58 [Stunning] Dinosaur Tattoo Design Ideas For 2022

58 [Stunning] Dinosaur Tattoo Design Ideas For 2022

Dinosaur tattoos are a lot of fun and a great choice both for the symbolism and for the colors which one can incorporate. 

We know now that many species were not only deadly, but colorful, and when it comes to expressive sheer, primitive power, dinosaurs were the ultimate apex predators.

A number of us grew up admiring these creatures, fascinated by these giants which were sometimes gentle, though often fierce. 

A dinosaur tattoo could be a nostalgic nod to the inner child of the wearer or a chance to depict nature at it’s more primal and dangerous point in the history of the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful dinosaur tattoo designs of 2021 to see what tickles your fancy!

1. Stegosaurus Tattoo

Recognized most commonly for the bony plates on it’s back, the Stegosaurus also had 4 spikes in its tail, believed to be a defensive measure that functioned like a scorpion’s tail with much more versatile movement. 

Stegosaurus was an herbivore, so this might be a good tattoo for a vegetarian or vegan who is not to be messed with.

 It is also a good tattoo for one who is spiritually armored for battle but chooses a life of simple peace.

Stegosaurus Tattoo

2. Brontosaurus Tattoo

From the late Jurassic period, the Brontosaurus has a name which translates as ‘Thunder lizard’, because though it was gentle this beast was a giant among giants.

These peaceful herbivores were known for their amazing size and reach, and this is a good tattoo for a gentle giant of an individual who does what they want in life and considers troublemakers to be beneath them.  

Brontosaurus Tattoo

3. T Rex Tattoo

 The T Rex, or ‘Tyrant Lizard’ is probably the most famous predator on the planet.

Large, fast, ferocious, and hungry… this is a symbol of strength recognizable across the world and it’s meaning even transcends language barriers.

A T Rex is viewed as an apex predator anywhere on the planet that you go, so this is possibly the ultimate symbol to tattoo to show the strength, drive, and the timeless prowess of the wearer.

T Rex Tattoo

4. Velociraptor Tattoo

Velociraptors were short and fierce, standing at about 6 feet tall. 

While science suggests that they probably didn’t hunt in pack, the Jurassic Park movies have changed the symbolism behind them, so this could be a good tattoo for a soul who is fierce and has strong leadership qualities. 

These dinosaurs represent speed and ferocity, all stuffed into a petite package.

A good choice for someone who doesn’t have to be tall or large to be considered deadly.

Velociraptor Tattoo

5. Triceratops Tattoo

Triceratops was a mix of armor and horns that was perfectly blended. 

Close to the ground, these armorer herbivores were capable of piercing the belly of even the mighty T Rex if the predator had the poor sense of engaging them. 

This is a good tattoo for a peaceful warrior type, someone who is quite capable of violence but chooses to live peacefully.

It is also a good choice for an old soul who goes their own way and never stirs trouble – unless trouble tries knocking at their door!

Triceratops Tattoo

6. Spinosaurus Tattoo

Known as the most dangerous dinosaur in the world, the Spinosaurus was perfectly happy to continue the chase if its prey tried to escape to the water. 

Longer and much heavier than even the Tyrannosaurus, these dinosaurs looked strange but they were designed to be deadly. 

This is a good tattoo for someone who is clever, strong, and versatile.

It is a good tattoo for the warrior who not only brings the fight, but who may give chase wherever the danger goes.

Spinosaurus Tattoo

7. Pterodactyl Tattoo

The Pterodactyl family encompasses the flying reptiles that soared the skies. 

While they largely ate fish and insects, they would also scavenge larger prey and likely swoop down to scoop up small, unwary animals that it spotted with its keen eyes. 

This is a good tattoo to represent a vigilance that borders on the primal. The soul of a scout, who sees much and keeps it to themselves.

