Felix the Cat Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Felix the Cat Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Felix the Cat is a popular cartoon icon that first made an appearance all the way back in 1919. Over the decades, people from all generations have fallen in love with this cartoon cat and he has become one of the most recognized cartoon cats of all time.

Over the years, tattoo artists have had a lot of requests for Felix the Cat tattoos. After all, Felix the Cat is the first cartoon character in history to reach an outstanding level of popularity.

Have you ever wondered what a Felix the Cat tattoo symbolizes? This tattoo often represents a nostalgic feeling for classic cartoons films. 

Additionally, Felix the Cat also symbolizes a child’s sense of wonder. This is a trait that some people are lucky enough to carry onto their adult years.

There are many reasons why a person could choose a Felix the Cat tattoo. Today, we’re going to discuss the meaning behind this tattoo design and its history. Keep reading to learn more.


What is the History of Felix the Cat Tattoos?

If you want to look into the history of Felix the Cat, you will need to go all the way back to the silent film era. This popular cartoon cat was first introduced to the world in 1919.

Felix the Cat grew to popularity very quickly, and within a few years there was a silent cartoon series and a comic strip focused on his adventures.

When Disney introduced Mickey Mouse in cartoons, the popularity of Felix the Cat began to plummet. However, in the 1950s, Felix the Cat was revived with a sound cartoon series. Over the decades, this cartoon character has become one of the most iconic designs in history.

Throughout the years, merchandise featuring this popular character has been a big seller. This character has been featured in clothing, accessories, toys, and even tattoos.

Going back through the history of tattoos, cartoon character tattoos started to become trendy in the 1990s and have continued on to present times.


While Felix the Cat tattoo designs have always been common, his popularity jumped in the 2010s with more people requesting this popular cat.

What Does a Felix the Cat Tattoo Mean?

A Felix the Cat design can have several meanings to the person that chooses this design. The most common reason people choose this cartoon tattoo is that it brings back nostalgic memories.

Since Felix the Cat cartoons have been introduced to people from all generations, it’s likely that you could find this tattoo design on people of various different ages.

Felix the Cat is also a symbolism for a child’s sense of wonder. It is believed that someone who has this cartoon character tattooed on them is able to create something fantastic out of nothing. They are the type of people that can find the positive side of any situation.


One thing that stood out to the audience about Felix the Cat’s personality was his Jazz Age spirit. This represents a time when people were carefree and youthful. They appreciated their wealth and freedom, living each day to the fullest.

What are the Characteristics and Styles of a Felix the Cat Tattoo?

When people choose a Felix the Cat tattoo, it will feature his animated black body, large eyes, and his big grin. However, when it comes to the style of this cartoon character, there are many different directions in which you can go.

Some people choose just to have the Felix the Cat face, while others get the full body. There are a number of different expressions that Felix can have in a tattoo, but some of the most common choices are happy or mischievous. In some designs Felix the Cat is being innocent and in others, he is up to no good.


During the early days Felix didn’t have sound, so he wouldn’t speak. However, he would whistle. It’s common for people to incorporate this into their tattoo design, especially if he is causing mischief.

In some designs, Felix the Cat will be showing both his sides. He will have one arm in front holding an item that represents his good side and his other arm behind him holding an item that represents his bad side.

People can let their creativity flow when it comes to choosing a Felix the Cat design. In the 2020s, it’s more common for people to incorporate Felix the Cat into their own creative design.

Where Can Felix the Cat Tattoos Be Placed?

What makes Felix the Cat a great cartoon character to work with is that this design can work well big or small. If someone wants a small subtle design, they can get the cat face.


However, depending on where they want this tattoo located, they create a larger design with a lot of embellishments and flare.

One of the most common places to place a Felix the Cat tattoo is on the forearm. It’s has a good amount of space to work with and is easy to show off.

However, if you prefer a larger Felix the Cat tattoo, they turn out really well on people’s calves. Dedicated fans can get a Felix the Cat tattoo placed on their backs if they want to add a lot of detail.

You aren’t limited to your arms and legs when it comes to choosing a tattoo placement. Since this cartoon character is such a versatile design to work with, you can have it sized to fit the area on your body that works for you.


Final Thoughts

Cartoon character tattoos are a fun choice for people who want to represent nostalgic entertainment from their past. Felix the Cat rose to popularity in the silent film era and hasn’t faded away since.

One of the things that people admire about Felix the Cat is that he symbolizes a sense of wonder that allows people to find the best light under any circumstances. This is one of the many reasons why there is so much fascination around the Felix the Cat tattoo.

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