Cyclamen Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Cyclamen Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Flowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it be your first tattoo, or an addition to many you already have, floral tattoos hold a lot of beauty and significance. Cyclamen Tattoos are unique in their shape, meaning, and symbolism, so if you’ve ever been thinking about getting a tattoo of this flower, here is some information that can be helpful!

The rest of this article is going to explain the history, symbolism, and characteristics of cyclamen flower tattoos. Let’s get to it!

What is the History of Cyclamen Tattoos?

Cyclamen flower’s history in tattooing blends into the history of floral tattoos. Floral tattoos began back in tribal times and often had multi-layered meanings, one of them being that flowers represented the god’s contentment. Today, most floral tattoos represent the love between two people, or in a family. 


Floral tattoos have historically symbolized someone’s homeland based on whatever flower it is, especially in tribal times. It was a way for others to identify where you were from and for the wearer to bring home with them wherever they go.

Tattoos of flowers are one of the most symbolic subjects to use as a tattoo since most flowers already have their own symbolic significance.

What Do Cyclamen Symbolize?

Cyclamen flowers have many symbolic meanings and they tend to depend on the color. 


White versions of this flower can either mean purity and innocence or Mary’s sorrow over the death of Jesus, based on the little bit of pink at the bottom of the bloom. 


The pink version of the flower symbolizes a modest, introverted, and shy personality. They are like a personal support flower in that they strengthen self-confidence in the most important times like adversity and uncertainty in life.



Red versions of the cyclamen flower, since they are the color of love, they symbolize romantic affection and feelings of love, mirroring the intensity of the color itself. 


Lastly, there are purple cyclamens that have a much more depressing symbolism to them. The purple ones symbolize resignation, diffidence, parting, separation, distrust, and lost love. The bulbs and stems are toxic to humans and pets which has a hand in these negative meanings. 

The leaves of these flowers are unique to each plant with a silver-greyish hue to each leaf; no two cyclamens are the same. 

They are a part of the primrose family Primulaceae, which also includes the shooting star flower. 

What Do Cyclamen Tattoos Mean?

Cyclamen tattoos mirror those of the meanings of the flowers themselves. You could get a cyclamen tattoo in the color that you love or even one that has the meaning and significance that speaks to you the most in your life. 


A tattoo of a purple cyclamen flower could represent a loss in the person’s family, or just a loss in general, if they feel the need to be reminded. It could be beneficial as a way to show how you’ve changed since the loss, however negative it was. 

A cyclamen tattoo using the red version of the flower can represent a current love or a lost love that can’t be forgotten and is remembered in a positive way. It could also be used to represent the romantic love between your parents if their relationship has had a positive impact on your life growing up. 

If you are thinking of getting a pink cyclamen tattoo it can symbolize a shy or introverted person, whether it be the wearer or someone close to them. It can also be a symbol of perseverance in self-confidence with its personal support flower symbolism. 


For those who are pure of heart, as cheesy as that might sound, the white cyclamen could be the flower tattoo for you. The Christian symbolism can apply to those who are part of the religion and appreciate it as a personal part of their lives. 

Where Do Cyclamen Tattoos Usually Go?

Tattoos of cyclamen can go anywhere the customer wants it, but there are some more common locations on the body. 

Floral tattoos are said to look very nice as foot tattoos, and cyclamen flowers would be perfect for it with their simple design and subtle beauty. 

Forearms, upper arm, and bicep are also common locations for floral tattoos, as well as the back which usually leaves a lot of room for bigger tattoo designs. Floral tattoos are also great for covering up tattoos, but the cyclamen might not be the right flower for that. 


Characteristics and Styles of Cyclamen Tattoos

Most of the time, the main characteristic of this flower as a tattoo is that it is usually solo. Cyclamen flowers look the nicest as a single flower tattoo because it fits into the aesthetic of minimalism if that’s the style you’re going for when you get this tattoo.

In contrast to them being pretty nice-looking solo, they can also look very nice a part of a bouquet with their presence lighting it up, depending on the color. The pink ones might be nice with some roses or even daffodils. 

These tattoos, of any color of this flower, can also have initials that allude to the person or people the tattoo is representative of. Sometimes on the stem, other times just separately on the side, it’s a characteristic of floral tattoos that carries over to any flower, especially cyclamen.


Since the shape of a cyclamen flower is synonymous with the wings of butterflies, the beautiful insects work well with tattoos involving this flower. 


It is native to Europe and part of the same flower family as the common primrose.

Cyclamen flowers have many meanings that fit with each of the four colors that this flower blooms in. It also has a lot of history with it that goes along with those meanings, one of them involving religion. 

Every flower is unique with its leaves never being the same on each flower. The bulbs and stems are toxic and it plays into the meaning behind the purple version of this flower.


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