Pterodactyl Tattoo

8. Brachiosaurus Tattoo

20 feet longer than the Brontosaurus, the Brachiosaurus lived 161 million years ago in the late Jurassic. 

These giants were herbivores, making this a good choice for vegetarians or vegans who are peaceful but not to be trifled with. 

Large and powerful, hunters seeking the Brachiosaurus had best not come alone.

These dinosaurs travelled in herds so this is also a good symbol for one who is powerful and who has made their own community with other strong souls like themselves.

Brachiosaurus Tattoo

9. Ankylosaurus Tattoo

The Ankylosaurus was one of the most armored dinosaurs out there, with its only weakness being if a predator could turn them over to expose their unprotected belly.

Its tail was like a club, capable of smashing bones to splinters, though this was a creature that probably only fought when provoked.

This is a good tattoo choice for a person who has built up their armor in life but still has a ‘soft spot’ where they are vulnerable – and who might crush you if you try to find it!

Ankylosaurus Tattoo

10. Diplodocus Tattoo

Over 80 feet long, the Diplodocus was a plant eating giant with a tail that could viciously whip and send a foe soaring away. 

As a tattoo, a Diplodocus is a good choice for those who have enough power and reach that they don’t feel the need to show tooth or claw – someone who is larger than life all on their own.

Diplodocus Tattoo

11. Allosaurus Tattoo

The Allosaurus is a great tattoo option. Not only was the Allosaurus a fierce predator, but their skin was either green or brown with reddish stripes – which could mean quite the epic tattoo for a warrior who wants a little color in their body art.

If you want a Jurassic predator that probably fought with the occasional T Rex, Allosaurus might be the right choice for you!

Allosaurus Tattoo

12. Small Dinosaur Tattoo

The fun of having a small dinosaur tattoo is the instant recognition of the power behind the symbol. 

Taking the largest predators on the planet and compacting them into a small, singular symbol of power or turning it into something cute really says a lot about the wearer.

It can represent a personality that is enormous but carried compactly in a cute, little package.

A good choice for strong personalities that don’t feel the need to advertise

Small Dinosaur Tattoo

13. Dinosaur Tattoo for Son or Daughter

Just about everyone has had a fascination for dinosaurs in their childhood and a good way to commemorate this time in a child’s life is to get a tattoo with a dinosaur.

Soon your child will care only about other boys and girls, but with a tattoo of a cute dinosaur  you can hold on to that moment in time when they didn’t love anything that didn’t have teeth and claws!

Dinosaur Tattoo for Son or Daughter

14. Dinosaur Sleeve Tattoo

Dinosaurs are perfect for detailed sleeves. Not only do their shapes, fierce mix of curves and angles, lend to beautiful artistic rendering, but they have a brutal symmetry that is appealing to the mind. 

A dinosaur sleeve is a good tattoo for a fighter and the sleeve might reflect an epic battle or perhaps the dinosaur showing it’s fierceness, symbolic of it’s wearer’s innate power.

Sleeve Dinosaur Tattoo

15. Cute Dinosaur Tattoo

While Stegosaurus was mighty, when you add a little anime charm to it then you’ll find that it’s also one of the most adorable dinosaurs. 

Making a Stegosaurus cute is a great way to draw the eye and to reflect the personality of the wearer.

This is a tattoo that tells the world ‘I’m strong and adorable’ and as this dinosaur was an herbivore, you could take also take it further to say ‘I’m strong, adorable, and you can’t have my vegetables!’

Cute Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo

16. Dinosaur Autism Support Tattoo

A Dinosaur Autism Support tattoo, such as a T Rex with puzzle pieces, is a great way to raise autism awareness and if one has an autistic child, it is a great way to show the world that you support them and you are proud of them. 

Aesthetically pleasing, these tattoo designs feature a dinosaur with colorful puzzle pieces as part of its body.

These tattoos are eye-catching and conversation starters that give you a chance to educate the curious viewer, so this is a tattoo that is meaningful, thought-provoking, and also beautiful to look upon.

