Dragon Skull Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Dragon Skull Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s impressive, awe-inspiring, and has a number of meanings, then you might be looking for a Dragon Skull tattoo. These images come with several variations, and a wealth of symbolism to match.

The Dragon Skull tattoo comes in a variety of designs, and has a wealth of symbolism attached. If you’re looking for something powerful and inspiring, this could be an excellent choice.

This article explores the history and symbolism of the Dragon Skull Tattoo.


What is the History of the Dragon Skull Tattoo?

Dragon Skull tattoos are one of many that became part of mainstream tattoo culture in the early 1900s.

The exact history behind the dragon skull tattoo isn’t known, but the history of dragons themselves is a long one.

The history of the Dragon Skull tattoo follows the history of dragons.

What is The History of Dragons?

Dragons have been around since the first civilizations appeared in Mesopotamia.

Dragons have been symbols of mystical powers from time out of mind. They represent strength, wisdom and power.

In Eastern cultures, the use of dragon tattoos symbolized wisdom and protection, and in some cases, divine guidance and intervention.

In Western cultures, dragons were creatures of darkness to be defeated, and dragon tattoos or images symbolized the strength to conquer and overcome powerful opposition.


What is the Symbolism of the Dragon Skull Tattoo?

The dragon skull tattoo represents the fusion of the Dragon symbolism and traditional Skull symbolism.

– The skull represents death and mortality

– Dragons represent magic and creation.

Dragon skulls can symbolize the cycle of life and death, creation and destruction.

Dragon skulls can also symbolize the balance of existence

In some cases, Dragon Skull tattoos can also symbolize a powerful enemy or obstacle conquered.

In other cases, it can symbolize strength and courage, to face even a dragon and triumph.

It can also symbolize the desire to have the power and ferocity of a dragon.


What Meanings Do Dragon Skull Tattoos Have?

Dragon skull tattoos can have a variety of meanings, based on personal preference.

A tattoo that incorporates the traditional meanings of dragons and skulls may represent a person that values the balance between creation and destruction.

It may also represent an acceptance and appreciation of the cycle of life and death.

 – It may also represent a personal ‘rebirth’, following some sort of life-altering event.

A dragon skull can also mean that someone has conquered some sort of obstacle or personal challenge.

– It may represent defeating a personal challenge, such as an addiction or an injury.

– It may also represent overcoming a difficult period in one’s life.

– The tattoo may serve as a reminder of challenges overcome, and proof that a person is stronger than they may feel they are.

Dragon Skull Tattoos may also serve as a reminder that a person aspires to, or has, the ability to conquer the metaphorical dragons in their lives.

– The tattoo may represent a personal affirmation of strength, a sort of image of self-encouragement.

– It can also serve as a visible reminder of a personal demon that has been defeated

– It can also symbolize a goal, to be stronger than the dangers in one’s life.


How Do Additional Images Potentially Change the Meaning?

The addition of a rose or a flower to a Dragon Skull tattoo might represent a cycle of life and death, of growth after destruction

– It can serve as a reminder of an extreme life change, a representation of a ‘rebirth’ into a new life.

– It can represent a new existence in the wake of a disaster.

The addition of flames, or smoke, can enhance the representation of ferocity and strength.

– It can represent a person’s strength, or desire for strength.

– It may also enhance the representation of overcoming a difficult situation or issue.

A moon in the background might indicate a more esoteric meaning.

– It could mean the person has or wishes to harness a sort of power or energy

– It might represent a belief in the embracing of esoteric wisdom to overcome some trial or issue


Where are Dragon Skull Tattoos Usually Placed?

The most common locations for Dragon Skull tattoos are the upper arms and shoulders, where they are highly visible

Smaller images may be worn on the forearms. They can also be worn on the back of the shoulder.

Larger images may cover the whole of the abdomen or the back, sometimes even a person’s side.

While highly uncommon, dragon skull tattoos are occasionally found on the lower leg or ankle, and sometimes on the back of the hand.


Styles and Characteristics of Dragon Skull Tattoos:

Dragon Skull tattoos can be fairly basic, or incredibly detailed. They can be designed facing forward toward the viewer, or facing to one side or the other.

Dragon Skull tattoos have some common characteristics, aside from the skeletal appearance.

– Usually done in black ink as a pen-and-ink style drawing

– Color usually takes the form of flames around the eyes and the mouth

– The skull usually has well-defined horns sweeping back.

– The jaws are usually open, but not always.

– Eye sockets that are either empty or have something fantastical in them.

– The skull image can stand on its own, or it may have a background of some type. Common backgrounds include:

  • Flame
  • Smoke
  • The moon
  • Flowers or plants
  • Abstract images
  • Gemstones

– Most of them are done as fairly detailed illustrative artworks, but they can be done in a simple line drawing as well.

– In some cases they can be done in a tribal design style

Whatever style of dragon skull tattoo you find suits your preferences, the result will be a striking representation of strength, power and the ability to overcome obstacles. The symbolism and the nature of the image will definitely give you a conversation starter and a unique representation of your personal strengths and viewpoints.

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