Forget Me Not Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Forget Me Not Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The forget me not is a beautiful, dainty flower which makes for a subtle tattoo full of meaning. Throughout its long history, the flower has been used to represent everything from love to war. As well as being a beautiful flower, it is also one with personal significance for many.

In this article, we look at the symbolism, meanings, and history of forget me not tattoos.

What is the History of Forget Me Not Tattoos?

The forget me not tattoo is a relatively new phenomenon; over recent years, people have come to appreciate the history and symbolism of this beautiful little flower. However, the history of the flower itself is long and interesting.

The forget me not gets its name from a German legend which tells of a small flower, forgotten by God as he named his floral creations. The flower cried out in the hopes that God would hear and received its name to serve as a reminder that the flower should never be forgotten again.

Throughout history, the flower has taken on different meanings, from love to remembrance. Through the middle ages, women would wear forget me nots in the hope that they would not be forgotten by their lovers. It has also been used to signify the loss of anyone who died in battle, particularly following World War 1.

What Do Forget Me Not Tattoos Symbolize?

The story of the forget me not is one of faith, purity, and the will to succeed. It tells of a pure, delicate creature who would not be overlooked and relied on its own faith to ensure this did not happen. For this reason, it has come to symbolise the strength of individual faith and will.


Due to its long association with war, a forget me not tattoo can also symbolise remembrance and courage. The flower has long been associated with the commemoration of those lost in battle, and the tattoo can be used to symbolise a desire to remember someone lost and their bravery.

Another enduring association of the flower is love. Since women wore it in the hopes of ensuring their loved one would not forget them, it has been closely linked to deep feelings of love. A tattoo may symbolise feelings of true, eternal love for another person.

What Do Forget Me Not Tattoos Mean?

As with any tattoo, the forget me not is a deeply personal choice which may be mean different things to different people. The flower does not have one set meaning, but rather a few different meanings which may resonate with individuals. 


For some, a forget me not tattoo may be intended to represent beauty and youth. It is a delicate, beautiful flower and makes for a particularly attractive tattoo. For this reason, many choose the flower as a tattoo because it is representative of youthful energy and attractiveness.

For others, the tattoo may hold slightly more significant meanings related to the loss of a loved one. Its symbolic nature as a flower of remembrance means that many choose to represent those they have lost with a tattoo of its likeness. For similar reasons, it can be representative of courage, bravery, and wartime.

Finally, the tattoo can be meaningful to anyone who wishes to express or signify love. It may be used to represent the memories shared between two people or the eternal love someone has for another, including both platonic and romantic love.


Where Do Forget Me Not Tattoos Usually Go?

Forget me nots are commonly found on the hip, shoulder, and sternum. They are often placed in areas with curvature, as the natural shape of the flower looks particularly beautiful when it follows lines and curves.

However, forget me not tattoos are great because they can go anywhere on the body, and look beautiful in a variety of places. The versatility of what the flower can mean to different people is likely to affect where someone decides to place the tattoo, as the place they choose may be linked to its meaning to the individual.

Another beautiful thing about the forget me not is that it is not confined to one gender. As the tattoo can be made more feminine or more masculine, it can be worn by anyone in whatever way they choose. The deeply meaningful nature of the flower means that many people choose to have it tattooed to represent personal feelings or beliefs.


Characteristics and Styles of Forget Me Not Tattoos

The forget me not tattoo is not defined by a single characteristic or style. Instead, the way someone chooses to represent the flower is likely to depend on the intended meaning and how they want the flower to appear.

Most commonly, tattoos will be blue, as this is the most well-known colour for the flower. However, forget me nots can also be yellow and pink in colour, which would make for a slightly more unique tattoo. Again, the colour someone chooses may depend on the meaning of the flower they wish to represent.


The subtlety of the flower means it is a good option for smaller tattoos, such as on fingers, wrists, or ankles. In these places, forget me nots can make for subtle, delicate floral tattoos. However, the flower is not confined to small tattoos. It can also be included as part of a larger tattoo made up of different flowers or simply a bouquet of forget me nots.

Alternatively, the size of the flower means it can be used in a variety of styles. For instance, it may be included as part of a larger design based around something else entirely to add some delicacy or are part of a larger floral design.


A forget me not tattoo is an attractive, subtle choice which is suitable for both men and women and makes for a beautiful tattoo on anyone. It is a flower with deep associations with youth and beauty, and is symbolic of love, courage, and remembrance.


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