Dinosaur Autism Support Tattoo

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17. Eye Dinosaur Tattoo

Eyes are powerful symbols. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and a tattoo of a Velociraptor eye is a way of reminding the world that the one who wears it is a predator — born and bred. 

Eyes on their own represent awareness, but a predator’s eye is awareness which is also vigilant.

This is someone who sees everything and is ready to ‘bite’ what they perceive as a threat.  

Velociraptor Eye Dinosaur Tattoo

18. Jesus Riding a Dinosaur Tattoo

A classic statement on the debate of evolution, this is a fun tattoo that can be presented on either side of the argument, depending on how serious or how cartoonish it is depicted. 

It’s a bold blend of archaeology and ideology that broadcasts the wearer’s strong opinion on what is historical, logical, and what is true.

Jesus Riding a Dinosaur Tattoo

19. Dinosaur Egg Tattoo

A Dinosaur egg tattoo could mean different things, depending on how it is presented.

 You could make it cute, with a crack in the egg and adorable eyes peeking out, or since we know a little about what the real eggs look like, a Dinosaur egg from a favorite dinosaur could be depicted seriously as a representation of the soul that will be emerging from within.

Dinosaur Egg Tattoo

20. Outline of a Dinosaur Tattoo

The Jurassic Park movies made these compact predators dangerous and immediately recognizable, so much so that just wearing the outline of the Velociraptor is enough to tell the world that the owner is small, sleek, and deadly.

This is a good tattoo for giving the world a warning about who you are and even if you make it cute, the message is there for those wise enough to pay attention.

Outline of a Velociraptor Dinosaur Tattoo

21. Dinosaur Tattoo with Name

A Dinosaur tattoo with a name is a good way to honor or to remember someone who either loved dinosaurs or for someone who had a soul to match the dinosaur depicted.

 A Diplodocus might be someone larger than life while a Velociraptor could be a fierce, but tiny person.

It’s a great way to create a gateway to nostalgia on your skin that is yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Dinosaur Tattoo with Name

22. Dinosaur Astronaut Tattoo

A Dinosaur astronaut is not something that you see every day. 

Body art like this can show the viewer in a glance that the owner has not only a sense of humor, but that perhaps they are an old soul, mighty and fierce, that has not only adapted to the modern but who has triumphed. 

Dinosaur Astronaut Tattoo

23. Dinosaur and Asteroid Tattoo

An excellent choice for the scientifically minded, a dinosaur and asteroid tattoo might be depicted comically, with a worried looking dinosaur gazing, surprised, at the sky, or it could be a mix of fierce colors, curves, and angles.

Imagine a realistic dinosaur, blood dripping from a recent kill, and fiery death streaking from the sky, about to extinguish the reign of the mightiest predators that the world has ever known.

Dinosaur and Asteroid Tattoo

24. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Elbow

The elbow is a fun place for tattoos that doesn’t get enough love. 

Putting a Dinosaur tattoo on your elbow lets you take a normally boring body part and spice it up with eye-catching body art. 

If you have a strong sense of humor, tell the world with a Velociraptor face, open-mouthed, so that when you move your arm it looks like his mouth is moving.

The possibilities are almost endless – you’ve just got to think outside of the box!

Dinosaur Tattoo on Elbow

25. Dinosaur Tattoo Behind The Ear

Some people like to be unconventional, and a dinosaur tattoo behind the ear is a great way to do that. 

It shows a perky personality that likes to advertise how unique they really are. Some people also have a practical reason for a tattoo in this place – they have sensitive ears and they want that special someone to pay attention!

It’s a place that is fun and definitely gets the attention – not a location for the faint of heart, but for bold and confident souls only.

Dinosaur Tattoo Behind Ear

26. T rex Skull Dinosaur Tattoo

Human skulls are on plenty of tattoos, but T Rex skulls are pretty amazing too. 

