly, you may want to get a freesia tattooed to represent a part of your identity, just like the ancient tribes used to do. If there are a lot of freesia flowers around where you live or grew up, or if they hold special meanings for you, then a freesia tattoo is an excellent choice to commemorate that feeling.

Where Do Freesia Tattoos Usually Go?

Freesia tattoos, like other floral tattoos, can look amazing almost anywhere. There is no particular spot that you should get your freesia tattoo—instead, you should simply choose the spot that you believe looks best. However, many people with floral tattoos like to get them on their inner forearms or thighs.

Freesia tattoos may also look beautiful in a more delicate spot, such as on the inside of your wrist or on your collarbones.


Characteristics and Styles of Freesia Tattoos

Similar to how there is no wrong way to go with the placement of your tattoo, there are many different characteristics and styles associated with this beautiful flower.

Many people who get freesia tattoos like to get them in a fine, delicate style with minimal color. Along these lines, watercolor styled tattoos are also popular for flowers, since the small splashes of color look beautiful with the delicate petals.

If you are someone who is getting a freesia tattooed as a call back to ancient tribal tattoos, then you may desire to get your tattoo in a traditional tribal style. This can help you feel as close to the very beginning of floral tattoos as possible. Traditional American tattoos are also a popular style to get flowers tattooed in.

Keep in mind what we mentioned earlier about how different colors of flowers symbolize different things. If you want to add only a small pop of color to your tattoo, the right color can go a long way! For example, pink freesias symbolize motherly love. So, if you are getting a tattoo to show your love for your children, then pink freesias would be an excellent choice to showcase that.



The freesia is a tattoo with a long history and a huge variety of different meanings and symbolisms. Most commonly, it represents innocence, purity, trust, and friendship.

Getting this flower tattooed can show off any of these meanings, or you can customize the colors and style of your tattoo to give it an even more individualized flair. No matter what you are trying to convey with your freesia tattoo, this flower has a ton of potential.


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