A T Rex skull tattoo is a choice that you could make simply for the aesthetics of it – these skulls are beautiful and instantly recognizable.

There could be symbolism behind it, depending on what you put with it. A sword in the skull might be a way of saying that the wearer is an old soul and a bigger predator than even the mighty T Rex. 

Colorful flowers in the fossilized skull could mean that ugliness has had its day, but now the world  should be filled with beauty.

 Just get creative with it and see what body art possibilities come to mind!

T rex Skull Dinosaur Tattoo

27. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Finger

A Stegosaurus on the finger could be seen as talismanic, symbolically giving the defensive powers of this beast to the wearer, or you could have it drawn in a cartoonish style and have other dinosaurs on the other fingers for your own personalized herd!

Finger tattoos are a bold statement, telling anyone who looks that the wearer is unafraid to put art on their body and that they make their own rules – no matter what society says is ‘acceptable’.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo on the Finger

28. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Hand

A hand tattoo is a mark of courage and a strong personality. This is not a tattoo that can be easily hidden, which says to the people who see it that the owner is unafraid to be themselves and that they aren’t ruled by society. 

A Dinosaur tattoo on the hand could mean many things, but most commonly it is a mark of strength and fearlessness.

This is a warrior soul giving a warning to the world that they are not to be trifled with!

Dinosaur Tattoo on Hand

29. Dinosaur Tattoo on Wrist

Like a hand tattoo, a tattoo on the wrist is an unapologetic public statement. The wrist especially so, as this is a region of the body associated with pain. 

A T-Rex on the wrist might represent that the owner has become powerful and fierce in opposition to pain experienced in life and that if that pain tries to harm them again, then it had better think twice.

T-Rex Dinosaur Tattoo on Wrist

30. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Ankle

Triceratops was an efficient mix of arms and armor. With piercing horns, a snapping and beak-like mouth, and mighty armor, this was not a dinosaur to mess with.

A Triceratops on the ankle could be symbolic of similar qualities in its owner, even if displayed as a ‘cute’ Triceratops to deliver that message with a smile.

Triceratops Dinosaur Tattoo on the Ankle

31. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Foot

Feet tattoos are a great way to have your body art but still be able to hide it from the world whenever you want. 

A Pterodactyl on your foot might be a good choice for a swift runner, someone who moves as fast as the Pterodactyl soared the skies.

A cartoon Pterodactyl might reflect a personality that is cute and dainty or it could even be a simple, yet adorable invitation to make that Pterodactyl happy by rubbing the owner’s feet!

Pterodactyl Dinosaur Tattoo on the Foot

32. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Thigh

Some of us have grown into adulthood and kept our love of dinosaurs. 

There’s still a stigma associated with this in some circles, and so a dinosaur tattoo on the thigh is a defiant way to show your love for these animals that will only be seen by those who are most intimate with you or who happen to catch you on the beach.

It’s an intimate way to commemorate a fascination for these creatures that transcends mere childhood.

Dinosaur Tattoo on Thigh

33. Dinosaur Head Tattoo

For the aggressive soul, a dinosaur head tattoo conveys the fierceness and personality of the chosen dinosaur in an instant. 

The Triceratops, for instance, looks armored and ready. The Tyrannosaurus most often looks vigilant and ready to bite!

The message is in the dinosaur that you select, but the head is definitely one of the best choices for body art due to the range of expression, the colors, and of course… those knowing eyes.

Dinosaur Head Tattoo

34. Dinosaur Tattoo on the Forearm

Forearm tattoos are a great choice for those who love to express themselves without apology. 

The forearm is big enough to fit in a lot of color and detail and this is something that people are going to notice.

A Stegosaurus on the forearm would be a good choice for a peaceful heart that is armored and ready to fight – but only those who would provoke them first.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo on the Forearm

35. Geometric Dinosaur Tattoo

You can do interesting things with Geometric tattoos and taking an ancient creature like a dinosaur and upgrading it into geometric angles creates a distinct look with a lot of creative possibilities.

For instance, you might make a geometric stegosaurus with microchips and circuitry embedded in the spinal-scales, with a spiked cable of a tail ready to interface instantly with other machines by force. 

Geometric tattoos are good choices for modern minds and in this case, for someone with an eye for incorporated the old into a new cyber-paradigm

Geometric Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo

36. Girly Dinosaur Tattoo

A Girly Velociraptor tattoo is a great way to make a cute dinosaur into a body art message that tells the world that daintiness does not necessarily mean that someone is harmless. 

Making a predator cute or cartoonish doesn’t diminish the core symbolism, but rather enhances it, and depending on your choices for the art it could impart humor, anime-grade cuteness, and more.

It all boils down to exactly what you wish to express.

Girly Velociraptor Dinosaur Tattoo

37. Green Dinosaur Tattoo

How you display your dinosaur is just as important as wear you display it and the dinosaur that you choose. 

Colors have meaning, after all, and green is a color that can represent spring and nature but also is a hallmark of the reptile and it’s cold, predatory mindset.

If you like the imagery and message behind the T Rex and your favorite color just happens to be green, then you might have the start of the perfect dinosaur tattoo for you!

Green T Rex Dinosaur Tattoo

38. Jurassic Park Tattoo

For film buffs and dinosaur fans alike, the iconic Jurassic Prak symbol is one that everyone knows around the world and it’s sure to express one’s appreciation for dinosaurs or for classic cinema. 

If you want to have a little fun with it, you can also partially change the design up a bit to make ‘Jurassic’ anything that you like.

It’s all about expressing yourself and things that you enjoy to deliver immediately at whoever views your body art!

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Tattoo

39. Tiny Dinosaur Tattoo

A tiny dinosaur can be cute or simply drawn in a smaller scale if you like. Alternately, a silhouette can get across the fierceness and leave the rest to the imagination. 

This is a tasteful way to either express one’s love for the extinct and might giants of the distant past or to show that one has the strength of a primal beast hiding inside.

Where you put it and what you decide to do with the artwork will tell the story.

Tiny Dinosaur Tattoo

40. Dinosaur Skull Tattoo

Human skulls are fun but there sure are a lot of them in the world of body art. A dinosaur skull, however, you can have a little fun with. 

Pick a dinosaur that represents your character or even better, one that represents your fear—with the skull being a statement that the world can see, showing that you have overcome these fears.

It also just looks sinister and pretty cool, so whatever your reasons, it’s definitely an option with a lot of leeway for what you can do with it.

Dinosaur Skull Tattoo

41. Origami Dinosaur Tattoo

Some of the best tattoos showcase a unique and singular style, taking a common image and making it do visual ‘flips’ in the sight and the mind of the viewer. 

An origami dinosaur tattoo is a good example of this, taking the most primal of beasts and reducing it to a carefully-created construct.

Symbolically, it could mean that one has arrived at their own inner-fierceness through careful planning, calculation, and personal growth, or it could simply be a way to wear one of your favorite beasts in a unique style!

Origami Dinosaur Tattoo

42. Matching Dinosaur Tattoos

Matching dinosaurs are a good way to share a little body art with someone important in your life. 

Depending on who gets the tattoo with you, it can be a way to demonstrate a fierce love, brotherhood, sisterhood, or affiliation to a particular group.

After awhile, others will notice the matching tattoos, and you’ve got a definite conversation starter, so choose your design wisely and let the world know that someone’s got your back!

Matching Dinosaur Tattoo

43. Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

A cartoon dinosaur tattoo is on the most fun ways to show your love for dinosaurs and your unique sense of humor. 

Whether you’ve got a T Rex chomping on a giant piece of chicken or an anachronism such as dinosaurs chasing preachers or cowboys, a cartoon dinosaur tattoo is sure to get some attention with some delighted laughs at the cute giant lizard to follow.

Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

44. Land Before Time – Tattoo of Little Foot

The cute little Apatosaurus who searched for the Great Valley after being orphaned is definitely a unique tattoo choice. 

The character might reflect some of your own personal life experiences or you might get the tattoo to wax nostalgic about a character that you loved from the Land Before Time.

The little Apatosaurus never gave up and inspired people across the world, so if this little guy has some personal meaning or nostalgia for you then this is a choice that everyone is sure to recognize.

Land Before Time Tattoo

45. Simple Dinosaur Tattoo

A simple dinosaur tattoo can tell a lot about its wearer, depending on the type of dinosaur chosen, the style of art, and where the tattoo is placed. 

Tattoos on the back represent foundation, as our back and spine support us, while a forearm tattoo demands attention and invites the viewer to get what is important about this body art choice.

Just because the design isn’t complicated, that doesn’t mean that the wearer and its message is not.

Simple Dinosaur Tattoo

46. Minimalist Dinosaur Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos get the word across without a lot of flash and unnecessary hoopla. 

If you like dinosaurs or the traits that they represent, such as fierceness, strength, and primal power, then a minimalist dinosaur tattoo can convey this tastefully and with the impact of whispering a secret where others can hear!

Minimalist Dinosaur Tattoo

47. Cute T Rex Tattoo

Who says you can’t have a sense of humor AND be fierce at the same time? 

A cute T Rex tattoo can tell the world exactly this, allowing you to wear a symbol of one of the fiercest predators on the planet which you have made to be funny and friendly with your own little tweaks of design.

Be sure to personalize it. Techy types might have a T Rex typing at a computer, while adrenaline junkies might have a skydiving T Rex. 

Just have a little fun with it and make sure that your Tyrannosaur tells the world a little bit about the person that it’s tattooed on.

Cute T Rex Tattoo

48. T Rex Skeleton Tattoo

The mighty predator is no more and a skeleton T Rex is a good way to say that. 

The fossils of the T Rex are much sought after by museums, but dinosaur fans who also love body art have a unique chance to combine these passions and display the fossils of this mighty predator for everyone to enjoy.

If you love dinosaurs, this is one set of bones that everyone on the planet is going to recognize, and depending on the style that you choose you’ve got a chance to make a really breathtaking tattoo.

T Rex Skeleton Tattoo

49. Long Neck Dinosaur Tattoo

The Brontosaurus is a good choice for a long neck dinosaur tattoo, especially for a back piece. 

With a canvas as large as your back, you can depict the gentle giant grazing calmy in a primordial swamp, maybe even with hungry Velociraptors creeping up to see if they can fell this giant among giants.

A brontosaurus is a good choice for someone who is a big enough soul that they don’t waste time worrying about the little setbacks or ills in life, choosing instead to ignore such things and live their life the way that they want to.

Long Neck Dinosaur Tattoo

50. Dinosaur Fossil Tattoo

A dinosaur tattoo of Stegosaurus fossils really gives you a chance to get creative. 

For instance, are only Stegosaurus bones there, or will you include damaged T Rex bones to indicate that a mighty fight occurred in which neither was the victor?

Stegosaurus was quite armored, and  this is also a good choice for a person who wishes to express to the world that they’ve taken off their armor long ago so that they can start enjoying their life with openness towards the new things that it has to offer.

Dinosaur Fossil Tattoo

51. ‘Dinosaur Family’ Tattoo

What’s more fun than one dinosaur? Try an entire dinosaur family! 

This gives way to interesting art choices, such as showing them as a herd, or as a series of heads drawn cunningly enough that it is obvious the mighty reptiles are related.

This could be a choice simply born in aesthetics and love for dinosaurs, or it could reflect that the wearer is a beast who has not only protected their family, but taught every single member how to take care of themselves!

Family Dinosaur Tattoo

52. Baby Dinosaur Tattoo

Everything is cute when it’s a baby, even dinosaurs, and fans of these creatures can get body art of a baby dinosaur tattoo to show that they are fans or perhaps to communicate that they are fierce, but also quite cute – thank you very much!

Give your own dinosaur big, cute eyes or have your artist plan it to look like the real thing – the choice and the message is up to you!

Baby Dinosaur Tattoo

53. Pterodactyl Skeleton Tattoo

Pterodactyls were the ‘spies’ of the dinosaur world, scavenging on larger prey some of the time and snatching up small, unsuspecting prey at other times. 

These curious creatures were interesting enough in the flesh, but their skeleton also tells quite the story and this is a great choice for a dinosaur fan that doesn’t want to go with the more common T Rex.

This is also a good choice for an aviation enthusiast who also just happens to love dinosaurs! 

Whatever your reasons, this is one cool looking skeleton and it opens up a lot of creative possibilities for your dinosaur body art.

Skeleton Pterodactyl Tattoo

54. Watercolor Dinosaur Tattoo

A watercolor dinosaur tattoo of a Stegosaurus is a great way to display this armored giant in an uncommon and interesting way. 

With modern body art, you’ve got a lot of stylistic options that really weren’t available until now, and a watercolor depiction of your favorite dinosaur is something that you and everyone who sees it can definitely marvel on and enjoy.

Watercolor Dinosaur Tattoo

55. Parasaurolophus Tattoo

With their unique curved head-shape and the likelihood that these creatures were striped, a Parasaurolophus tattoo is a unique choice that can look absolutely amazing in color, or still quite impressive in black and white.

This is definitely not a dinosaur that you see all the time, so it’s a great way to show your appreciation of these creatures and to tell the world that you are a person who always thinks outside of the box.

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Tattoo

56. Funny T Rex Tattoo

A Funny T Rex Tattoo, such as a T Rex on a Motorcycle, can show off your sense of humor and is also an excellent choice for biking enthusiasts.

Fierce, funny, and born to ride – like the Tyrannosaurus, real bikers are considered a bit of a dying breed, so if you love the road and love your bike, then a T Rex on a motorcycle might just be a perfect fit.

Funny T Rex Tattoo

57. Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo of a Pterodactyl

The Pterodactyl is impressive enough on it’s own and a traditional dinosaur tattoo of a pterodactyl doesn’t need any fancy background or adornment. 

You can certainly give it some, if you like, and even have a little fun. For instance, a Pterodactyl soaring through a modern, skyscraper-filled sky would certainly look amazing.

Even just on it’s own on your arm, it can show that you like dinosaurs, that you are an old-school aviator… it all depends exactly what you select, but it’s a dinosaur that everyone is sure to know and appreciate.

Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo

58. Easy Dinosaur Tattoo

Simple, easy, and fun — an easy dinosaur tattoo, such as one dinosaur or a herd of different ones depicted with simple outlines and eyes can make for an attention-getting design that not only starts off conversations, but which is pure fun at its core.

This is a good choice for the dino fan who prefers fun over fancy and has a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to life. It says ‘whatever may happen, I’m going to have fun with it!’.

Easy Dinosaur Tattoo

Dinosaur Tattoos FAQ

What does a dinosaur tattoo mean?

Probably the strongest meaning associated with dinosaurs at-a-glance is sheer, unbridled strength.

Along with this, the choice of dinosaur is important. Ankylosaurus, for instance, was a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period that was armored like a tank.

The instantly recognizable Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fierce predator, whose very name means ‘Tyrant Lizard’.

This gives one a lot of versatility as far as meaning, though many choose dinosaurs for the simple nostalgia or because these giant beasts hearken back to a time when the world was at its most primal.

This means that with dinosaurs one, can tattoo a scene that is primeval, colorful, and most memorable and it could even be done just for the sheer beauty of the art.

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